713: Attention Please

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Call for Attention

When you’re putting yourself in front of a group of people that you want to pay attention, it’s important to put yourself into a position of authority, at least to a certain extent. And when those people are scared out of their minds during the zombie apocalypse, you’re definitely going to want their attention. You need them to listen to you carefully and actually do what you say. By making yourself seem collected, calm, and in charge, you’re far more likely to get everyone to pay you heed. With any luck, your quiet confidence will put them at ease long enough to actually listen to what you have to say.

About this Episode:

I’m quite happy with the second frame of this episode, which shows both Clark turning toward Vicky and the kids, and Barb making her way out of the basement. I definitely wanted to capture both little moments so that Barb wouldn’t just suddenly stop appearing in panels, while simultaneously shifting the focus over to different characters. A quick behind the scenes note: I had removed Vicky and the kids from the set while I shot the Clark/Barb scenes because they kept getting in the way.

Discussion Question: Halloween

This Monday was Halloween, and I’m curious what everyone did for this important holiday. I took the day off work, along with my wife, so we could go to my kids’ school parties. It was a lot of fun. In the evening, we took them out trick-or-treating, and, once they went to bed, got caught up on The Walking Dead.

On a related note, does anyone live in an area that doesn’t celebrate Halloween? Anyone who doesn’t celebrate for religious or other reasons?

Also, does anyone else check their spelling by singing that elementary school song in their head (H – A double-L – O, W – double-E – N, spells Halloween)?

12 thoughts on “713: Attention Please”

  1. I’m not sure if this is a typo – there is one typo listed after this explanation – or just the way people in other countries write English sentences, but here’s an issue I have with the opening line of the Zombie Cliche Lookout:

    “When you’re putting yourself in front of a group of people that you want to pay attention, it’s important to put yourself into a position of authority, at least to a certain extent.”

    Should be reworded IMHO as the following:

    “When you’re putting yourself in front of a group of people, you want to pay attention, as it’s important to put yourself into a position of authority, at least to a certain extent.”

    It’s obvious to me, at least, that the person presenting themselves to the group is the one who should be paying attention to their presentation of their speech to the group they’re about to address. Removing “that”, and inserting the comma and the “as” in the appropriate places, makes the sentence stronger and more meaningful, at least to me.

    It seems like a grammatical construct that could be worded better. I can let it go, though, if Dave feels he’s worded it properly. Now, onto the typo for today:

    Typo alert: “so we could go you my kids’ school parties” you–>to 😀

    • In this case, I want the people you’re speaking to paying attention. Fixed the other one.

  2. I have a Discussion Question for Dave:

    “What kinds of overpowered characters have you seen in movies that you think could’ve been done better, or toned down? For instance, Superman vs. zombies would be a guaranteed win for him, he’s smarter and faster than any of them, and probably a lot tougher to chew on, too! 😀 And don’t think Kryptonite would slow him down, either, he seems really good at dealing with that particular weakness, too! 😉

    It’d be a bonus if it has to do with zombie movies or novels you’ve seen or read, although, if you’ve got a favorite pet peeve, let’s hear about that, too! 😉

    *Note to Dave, wasn’t quite sure if I need “though” or “although” there, you could write it whichever way is grammatically better to you! 😉

    • I believe it should be “although” in this case.

  3. In France, we don’t celebrate Halloween. At least not as big like you guys do. Consumer society trying to make it an event year after year, but it’s nowhere near like in the US. Still a long shot.

    This time of year we only enjoy this day off to go to cemetery to change flowers on the graves, so to speak.

    • Do you wear scary costumes to the cemetery (joking, of course)?

      • Actually it’s more something my parents and grand parents do. I’ve been lucky that no real close relative is gone. About the scary costumes… The scariest thing I own might be a pair of Mickey mouse gloves…

  4. In the Netherlands, halloween is slowly being introduced, but it hasn’t caught on big to be honest, yet, its slowly gaining popularity year by year. This year my daughter even went trick or treating 🙂 Over here many people believe commerce has brought in halloween to gain some extra money. I myself don’t celebrate, I celebrate carnaval in the beginning of the year in Maastricht, Limburg ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival#Netherlands )

    • Same here LOL

      • Nice!

  5. Celebrating Halloween seemingly originated in Ireland. But it has become a lot more “Americanized” in more recent times.

  6. Steampowered Spam does not celebrate the holiday for religious reasons 😉

    So I spent the night holed up in my home with the lights turned down, avoiding hordes of literal candy eating zombies o.o