714: Obstacles

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Over, Around, or Through

One of the tough things about dealing with zombies is that what they lack for speed, they more than make up for in dedication (I know that’s not really an accurate descriptor, but stick with me here). Sure, you might be able to outrun any number of zombies for a while, but sooner or later, you’re going to get tired and need a rest. You rest, but those zeds just keep on coming. Luckily, they aren’t terribly smart, so if you get out of sight and vary your course, you might just lose them. But if they see where you went, you’re in for a lot of trouble.

Let’s say you flee to an abandoned barn to rest up for a little while. Those couple of zombies you outran before? The catch up during your nap. And, because zombies tend to follow each other because that behavior often leads to a meal, more zeds have joined them. By the time you awaken, somewhat refreshed, your temporary shelter has been besieged.

About this Episode:

Vicky isn’t really doing much to help keep her children calm and in control. If she wants to keep them safe, she needs to settle down and set a good example for them.

Discussion Question: Overpowered Characters

Another from BrickVoid: What kinds of overpowered characters have you seen in movies that you think could’ve been done better, or toned down? For instance, Superman vs. zombies would be a guaranteed win for him, he’s smarter and faster than any of them, and probably a lot tougher to chew on, too! And don’t think Kryptonite would slow him down, either, he seems really good at dealing with that particular weakness, too!

It’d be a bonus if it has to do with zombie movies or novels you’ve seen or read, although, if you’ve got a favorite pet peeve, let’s hear about that, too!

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  1. Typo alert for today: “an abandon barn” abandon–>abandoned 😀

    Just one for today, very good going Dave! 😉

    • Only the one? Nice!

  2. The only problem I can see with the zombies catching up theory is that there’s usually opportunities in between you and them if you can get far enough away from them. It’s like a distance-squared equation from algebra but I never was strong in algebraic theory: The further you are away from them, the less likely you are to run into the same zombies again. The more likely they’re going to come across some other survivor, etcetera.

    The one catch here is that the more zombies there are in a given scenario the higher the odds are that some other zombie will find you. Math would describe this as being any zombie outside of your original set of numbers. 😉

    It therefore is to the experienced zombie apocalypse survivor’s advantage to dispatch the most zombies they can possibly safely dispatch without significant risk to themselves.

    Overall, the less risky the zombies are, the better. I can see people that have learned how to deal with zombies in an apocalyptic scenario having a much greater chance at surviving! 😉

    • Okay, so now I want to read a math theorem (carefully explained to the math illiterate like myself) that would lay out this phenomenon.

  3. Do you mean besides every action movie ever made? The hero is going to fight his way through dozens of guards/security/soldiers until he gets to the big faceoff with the evil enemy. But let be serious he is fighting against highly trained often hand picked warriors to get to fight a usually older guy who is somehow not past his prime and who has not spent the last few hours or days battling hordes of highly trained military forces. Fatigue anyone?

    • No one in an action movie ever gets tired. Or – and this one always bothers me – do they seem to need to breath like normal people. They can hold their breath underwater like dolphins. I always try to hold my breath along with them, but never manage to last even half of the scene.

  4. I guess I’m gonna be the only one to understand who I’m talking about here but I’d give “the Patriot” to test the zombies.

    It’s a character of a french TV show. He is a WWII soldier with special powers thank to a top secret serum, but that’s not why I’d pick him.

    He is humble, always ready to help and most important, is probably the most optimistic half full glass guy you’ll ever meet… So over his special abilities, I’ll pick his behavior to carry people on his shoulder and keep smiling about it.

    Now if you want to know more about him, and have a solid french language formation… Don’t miss “The Lazy Company”… It’s just perfect. Probably the best TV show ever (in his category).

    • Sounds pretty interesting; almost like the French version of Captain America, especially the special serum given to a soldier in the Second World War.

      • Well the show didn’t care a lot about what was possible or not… Made it even more enjoyable… A real gem.

        • That’s cool. Nothing wrong with a modern/urban fantasy. Those can be a lot of fun.

        • Well… Can you imagine Adolf H doing a lap-dance while dressed with a knight armor? That how far they went… Epic…

        • I have to be honest, that’s not a mental picture I thought I’d be having today.

        • Ha! You’re not trying hard enough… Granted that one is a long shot LOL

  5. Zombies, the ultimate persistence hunters.