712: Calculated Risk

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Risks V. Reward

In a zombie survival situation, you’re not likely to run into a completely safe option. No matter what you do, you’re going to need to evaluate the potential rewards, weigh the risks, and look for ways to mitigate the latter. Do a poor job of this, and you’re zombie food. Do well, and you get to keep doing it a little longer.

The problem, of course, is that the longer the timeline, the higher the chance of making a mistake. People can’t run at 100% for very long, and have to depend on help from others and a little bit of luck to get them by. When both of these things are in short supply, a person will likely feel the clock ticking against them.

About this Episode:

Barb’s huge combat shotgun is likely not the best weapon to take with her while she scouts around finding out what the zombies are up to, and potentially the best course of egress from the house. I’ll have to have her swap it out for something a little smaller and a hell of a lot quieter. That’s okay though, because I’m kind of sick of her walking around with that giant thing.

Discussion Question: A Top Ten List

Another fun one from BrickVoid: What are the top ten things you’d be least likely want to get from the food section of the supermarket in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and why? Example: Curried ingredients would definitely be high on the list of ingredients not to get, for myself, because I’m going to be the person in some group that doesn’t like that kind of food, because my intestinal tract has issues dealing with that kind of food.

What kind of food do you want to avoid or leave behind for others with a stronger stomach?

I’ll play along (in no particular order):
1. A first aid kit
2. A box of strike-anywhere matches
3. Zip-loc bags for quick waterproofing
4. Water purification tablets (if available)
5. Multi-vitamins (I don’t want scurvy)
6. Beef jerky
7. Cliff bars or other protein bars
8. Freeze dried soup mixes
9. Small aluminum pots (2)
10. Trail mix

9 thoughts on “712: Calculated Risk”

  1. It’s sort of a typo, but since Dave posted the most wanted things he’d be getting, I’ll ask him to invert the question instead to match better with what he did pick! 😀

    I just don’t feel like making Dave rewrite 10 so well thought out answers! 😉

    • My list isn’t in any particular order, so I think we’re okay.

  2. Regarding the huge combat shotgun Barb is holding, I think she should keep it somewhere safe.She may want to hold onto it in case some other adults join her group and she feels the need to demonstrate some authority! 😀

    Otherwise, yeah, she definitely needs a smaller handgun that’s suitable to hide anywhere!

    Speaking of things she needs to change, isn’t it about time she got out of that nurse’s outfit and changed into something more suitable for fighting zombies with? 😀

    • Oh most definitely. It’s not something she’ll want to trash.

  3. What does she mean “probably”? There’s a horde of zombies outside, and they’re all waiting for something to eat. I would say it’d be stronger for her to say it’s definitely not safe! 😀

    • Hah, that’s true. Maybe she just likes understatement?

  4. Heavy salted or heavy sugared food because I guess that will make you very thirsty. Same goes with sodas or alcohol.

    Unfrozen for quite while food… No electricity no freezer. Well at least in the beginning of the Z A. LOL…

    Not sure how uncomfortable with digestion I can afford to be though…

    • Hah, good points here.

  5. Leave:
    +Fruit [it will rot]
    +Dairy products will spoil
    +Cereal [not a filler]
    +Frozen Foods
    +Money, in a Zombie Apocalypse there is no more currency
    +Gatorade [just leave it]
    +Metal silverware [have to clean]
    +Extra pair of shoes

    +5 hour energy [you’ll need it]
    +Granola Bars
    +Water Bottles/ thermos if available
    +Toothpaste [you really don’t want to survive the Zombie Apocalypse to only to die from body diseases such as tooth infections}
    +Bug repellent [once again you really don’t want to survive the Zombie Apocalypse to only to die from body diseases such as Zika virus from mosquitoes]
    +First Aid
    +Blanket and a pillow
    +Batteries [still need them]
    +Ramen [survival’s best bud]
    +Plastic silverware [plates, forks, knives, etc.]
    +Flavor Packets for your water [you still want flavor in your life]