Lone Sniper – LEGO Zombie Creation

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week is called “Lone Sniper“, and was built by The Brick Zombie (formerly 69ZombieSlayer). Check it out:

Lone Sniper - A LEGO Zombie CreationWhat’s Going On?

We’ve got a police sniper on the roof of a medium sized building. He’s got a couple of rifles, and a whole crate of ammunition. Below is a sizable horde of zombies, presumable stretching out far beyond the constraints of what the camera was able to capture.

It’s something of a dream situation for a few of my readers. That said, I don’t see any food or water, but maybe that’s just out of frame.

What I Like

The thing that jumps out at me the most in this creation is the use of a shallow depth of field to obscure the details of the zombie horde below, which is very nicely done.

I also very much like the subtle use of texture on the roof, especially the effect created by the horizontal lines on the back side of the “brick” bricks. This is also contrasted by the vertical lines in the parking lot below.

Finally, despite the fact that the zombies are obscured, I believe I can make out a couple of costumed zombies in the crowd, including an abominable snowman and a ninja turtle.

What Could Be Improved

While I love the variety in the zombies on the ground, I have to say I am a bit underwhelmed by the size of the horde. The zombies simply aren’t that densely grouped, and the appears to be a clear border around them, which doesn’t contribute to the idea that there’s a huge horde cut off by the frame of the camera. I would love to see twice the amount of zombies here, with several of them bisected by the edges of the frame.


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