Upcoming Review – The Emergency Get Home Bag from Echo Sigma

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Hey everyone, I’m working on another video review. This time around, it’s for the Emergency Get Home Bag (GHB) from the folks at Echo Sigma Emergency Systems.

So what is a GHB? It’s a bag full of survival gear, food, and water designed to help you get home when disaster strikes. It might be as simple as hiking a few miles after your car dies, or as serious as going cross country in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. The point is, this bag should have what you need to make it back in one piece.

I want to put this to the test. I’m going to check out what’s included, see if there’s anything missing, and hike around with this thing for a few hours to see if the average cubicle jocket like myself could even manage to carry it several miles home. I really like this thing on paper, but I want to take it outside and see for myself.

Want to learn about this item? Here’s the official product page with a full load out (note: the bag I’m reviewing has an updated multi-tool, but everything else is stock).

The Echo Sigma Emergency Get Home Bag

These things are a bit time consuming to put together (also, I’m slow), so it’ll take me a couple of weeks. While I’m working on it, I’d love to hear any questions you have, or things you’d like to see addressed in the review. I can’t promise I’ll field everything, but if it’s interesting and will add to the review, I’ll work it in.

So let me know if you think of something, and please consider liking my videos and subscribing to the Bricks of the Dead YouTube Channel.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Review – The Emergency Get Home Bag from Echo Sigma”

  1. I’d like to know if this would support 1 adult and 1 child or if there is should be an option for a child.

    • Excellent question, Angie!

  2. Some pretty generic thoughts from me.

    Contents, weight, comfort, number of people it could support, and if there extra room for adding your own items.

    Quality of the items would be something I’d be really interested in. I’ve looked at different pre made first aid kits, and bug out kits, and I am always disappointed in the quality of most of the items in there…. So I’m making my own and building them from scratch. Which, is less convenient and will probably cost more, but at least I know the quality of the items will be good, and when the crap hits the fan I know I can rely on what I’ve got.

    Rambling now 🙂 Looking forward to your review Dave.

    • Thanks Mad, great points to address!

  3. My problem is always the required rotation of food and water supplies. I know that nothing can be expected to last indefinitely, but replacing the food and water annually can be a pain. How long with the stuff in this kit last?

    • Excellent question, Damage!

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