BrickWarriors New Accessories (Winter 2013)

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BrickWarriors - Premium Minifigure Accessories

Last week we covered the helmets and armor; now it’s time to take a look at all the weapons and accessories BrickWarriors put out recently. I’m pretty excited about this wave, because there are a lot of interesting, non-weapon/armor pieces. I’m always excited to see companies making everyday items, which I think go a long way in giving life to a scene rendered in LEGO®. This is probably a tough sell though, since they don’t have as much “play value”.


BrickWarriors' Grapes

I’m always a sucker for food items, LEGO®’s cherries, bread, and turkeys are always great items, so it’s really nice to see an addition to them. The grapes here are in a bunch on the vine, and can be held in a minifig hand or put into a hollow stud.


BrickWarriors' Rose

The rose, or “Poison Rose” as BrickWarriors dubs it, is a nice piece. It’s instantly recognizable, and has the perfect detail level to fit into a regular LEGO® creation, which is to say just enough to look right. The rose is grippable in two places on the stem, and will also fit into a hollow stud.

Coin Purse

BrickWarriors' Coin Purse

The coin purse is an interesting item, and quite useful for historical and fantasy creations. The purse itself looks excellent, and the mold even features small draw-strings as details. Like the other items here, it features a stud to make it grippable or to fit into a hollow stud. While this is necessary to make the item playable, it unfortunately looks a little strange when it’s not being held. Regardless, this is an excellent piece, and I wouldn’t think it would be terribly difficult to remove the stud if you were so inclined.


BrickWarriors' Mohawk

For those of us who loved the mohawk that came with the punk Collectible Minifig, but wanted to see it in more colors and more easily (cheaply) available, the BrickWarriors’ version is perfect. The mold is very similar to the LEGO® version, although the detailing is slightly different. At the time of posting, it comes in Lime Green and Dark Red, but I suspect more colors will be forthcoming.


BrickWarriors' Loincloth

If you’ve ever wanted to make a bloodthirsty barbarian, or perhaps simply wanted to give a minifig in a bikini a bit of flair, then the loincloth is your kind of accessory. The loincloth clips over the top of the minifig hip piece, holding in place with a bit of friction. It stays on surprisingly well, even when you accidentally move the legs forward a bit to far. Speaking of which, the downside to this item is that it inhibits the figures range of motion, but I think that’s a pretty understandable trade-off.


BrickWarriors' Swaddling

LEGO® unfortunately doesn’t give us a lot of options for children and babies. You can use the stubby leg piece for kids, but for babies? Nothing. I’ve seen some creative folks use a turban piece before, but the BrickWarriors version looks a heck of a lot better. The swaddling itself is mostly hollow, with a stud inside to put a standard minifig head. There is also a hole on one side, allowing the baby to be held, or stuck onto a stud.

Dragon/Demon Wings

BrickWarriors' Demon Wings

These wings are built to attach to the Demon Armor, via the clips on the back. The nice thing about these is that they attach via standard clips, so they’re usable wherever you can put a regular LEGO® clip. The wings themselves are really nice made, and scaled well for a minifig. I love the detail work in them, especially how you can see the “fingers” within the webbing of the wings. Awesome. Now I’m not creative enough to come up with a bunch of other uses for these things, but I would bet we’ll see them turning up in some pretty interesting places in a few months.

Dragon/Demon Tail

BrickWarriors' Demon Tail

Just like the wings, the tail fits into the back of the demon armor, although this uses a stud piece instead. The tail itself is fairly simple, just a long tail ending in a spear-like point, but I really like the angling they used to give it a bit of life. Combined with the wings and armor, this looks really, really cool.

Jousting Plume

Jousting Plume

This is a colorful plume that attaches via a mini-stud to the Jousting Helmet. I really like items like this because they add a bit of color to otherwise solid items. They make it looks like an expensive, over-molded piece. The fact that it’s modular, and you can swap out multiple colors is just icing on the cake.

Sea People Plume

BrickWarriors' Sea People Plume

Much like the Jousting Plume, this item is made to attach to an existing helmet. Given the Sea People Helmet’s round top, this plume simply snaps over the top, giving it a crown-like appearance. The Sea People Helmet is one of my favorite helmets made by BrickWarriors, and it looks great with and without this plume.

RPG Launcher

BrickWarriors' RPG Launcher

The RPG has a really nice shape and some fantastic detail work – I particularly like the sites. I love the fact that the removable ammo fits in via a stud, so that the launcher still looks good when its unloaded.


BrickWarriors' RPG

The RPG itself is an instantly recognizable little rocket, with subtle fin details at the base. It has a stud to lock into the launcher, but their is very minimal and doesn’t look out of place when the RPG is unloaded. The stud is minifig-grippale, but won’t sit too firmly in the hand due to its short length. I think this is a reasonable trade off, personally.


BrickWarriors' Lance

BrickWarriors lance features a nice handguard, a long counter-weighted pommel, and a broad spear point. It’s also long, even longer than the official LEGO® lance, which gives it high marks in my book. I like the way it gently tapers toward the tip, only to expand back out in a geometric spear point.

You can buy BrickWarriors’ accessories directly from their website.

21 thoughts on “BrickWarriors New Accessories (Winter 2013)”

  1. I ordered a few of those items last weekend, when they offered free shipping. I’m looking forward to the dark red mohawk, RPG, and rocket (although I kick myself for not picking up a few of the rockets when they had them in dark red.

    • I’m quite impressed with the RPG. It’s awesome.

      • Will the warhead fit on a flick-missile stem?

        • Just checked, and yes, it does.

        • Awesome. I have one plane that I have kitted out with flick-missiles. That is, one vehicle in which they are not inappropriate or lame. These grenades will be a nice touch.

        • Flick-fire missiles? Used appropriately? The mind boggles.

  2. Thanks for another great review!

    The mohawk (and all of the colorful pieces) will definitely come in more colors soon. In fact, any day now I should be getting all these items in black!

    • My pleasure, as always.

      Can’t wait to see these items in some different colors.

  3. How do those wings compare, size-wise, to the classic dragon wings? They look a little smaller, but I can’t tell if it’s because they’re not extended.

    • I wish I had some to compare them. I used to, but those disappeared from my childhood collection. I would guess that they are slightly smaller, but that’s from memory, and probably not worth much.

      • Is it wrong that I think I have most of mine from my childhood collection (back they they put one of the little dragons in just about every Fantasy set they made)… 🙂

        • Not wrong at all. Awesome, in point of fact.

          It’s really strange what seems to have disappeared from my collection. It was at my parents house for many years, and the occasional cousin or what-have-you would play with them, so I guess there’s going to be some stuff that disappears.

  4. All of these new parts are great and some have many different uses! Whenever our minifig tool pallette is increased like this, I feel it has to be a good thing!

    • Absolutely Hammerstein.

  5. Nice review of even more cool pieces from Brick Warriors!

    I see you managed to persuade ‘minifig Dave’ to wear nowt but a loincloth and a bowler hat…..nicely done 😀

    • Real life Dave wishes he had a bowler hat. I think I could probably make a bowler hat.

  6. erm……just noticed……….Scrimshaw is wearing a ‘boob-tube’…….is there another tale to tell Dave?

    • There’s a few weird things in these pictures. I can’t believe how long it took for someone to notice.

  7. I’m not sure what that says about me lol
    Liking ‘miniDave’ suited and bowlered and heading off for a joust!

    • It’s all about the pagentry.

      • would look right at home with set 10223 Kingdoms Joust 😀

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