Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ New Helmets and Armor

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BrickWarriors - Premium Minifigure Accessories

BrickWarriors recently sent me a bag of cool stuff. Now some of it have already reviewed, but I’m going to go over it again for two reasons. First, because I didn’t get a chance to check these items out last time (Evan handled the reviews for them). And second, because BrickWarriors released a bunch of supplemental item that further customize their existing accessories.

Demon Helmet

BrickWarriors' Demon Helmet

This thing is just wicked looking. While the spikes on top tend to immediately draw your eye, the thing that I like most about this helmet is that style of the face guard. I really like the skeletalized style here, which I think makes this thing look otherworldly. The spikes are also super cool.

Demon Armor

BrickWarriors' Demon Armor

Supplementing the helmet, we get a set of armor. One thing that’s cool about this armor is that it’s asymmetrical, with an exaggerated shoulder piece on one side. This suggests a sort of Mad Max word to me (for whatever reason, asymmetrical armor always makes me think of those films). It gives the whole thing a really interesting shape. On the back, we get a pair of clips and a stud. We’ll be taking a look at what those clips are for next week.

Jousting Helmet

BrickWarriors' Jousting Helmet

The Jousting Helmet is an interesting item. Designed for sport more than combat, it’s got a different feel compared to most other medieval/fantasy items I’ve seen. Instead of looking tough and intimidating, this helmet is much more functionally designed. I really like the low-angled eye-slot, as well as the raised crest for ornamentation.

 Sea People Helmet

BrickWarriors' Sea People Helmet

I quite like this helmet. The spikes around the side are cool, I like the conical top, and I really like the flaps on the back, that look like they might be made out of leather. This just looks like an excellent helmet to outfit either bad guys, or the more primitive faction of your armies.

Galaxy Enforcer Helmet

BrickWarriors' Galaxy Enforcer Helmet

The Galaxy Enforcer helmet is a bulky mass with a lot of angles and minor detailing. It immediately conveys a notion of a large, anonymous government that would much rather get it’s way through force and coercion than any other method. I received both a red and a blue helmet. These are both bright, cheerful colors that are at interesting odds with the shapes of the pieces. It’s quite an interesting interplay.

Galaxy Enforcer Armor

BrickWarriors' Galaxy Enforcer Armor

While not quite as bulky as the helmet, the Galaxy Enforcer Armor works well to suggest blunt force. The large shoulder pads are the dominant feature here, but I think the detailing on the back is the most interesting. I think you could come up with any number of ideas for what the two panels on the armor’s back are supposed to be. Air packs, perhaps? Or maybe some sort of jet pack? A housing for ammunition?

Android Head

BrickWarriors' Android Head

The Android head is interesting. While I’m generally used to android with a roughly human appearance, the BrickWarriors’ version is distinctly reptilian. It looks like a snake, or perhaps a dinosaur. There are a lot of small details on this mold that I like; mostly just the small lines running along it that suggest the different panels that make up the android’s head. It gives it an interesting, and very sci-fi texture.

Android Armor

BrickWarriors' Android Armor

The Android Armor is a perfect compliment to the head. It also seems reptilian to my eyes, and stands in start contrast to the bulkier space armors I’m used to seeing. This seems almost delicate to me, and I really love the detailing along the spine.

Brute Armor

BrickWarriors' Brute Armor

The Brute Armor is something different. Rather than separate armor and helmet, this is all build into one, very intimidating creation. Covered in spike and straps, the Brutal armor looks, indeed, very brutal. One thing I really like about this piece is that the helmet piece masks a great deal of the head, making it look steeped in shadow. These are perfect for some sort of strange, subterranean creations, and I think it would be equally at home in a sci-fi or fantasy MOC>

Ogre Armor

BrickWarriors' Ogre Armor

Next up we get to the most interesting of this batch of items: the Ogre Armor. This was built to take a normal minifig and convert it into a dual-headed monstrosity. The armor itself is nicely detailed. I quite like the segmented shoulder pieces, which remind me of Roman armor. The heads fit onto the studs easily enough, and turn just the way a normal minifig would. The armor is raised in the center to accommodate and hide the standard minifig head stud.

And just look how good it looks with two heads:

Two Heads: better than one

Tower Shield

BrickWarriors' Tower Shield

Finally, we get the tower shield. It sports an interesting diamond shape, with some nasty looking spikes around the top. There are reinforcement bars in the center, which I think is a nice touch. It also has to holes for spikes and horns and other nasty things.

That’s it for this time. Check back next week for part two, where will dive into even more fun stuff. You can buy BrickWarriors’ accessories directly from their website.

11 thoughts on “Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ New Helmets and Armor”

  1. Thanks for the great review Dave!

    I never expected to see a two headed ogre with a bowler hat on. Seriously though, I love all the pictures you took…they really show off the details of the pieces nicely.

    • My pleasure!

      And just because he’s an ogre doesn’t mean he can’t be classy.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve played it, but the Android helmet and Armor appears to be based off the Geth from the Mass Effect series. Hence why I NEED to pick some up!


    • Yeah, the video game stuff usually goes right over my head. I really dig the design here though; the concept art is awesome.

      • Yeah, Mass Effect has some pretty neat-looking species.

        • I hear a lot of good things about the game; never tried it myself.

        • Dave, I’m not sure if you should try it, I would hate to see BoTD cancelled so you wiould have more ME* time.

          ME= Mass Effect

        • I watched a couple trailers of it yesterday, and I have to admit, I’m quite intrigued.

  3. The galaxy enforcer helmet and armor look like their from Halo 4’s Spartan Warrior

  4. Wish they had more colors up

  5. I’ve got the Demon Helmet and armor in a pearl gold, plus a Brute Armor. They’re pretty decent. Seeing a close up of the Sea People Helmet has me considering if I want one now or not.

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