Brick Review: Custom Crazy’s Wave Two

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Not too long ago I reviewed the launch items from a new customizer on the market, Custom Crazy’s. They had some really interesting stuff, and I loved how they were building accessories with modularity in mind. Well they’ve got some new stuff out now, so let’s take a look:

Custom Crazy LEGO Accessories

Mallet & Stake

A stake and mallet

If you’re going to kill Dracula, odds are you’re going to want a wooden stake, and probably something to pound it in. I really like both of these items for their simplicity. They’re perfectly molded and instantly recognizable. The mallet is useful for any number of situations where you want some sort of tool. One note: the stake has a small hole drilled through the top. I’m not quite sure what the intended use of this is, but it’s an interesting addition.

I came to kill Dracula and chew bubble gum

Lance & Vamplate

Lance and vamplate

While the official LEGO® lance is functional enough, I’ve always thought there was room for improvement. I like the overall construction of this one a lot, and the vamplate adds a lot of character to what could be a pretty boring weapon. My only complaint is that the lance just ends. There’s no spearpoint, or tourney point. It just stops. I’m wondering if they’re planning modular lance heads as well.

Modular Swords

This is where we really get back into the modular idea. We get two blades and four sword hilts, which we can mix and match to our heart’s content. The sword hilts will also except standard LEGO® bar pieces, so they’re perfect for lightsabers as well. By the same token, the sword blades fit into LEGO® lightsaber handles, or anything else with a hallow stud.

Bone Hilt

Bone hilt

First up is the bone hilt, which looks like someone took a femur and fashioned it into a weapon handle. Points for style there, to be sure.

Da Dao Hilt

Da Dao Hilt

The Da Dao hilt is a little more grounded, and features a ribbed, straight handle with a small ring on the bottom. I really like this one for it’s simplicity, and think it would probably look great with a ribbon or something tied through the small ring.

Scorpion Tail Hilt

Scorpion Tail Hilt

This one is more like the Bone Hilt in that it’s more fantastical. It also looks quite cool, and the stinger on the hilt looks like it could be used as a secondary striking weapon with the sword.

Spikey Hilt

Spikey Hilt

The spikey hilt makes me hope that Custom Crazy’s plans to release some sort of modular knife in the future, because this is a great base for a World War I era trench knife. It looks really mean, just like the real life versions do.

Da Dao Blade

DaDao Blade

We get two different blades for our hilts, and Custom Crazy’s was kind enough to send me samples in both opaque and colored transparent. Now I’m not a fan of transparent swords in general, but these are great for reviews because they photograph well and really show the details.

The Da Dao blade is modeled on the real world dadao, a Chinese saber. The Custom Crazy’s version doesn’t look exactly true to life, thanks to a much thicker blade profile, but the shape is quite good (although not as dramatic as the blades I’m used to seeing). This will work in both historical and fantasy MOCs equally well.

Khopesh Blade

Khopesh Blade

The Khopesh is an Eygptian sword that is often called a “Sickle Sword”. It’s got a really interesting shape that immediately lends itself to fantasy MOCs, but it was also an important weapon in antiquity. Custom Crazy’s version is quite good, and I really like it combined with the scorpion tail hilt.

Skull Armor

Skull Armor

The skull armor is exactly what it sounds like: a breast plate in the shape of an evil-looking skull. This guy is going to look out of place in historic MOCs, but for superheroes/villains, fantasy, and possible space operas, it’s going to fit right in.

Foot Spikes

Foot Spikes

Another ninja item here:  the foot spikes were used to help ninjas climing things. I like this item. You don’t see a lot of accessories for the feet (barring the ice skates LEGO® has put out), so this is fairly unusual. You can also use it for other purposes, like lumberjack climbing gear, or an arctic explorers crampons.

Unlisted Items

Along with all their new stuff, I got a handful of items that aren’t up in Custom Crazy’s eshop yet, and they’re quite interesting.

Clip-On Gun Site

Clip-On Gun Site

Here’s an interesting piece: a large gun sight that can be clipped onto a standard bar piece. It’s too big for small arms, but would look great on static gun emplacements, or in the cockpit of a World War I fighter.

Mad Scientist’s Science Stuff

Mad Scientist Stuff

Yeah, bad title, I know. But I couldn’t come up with something I thought was more fitting. Here we get two items (and again I got them in opaque and colored transparent) that look like that came right out of Victor Frankenstein’s lab. First is a single antenna, which would also look great as some sort of alien blaster. Second, we get a clip-on dual antennae, which instantly conjures images of electricity slowly climbing their levels. Both these items are creative and unique, and could be used in a lot of different contexts by creative builders.


New clips

Finally, we get a pair of clips. the first is a clip that has an angled handle coming off. It actually pairs up with the lance quite well, but would also be great for brick-build big guns. Second we get a clip attached to a full ring. It’s similar to BrickArm’s U-Clip, except one side is closed and would have to be slid over the end of something. this looks like another really useful items for MOC builders.

The Verdict

There’s some really cool stuff here. I love how much of Crazy Custom’s items are made specifically to be modular. And not just modular, but compatible with similar official LEGO® parts. And it’s also nice to see customizers branching out into less-militarized items. These mad-scientists items show a ton of potential to me, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

You can pick up their stuff here.

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  1. Some interesting pieces there. going to have to keep my eyes out for the unlisted stuff to appear on their website, can think of a few uses for them.

    Excellent review as always Dave.

    • Thank you, sir!

  2. Love the modular swords. Great review, by the way

  3. Necro-comment, but I think their fifteen dollar minimum borders on thievery. I wouldn’t mind the fifteen minimum if they had a greater selection. I only about five dollars’ worth of interest in their product. I’d end up with a bunch of stuff I don’t really want. Too bad. To make it work we’d have to organize a group buy, I think.

    • I’ll reach out to see if he wants to offer a coupon to BotD readers. He hasn’t added new products in a while though, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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