Brick Review: Custom Crazy’s Launch Items

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It’s always nice to find a new customizer out there, broadening the field of available LEGO®-compatible accessories and giving us all most stuff to collect. Custom Crazy is a company out of Malaysia, and they make some pretty interesting items.

Custom Crazy LEGO Accessories

Standard Items

Custom Crazy’s catalog breaks down into two types of items: your standard weapons that are what they are, and the modular items that allow you to mix and match.



Custom Crazy’s kunai is quite a nice mold. It’s instantly recognizable, even by someone like me who doesn’t get too into martial arts or ninja-themed stuff. This item also comes in pack of two, which is kind of nice.



Now you can be just like everyone’s favorite Ninja Turtle (Raphael) with your very own sai. This is another nice weapon. It’s quite large, and looks like it would do a solid job of blocking and entangling an opponents weapon.

Butcher Knife

Butcher Knife

While I like pretty much everything else in this release, I’m not a fan of this item. This butcher’s knife is simply too over-sized to look good. I know LEGO® items are generally out of scale, sometimes comically so, but this one just looks out of place. On the other hand, it’s well produced, and even have a nice beveled edge.

Square Cleaver

Square Cleaver

The cleaver, while still oversized, looks much better in my opinion. We have a few different options when it comes to cleavers, one by LEGO® and another from BrickForge. I would place the Custom Crazy version right in the middle of the pack, preferring the BrickForge version slightly due to scale.

Modular Items

These modular items allow you to mix the weapon part with a variety of different handles, including LEGO®’s standard bar piece (the lightsaber). It really gives you a lot of options for creating more customized characters, or at least the weapons they’re carrying around.

Weapon Handles

While not as exciting as the actual weapon heads, Custom Crazy’s different staffs and handles are pretty darn cool, and really give you a lot of options for customizing your weapons.

Handle Type A

Handle Type A

This first handle features a large hand guard and a nice round butt-cap. It looks really great with the maces and war hammers included with the launch items. Of all the handles, I think it looks the biggest and most solid of all the handles, even if they are the same diameter for obvious reasons.

Handle Type B

Handle Type B

I really like this second handle because not only does it look good as a handle, but the bulbed end looks like it would make a great weapon on it’s own. The wrapping texture on the end is also a nice touch.

Handle Type C

Handle Type C

Handle C features a stud on the bottom, where you can insert a LEGO® bar, spike, or whatever else that will fit. It also has nice texturing up the staff of the handle.

Handle Type D

Handle Type D

Handle D is the most ornate of the four, and looks like something a fancy-lad would carry into battle. This one looks great with practically every weapon head available.

Weapon Heads

This is where things get really interesting. Each weapon head fits onto one of the four handles, or onto a standard bar. I used a standard bar for the review to make the weapon stand out a little better.

Small Axe

Small Axe

The small axe is, without a doubt, my absolutely favorite item here. The blade profile looks great, the handle attachment has some character, and unlike most axes you see, it’s not ludicrously over-sized. This looks passable as both a hand weapon or a throwing axe.

And to give you a better idea of how it looks posed, I recruited a model from the local LARP group:

Posing with the small axe

Double-Sided Axe

Double-Sided Axe

Got some dwarves that need axes? Well then you’re in luck, because this looks like the perfect fantasy double-bladed axe. It looks solid on both short and long handles, and definitely looks mean.

Posing with the Double-Sided Axe

Knobbed Mace

Knobbed Mace

The knobbed mace is fantastic in it’s simplicity. It’s just a mean, ugly looking hunk of metal for stoving in heads and denting up armor. As a bonus, this item comes in a pack of three.

Posing with the knobbed mace

Spiked Mace

Spiked Mace

The spiked mace is a staple fantasy (and historical) weapon. What we have here is a solid example. It’s well molded and appropriately sized.

Posing with the spiked mace

Simple War Hammer

Simple Warhammer

This one runs a close second to the small axe for me. It’s simple and deadly, just like it’s real life counterpart. I really like these simple items without a lot of ostentatious extras because they look more historical to my eyes.

Posing with the simple warhammer

War Hammer with Spiked Top

Warhammer with Spiked Top

Next up, the upgraded version of the war hammer. While the first version is perfect for your cannon fodder, this item is built for your landed gentry types who can afford to go to war with a little more elegance. This looks good on a short handle, but better still on a long one.

Posing with the spiked warhammer

The Verdict

Custom Crazy is offering things I haven’t seen from other customizers. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into medieval or fantasy builds. You can find their eshop here.

20 thoughts on “Brick Review: Custom Crazy’s Launch Items”

  1. These seem great, but I was hoping to see a pick head axe, preferably in red and gray, I’ve been looking everywhere for one but can’t find one. Apparently they can be found on walls in a lot of places in the US. Can anyone help?

    • Do you mean like a fireman’s axe, with the spike on the back? I’ve wanted one of those for quite a while too.

      • That’s what I mean! TLG has made do with the same old hatchets for some time now, but they are more the type for wood chopping. If Brickforge or someone were to make a third-party piece like that it would be very popular.

        • Completely agree. I’ve buy a few of them.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on a new custom molding company. The more, the better, in my not-so-humble-opinion. However, I think you may have missed the best items to review, from where I am sitting. Look at those crazy spiked ninja crampons and modular sword hilts. The crampons look like they’d add a bit of flair to a high fantasy or post-apocalyptic minifig; and I think some of those sword hilts would be super cool for Star Wars, wither Sith, Dark, or “Gray” Jedi, especially that “scorpion tail” and “spiky” one; but I wouldn’t rule the “bone” hilt out, either.

    • Indeed, those look super cool.

      Those items are new; they were released after I got this package of launch items. I’ll have to request another batch of review goods.

      • Have that one sent to me; and I’ll do the write-up for you. You and your readers can get the benefit of my jaundiced eye and cynical worldview 😉

        • “You and your readers can get the benefit of my jaundiced eye and cynical worldview”

          Hah, very poetic, sir.

        • I tend to write critical reviews. It’s hard to satisfy me.

        • There’s nothing wrong with critical, so long as it’s reasonable and constructive.

        • If you want a nasty review, ask what I thought of the first abbreviated season of The Walking Dead. Talk about a stinker. I can only pray it gets better, because the first episodes were terrible.

        • I tend to agree, other than to say that I thought the Pilot was outstanding, and threw the remaining season into even sharper contrast. Season Two has highs and lows, but so far Season Three seems much improved.

  3. Butchers knife….WANT!!!!!!!!!

    • Hah. Different strokes.

      • The one advantage I see to the butcher’s knife is with all of that extra material it leaves a lot to remove in modification. One of those, a couple of hobby files, and X-acto knife, and some sandpaper, and you can have any blade profile you want.

        • That you could. I’ve never been good at that stuff though.

        • I can see a historically accurate Bowie knife hiding in there. 😉

        • Got to love a Bowie. Brick Warriors makes one, but it’s a bit oversized as well. Scale is tough in LEGO.

        • I like their Bowie, and actually don’t find it that out of scale. Many nineteenth century Bowies are quite wide. A really good book on the subject is Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System by Col. Dwight McLemore. He spends the first chapter on the evolution of the blade and some specific examples.

          tI’s funny how makers interpret the design without much thought to use. For example, see how the butcher knife above has the handle in line with the blade? That’s how a Bowie knife is really supposed to be. Some makers put the handle centered on the blade, losing power on the thrust and leverage on the slice. The tip of the blade should draw a straight line to the end of the handle congruent to the spine of the blade, excluding the clip.

          Sorry, but the Bowie used to be a hobby of mine, when I had more time and disposable income; but talk about an effective anti-zombie tool, the Bowie has it in spades.

        • Very interesting. I have to say I never consider things like loss of leverage/torque based on the position of the handle compared to the blade. It’s one of those little physics things that can have profound effects.

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