Custom Brick Review: BrickForge 2 of 2

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BrickForge Zombie Defense Pack:

When the zombie apocalypse is upon who can you rely on to save your life? Nobody. It’s up to you. When the zombies get too think you’ll need firearms and that’s why they are included in this pack. But the survivor that who has long term plans silence will be his greatest weapon.

In lieu of a attention gathering bang you’ll need to live your childhood dream of swinging a bat at someone’s head. You can do this with the ZOM-B-GONE baseball bat. The image above may have crunched the re-sizing a bit so click here for a larger image of the print on that bat. The broken bottle might also be useful for the annoying humans pestering you for food.

My favorite items in this pack are the crowbar and tire iron. In fact I think between the two the tire iron wins the award for awesome. It serves as a balanced weapon and tool while sporing handles so you can twist as the edge sinks into the undead brain. I am sure a delightful crunching sound will be enjoyed by all.

BrickForge Bomb Squad Pack:

Why will you need a bomb squad post apocalypse? Because you’ll be under constant threat of rebels who are trying to undermine the power you’ve managed to gain for your own new country. From blast shields to explosive detecting devices you’ll want your army to have a man outfitted in this gear in each squad. He’ll look especially dashing with that smart pauldron over his shoulder as you send him on his task.

BrickForge Bug Out Pack:

Without question “what’s in your Bug Out bag?” is one, if not THE most discussed item on sites such as this. Everyone needs one and its fine time for someone to think of the mini-figs.

The glow stick is a great touch along with the flashlight, but the winner of this pack is the MRE and compass for my money. As you can see by the first pic above, it fits perfect in the mini-fig hand. I have seen people make MRE’s out of tiles and I just don’t think they look right. The “MRE” font needs to stand out and look like a package I think.

All together this is a another great selection from BrickForge. The parts are well made, fit snugly and the print is resistant and easy to read.

A Note on Purchasing These Items:

To pick these items up you can buy them individually, piece by piece at or at various shows and resellers. I think you can only buy them as entire packs by resellers.

23 thoughts on “Custom Brick Review: BrickForge 2 of 2”

  1. Good stuff… the tire iron is indeed very cool but what about the pipe?

    • A red pipe, clearly off of something that not so far away said
      “Don’t touch”

      One thing I never understood, was the will to use a tire iron as a tool of self defense.

      • Ben used a tire iron in the original Night of the Living Dead. Although it wasn’t one of these fancy four-pointed jobs. It was a simpler time.

      • It’s just cool. That is all there is too it.

      • The will to live has to exceed the learned desire to be civilized. Once one gets into that situation he can apply the words of John Steinbeck: “The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.”

        A lug wrench would make for an unwieldy weapon, but better than hands.

    • Yeah, the pipe is probably my favorite item here as well.

  2. cool broken bottle

  3. dave do u know wat mre stands for?

    • Meal Ready to Eat.

    • Mmmh… You’re new around here don’t you? 😉 me too I didn’t have a clue what all these damned survivalist acronyms stood for… but now it all makes sense and I know I should pack a bunch of MRE in my BOB when the SHTF!

      • This should make Bo very, very happy.

        • When you have to GOOD due to a WCS and the SHTF, grab your EDC and your BOB and GTFO ASAP.

        • LOL.

      • yep greg im just some weird city boy

  4. If any of these images don’t like right its my fault. I need to stop using wordpress to edit my images.

    • Hah!

  5. Completely on topic, I want a bunch of those light sticks. They’re a mainstay of my IRL preps. 😉

  6. Wow these guys have thought of just about everything, haven’t they? That’s why I never moved forward on my plans to make custom minifig accessories – so many accessories are being made by so many companies that it’s hard to think of anything that hasn’t been done before.

    Of course, there are a lot of more specific items (specific to a genre, time period, etc.) that haven’t been made yet – but if I managed to make them, wouldn’t that just be catering to a niche market within a niche market? 😉

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings. That glow stick looks awesome – is it actually made of glow-in-the-dark plastic?

  7. Looks like the glow stick and MRE tile are not available on their website. Have to try one of their resellers.

    • I think BrickForge has a way to get notified when they restock inventory.

  8. do you think that the broken bottle could be helpful in the comic for the mystery person in the tent from the comic at the last minute?

    • Sure.

    • Zombie bar fight.

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