Custom Brick Review: BrickForge 1 of 3

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Wasteland Drifter –  The wasteland drifter is the hallmark of nearly every Post Apocalypse tale. Even in a lawless world this Ronin craves a world with less rules. Featuring an anarchy symbol on this helmet this drifter is no exception. The gas mask goes a bit further looking more like a environmental shield. Most mini-fig face masks won’t fit with a helmet but this one does and it fits snugly since it fits into the housing like a visor. The blades that come with this look a bit brighter in this picture than in person. They are much more rust colored than my camera contrast could pick up. The rifle looks like a standard rifle until you get to the point where you have a chainsaw in lieu of a bayonet. Gruesomely awesome! Lastly we have a compound crossbow with three types of arrows.

Skullz Crushers – In the Post Apocalypse areas will be governed from rag tag gangs to small armies. This set is perhaps a glimpse into what their uniforms might look like. The paint has a nice spray painted look to it everywhere except for the design on the shield which is highlighted by bullet impact marks. Protecting the non shield side is plate armor fitting over the shoulder.  The longer rifle has an odd look to it due to the barrel and I certainly prefer the hand held weapon. But the highlight of this pack is somewhere between the waist armor and brass knuckles.

Fallout – Clearly with the series 4 Hazmat Suit collectible mini-fig, these accessories give a nice alternative set up. The large oversized housing over the torso is replaced with with a smaller helmet and trans clear mask. Another change is spray pack for a Geiger counter and backpack. The green blotch is to represent a chemical spill so if you pick one up you finally have an answer to how this whole damn mess started.

To pick these items up you can buy them individually at or at various shows and resellers.

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  1. wait, you can buy this stuff? when i visited the site, i wanted to buy something, but it either showed me just pictures or it took me to an unscripted page

    • You have to click on the store tab on top. Their homepage doesn’t have any shopping cart.

    • Yeah click “shop”….otherwise they are through resellers.

  2. Nice stuff! How’s the print quality on these items? Does it look like it’ll hold up to some light play?

    I got the “Police” shields a while back, and they still look good despite months and months of banging around in a drawer.

    • Smooth and resistant. Hasn’t scratched yet.

      • Good stuff!

  3. I’ve got the brass knuckles, a blue (free sample) battle rifle, particle gun and particle pack in black. I’ve a gas mask and some energy meters in transit in the mail.

    I’ve plans to try and put together some custom Ghost Buster minis.

    But the pieces I’ve got, I do love.

    • I’ve got quite a bit of their wares as well. The only item I don’t like is that rifle. It just doesn’t look right for minifigs. Everything else is pretty stellar though.

      • I’m gonna agree with that rifle too, yes it was a freebie, hence it’s color and I’ve a few other freebies, that due to color, I’m rather meh on the piece in question. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the pieces.

        • Custom paint job?

          That’s what I would do.

  4. I want the Wasteland Drifter and I don’t even build. Has all my fav pop culture character’s stuff. lol

    • Who’s that?

      Color me curious.

      • Yeah, I’m curious as well.

    • Compound Bow – just totally cool
      Kukri – Nathan from R33PR Virus (book I just reviewed)
      Apoc Mask – Fallout
      Shredder Gun – Gears of War

      • Maybe video games was a better catergory. lol

    • And the “Fallout” stuff just screams Ghostbusters. lol

  5. Can’t find these packages on BrickForge’s website, might have to order them from retailers.

    I jut in a sample order to BrickForge this week to see if I can use any of their product with my PMC. Should be getting it today or tomorrow.

    Their guns all look kind of hokey; but I have high hopes for their armor and accessories.

    • Yeah think they are trying to move to more resellers like most companies once they become too busy for direct sales.

      • Which reseller do you recommend? I’ve noticed that retail prices are on par with BrickForge’s homepage.

        • The bricklink sellers. When I was doing this review I found two and I just so happened to have ordered from them before.

          But be mindful the sets vary from seller to special event. Hell they might even have put a pack or three together just for this site’s review for all I know. Honestly I like the ala carte on their own site. I’m going to order a ton of those wasteland masks for sure.

        • Which stores? I’ve tried searching “Brickforge” and keep drawing blanks.

        • Yeah the search is terrible on bricklink. Here’s a reseller list.

          brickbrigade and cincinnatibricks are two stores I’ve have multiple dealings with. Also, I think custom items are labeled under “other” and “unsorted lots.” bricklink needs to be updated badly.

        • Looks like Toywhiz is a one-stop shop for a lot of custom pieces, including those Catspaw stands I have been dieing to get.

          Anyone order from them before?

        • Check to make sure you aren’t overpaying, other than that they’re fine. They have a lot of inventory so sometimes prices are off.

  6. Got my first BrickForge order today. I liked a lot of it. Nothing was completely bogus. I ordered a gas mask, even though they wrote that it would only for in their custom helmets. I thought, “What the hell. Give it a shot”.

    Yeah, it just doesn’t quite fit on the Power Miner helmets I have been using, and I mean just a skosh off.

    I like the kukri a lot. The raider blade is not as cool in person as it is in pictures. Maybe it will grow on me. I’ll try to take some pics and post them on my Flickr page, and maybe a critical review on my blog, or someplace.

    Anyway, I think BrickForge has a nice niche. Yeah, their guns are bogus; but their body ware and accessories seem first-rate.

  7. im in this for the bow and arrow

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