Custom Brick Review: BrickWarriors Summer 2012 Wave

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BrickWarriors Summer 2012 Wave

One way to spice up your MOC’s is to get some custom items. They are typically reasonably priced and at a fraction of the cost of going after a rare item off a reselling site. But be careful, some companies sell shoddy items so always do a little research before you part with your hard earned money.

One of the bigger companies out there that offer up some custom items is BrickWarriors whose items we’ll be reviewing here. Let’s have a look at their Summer 2012 offerings…


The Royal Knight Pack

The knight is wicked looking and oozes a dark fantasy style. The double sided hammer head is a pretty damn solid weapon and could be perfectly useful in a zombie apocalypse for those craving non ballistic weaponry. If you look to the bottom right you’ll see leg coverings. Fantastic touch to the set.


The Resistance Trooper Pack

The custom pack here has a uniform military feel to it. My favorite item is the flame thrower which is the perfect compliment to this pack. As you can see in the first image, there is a slot in the back so you can have the figure carrying extra items.

The shot gun is especially nice which is the cornerstone for every zombie apocalypse trooper.


The Demon Knight Pack


Perhaps this one was intended for more dark fantasy but I like to think of this one as post apocalypse. The armor looks pieced together and the ax looks make-shift.  At least that’s how I see it and is exactly what I will be using it for. I just love this set and it’s without a doubt my favorite of the three.  If you’ve played Fall Out it might favorably remind you of some of the armor the gangs wear. As with the Resistance Trooper above the armor has slots in the back to add in extra items. I think I might find a way to have a zombie latching onto it in the future.


All together this is a great offering from BrickWarriors. The pieces fit perfectly onto each mini-fig and the plastic doesn’t have any odd manufacturing marks on it which can plague some custom pieces. One way to easily spot poor quality are items that don’t sit right on heads or have to be forced into the hands of mini-figs. These pieces are of superior quality.

Each set will run you $13 and have a few more pieces than what you see above.  You can see the full sets can be seen here.

13 thoughts on “Custom Brick Review: BrickWarriors Summer 2012 Wave”

  1. Wow, they’ve got some cool stuff coming out. I love how BrickWarriors seems to have found their own niche in the market. Their stuff is just a bit different from BrickArms and BrickForge. Instantly recognizable.

    • That have set themselves up well with uniqueness. They should consult us for their next apocalypse pack. We would design the best pack ever seen. Ya hear that brickwarriors??!!!?!!?! 😉

      • I do hear that! Wait for what we come out with a couple weeks from now and then we can talk… 😉

  2. As an aside.. I really like the green thing used to display the helmets. It would make a great “laser” blast from a laser pistol.

    • Yeah they are “trans clear turquoise, round plates” that I for some reason have a full jar of. :/

  3. This site has really cool stuff! I love the gun selection.

  4. Looks like the warhammer has a pretty noticeable seem and mold mark in the first pic.

    I love cottage industries, generally. I don’t think I will buy any of these (especially not in black- the color loses too much detail); but I can see them useful in a high fantasy or weird science fiction theme (think Dune).

    • I hear ya there. I like the grey much better. The lighter color shows the detail much better.

  5. These actually make me think Nuclear Post Apocalypse more than anything.

    • That, or a Warhammer 40k-type theme.

      I’d love to do some truly weird science fiction; but since the first season of Lexx I don’t think anything shocks us anymore.

      • Lexx – what a great show! I liked the Red Xev better than teh Original Blue Zev. I know it’s unconventional but I try not to run with the pack. lol

        • Blasphemer!

    • Yeah that’s very fallout

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