Brick Review: Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack

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GI Brick's Zombie Apocalpyse Survivor Pack

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, I got my hands on GI Brick‘s Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack, so I thought I’d do a complete review. Coincidentally, this is just one of the fantastic prizes available in the 16×16 Challenge. Let’s get those entries in!

Ahem, back to the review.

The Whole Zombie Apocalypse Enchilada:

GI Brick gives us a nice, and varied selection of items in their Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack. There’s a handful of military grade weapons, like a pair of PDWs (Personal Defense Weapon), a Precision Sniper Rifle, a Combat SMG, an Assault Carbine, a Heavy Assault Carbine, and an Advanced Recon Carbine.

Good stuff all, but my inner zombie lover just can’t get enough of improvised weaponry, and this pack doen’t disappoint there either. You get a Machete, a pair of Bloody Combat Knives, a Pump Action (SABR) Shotgun, and the always awesome Spiked Baseball Bat. As an dded bonus there are also four ammo clips and a really nice custom zombie head.

Not bad for $25.00, eh?

Everything you need to fight an army of zombies

Custom Zombie Head:

Let’s take a closer look at that custom zombie head, shall we? It’s a beauty. Instantly recognizable as a zombie, with a nice amount of detail without going overboard. And the best part? It’s compatable with headgear like hair and helmets. Here I have it modeled on a construction worker, both with and without a hardhat:

The custom zombie head included with this pack is fantastic!

Exclusive Weapons:

Probably the coolest part of this weapons pack is that it comes with not one, not two, but three different exclusive weapons.

A spiked bat, a fantastic shotgun, and two bloody knives. Sounds like a fun night out.

The first is a pair of bloody combat knives in silver. These things are really fantastic (my photography isn’t doing them justice). They look like they’ve been to hell and back, but they’re still ready for more. The really cool thing about this item is that they’re great for a number of different uses: war, post-apocalyptic, or even as a piece of incriminating evidence in your CSI: LEGO® playset.

Next up is the SABR shotgun. I love this thing because it looks like something I could run out and buy at Gander Mountain right now. It’s got a full stock and some excellent detail work on the pump and ejection slot. I’ve been wanting a more civilian-looking shotgun for ages, and this thing fits the bill nicely.

Lastly is the strangest item in the mix, the Spiked Bat. This is actually three pieces: the regular BrickArms baseball bat (a nice item by itself), and two flexible plastic rings. The rings fit nicely onto the bat, and sit snugly but not so tightly that they’re difficult to remove. The spikes themselves are nicely sized, and really amp up the carnage your minifigs can inflect with their Louisville slugger.

New to Me Weapons:

So the Heavy Assault Carbine (HAC) and the Advanced Recon Carbine (ARC) have both been out for a bit now, but since I hadn’t seen them yet I figured I might as well call them out too.

These aren't new, but they're new to me

First let me say that I was not even remotely interested in the HAC when I saw the photos on the website. It looked okay enough, but not something I thought I’d want to use. And then I got one in the mail, and I’ve completely come around in this item. The HAC is fantastic. I love the chunkiness of the weapon. It’s got a modern look that will be well served in both contemporary and sci-fi contexts.

The ARC is a nice companion to the M4. It’s more detailed (I love the texture on the magazine), and has a much more “tacticool” look. It will work perfectly for military and SWAT teams. Or for, you know, that crazed survivalist minifig you’ve been tinkering with.

Final Impressions:

If you’re looking for a diversified pack of weapons for your minifigs, the Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack is a fantastic choice. You get an excellent selection of BrickArms, with a handful or really cool exclusives to boot. And let’s not forget that great custom zombie head.

I personally would have liked more civilian-focused weapons (surplussed M1 Garands and Carbines, pistols and revolvers, etc.) but I realize I’m in the minority here (and that’s not really BrickArm’s Raison d’être).

Pick this up while you have the chance.

21 thoughts on “Brick Review: Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack”

  1. Those new weapons look incredible…I love the add-on for the bat and the blood is outstanding. If I recall I saw someone from brickarms post some prototype mocs of weapons this summer that had blood on them. I guess this is the end result and it looks just great.

    • I’d love to see a bloodied tan baseball bat. That would fantastic.

      • with a really cool wooden board. And an elastic railroad spike attachment.

        • You know, a 2×4 would be a badass custom weapon. And a tire iron.

        • I remember. episode…something towards the beginning. I called dibs on the tire iron. the tire iron could easily be put in the LEGO city set

        • I seem to remember that, actually.

          You’re right about it being totally suitable for CITY. They added a crowbar and a wheelbarrow recently. Perhaps a tire iron is next?

        • Oh yeah…I guess I have a crowbar somewhere…


  2. i agree i got the bloody knives and hac,arc in the mail from toywiz

    • I really can’t believe how much I like that HAC. Such a pleasant surprise.

      • i agree to

  3. this is 1 of the best packs ever. but littile pricey for 25$ dont you think?its more like 20$i would bi it if i had the $ and what is that gun under the zomibie head?I WHANT IT!!!

  4. I agree it’s too pricey

  5. But I’ll still buy it

    • me to

  6. the zombiepack is cool but the bat 🙁

  7. so lets see 25$ for the pack naw i rather get the hac rifle right who agree

    • i do

  8. bye guys i have to go ill be back later ok peace

  9. its really amazing with the guns

  10. see ya later OK peace

  11. the spiked bat really pissed me off cause it kept stabbing me

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