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There’s a lot of zombie stuff out there, and most of it is crap. People like to jump on bandwagons and produce quick tie-ins rather than investing love and effort into their creations. Luckily for you, I’m here to help separate the wheat from the chaff. Check back every Friday, when I’m going to share the coolest zombie-related creation I can find out there on the web.

This week’s entry, “Believe” by Scottiand, was one of my favorite entries in the Freeform Challenge. It’s a relatively simple, confined build that manages to conjure up feelings of dread and panic. At the center are three people (with fantastically custom painted and/or decaled torsos) in a desperate last stand against a horde of zombies who are slowly closing in. In this one, quick snapshot we get an entire story. Things don’t look good for our protagonists, but – as the title clearly reminds us – we must believe.

What's the weapon against zombies? Positive thinking.

While the figures are the clear standout in this creation, I really like the tone that the lighting and background create. Everything is dark and run down, which runs in sharp contrast to the central character’s bright and positive shirts. I can’t quite capture why, but I really loved that juxtaposition.

Have you seen a great zombie-related creation out on the web? Are you working on the next great zombie MOC as we speak? Well you had better let us know right away, otherwise we’ll never be able to include it here.

28 thoughts on “Zombie Creation: Scottiand’s Entry”

  1. It’s possible that they were in some campaign or a charity event when the apocalypse began. Anyway, I like it. Especially that broken wall to the right.

    • I think you’re right about them being at a charity even when the shit hit the fan. That makes for a nice backstory.

  2. Love the use of shadows here but not as much as I love the Lloyd Christmas hair cut.

    I must buy that……Immediately

    • Hah. I’ve got a couple of those “Lloyd Christmas” cuts. They are indeed hilarious.

      • Do you recall what fig they came from? I can’t seem to locate it on BL

        • I believe they’re mostly from Harry Potter sets

        • Ah….very good.

        • I’m not of a fan of the orange ones from Harry Potter, but for some reason I really like the brown one. It was Doc Ock’s from the old Spider-Man sets.

  3. Behold…more series 6 pics…


    ^ Sorry Dave I can never seem to link pics right…funky coding on wordpress nowadays.

    • No worries, that works just fine.

      I spy a new western figure there! Hell yes!

      Also interesting (and new since the last leak): legionnaire, surgeon (weren’t we just talking about that?), sleeping kid with teddy bear, and a woman with a fan (I’m thinking wild west prostitute, but that might be a bit of a stretch).

      • A surgeon. My prayers have been answered. The hat peice looks like a baby bonnet at the moment. Lets hope they can develop that a bit more.

        • Yeah the surgeon and butcher make me all kinds of happy.

      • The lady with the fan looks like a flamenco dancer, without castanets.

        • So, not a prostitute, you’re saying?

        • Oh I can see it….

          throw in the series 5 guy in a furry dragon costume and things are taken to the next level.

        • Flamenco dancer. Look it up, Dave. Lego probably does’nt want to make a brand new castanet peice, which is why it probably looks like…what you said…

        • Hah, I guess I can see her as a flamenco dancer.

          I guess I’ve just watched too much Deadwood.

        • Dude I miss that show and I was oddly attracted to Calamity Jane.

        • I too miss that show. Calamity Jane was a great character. I quote that “Yeah, I farted so what?” way, way too often.

        • hah…I may need to runt hrough that series again. Calling people a CSucker was a big player in my life for a while.

        • I’ve been wanting to re-watch it lately too. Al Swearengen is one of the greatest TV characters ever (I realize he was a real guy, but I doubt the real life Al was nearly as interesting).

        • 6 feet under is still my favorite show of HBO and all time TV period… I identified with Nate so much it was hard to watch at times since my brain would be spinning. Greatest series finale ever.

        • I’ve not seen that yet, although I’m sure we’ll get to it eventually. We’re going through True Blood now (good dumb fun). After that it’s Generation Kill.

        • Gawd I love True Blood…there is a few story lines that annoy me but over all its just awesome. Spoiler free but IMO this is the best season. Seems like you watch shows just like I do. Generally I watch everything years after the seasons have started and just torch through them on DVD. Although we’re caught up on True Blood since its such a guilty pleasure in my house. I have loved everything HBO has done except for John from Cincinnati.

    • Nice.. The robot looks a LOT like the mascot of the Q-bot virtual queuing system some Legoland’s have though, which I suspected would happen eventually. Apart from the colours, it’s practically identical.

      • I had to Google that. The resemblance is definitely there, and makes me like the robot even more.

  4. I don’t believe a broom is the ideal weapon to fight the undead with. Of course I’m no expert of broom aerodynamics and weight ratios, this guy has obviously done the math and concluded that it is indeed a zombie killing weapon of choice!

  5. Damn environmentalist, anti gun, hippies. Get ’em zombies! Get ’em!

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