Zombie Creation: Big Damn Announcement

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I’m going to dispense with the normal boilerplate and get right to it: we had some absolutely amazing entries for the Zombie Creation Freeform Challenge, which made picking a winner both extremely difficult and fun. Before the big announcement, let’s have a look at what everyone did (if I missed anyone’s entry on the grid, I’m very sorry):

Some many awesome LEGO zombie creations, so little time.Impressive, no?

Well ZombieMutts and I sat down and hashed it out. After many bad words and more than a few hurt feelings, we finally decided on our winner: Yatkuu‘s rendition of a pretty important scene in Day of the Dead:

Lego zombies yearn for freedom

Science can be cruel

Both sides of the zombie/human coinAnd hey, here’s a nice little behind-the-scenes shot to show you how he did it:

How Yatkuu pulled off the MOCCongratulations to Yatkuu for an incredible entry!

For everyone else, two things: First, hats off to you for doing a hell of a job on these; I’ll be featuring a couple of you over the next few weeks. Second, don’t forget that Nikolai/Bren926 was gracious enough to offer a prize to his choice of runner up. He’ll be back from vacation soon, so keep positive. I know I can’t wait to find out who he picks.

Finally, a big thank you to ZombieMutts for suggesting, sponsoring, and co-judging this contest. You da man.

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  1. Hah, I knew it!

    Congratulations Yatkuu! You really proved that you can do amazing things with a few bricks, a couple lights, and a good camera. Well done!

    • .

    • Thank you dude for your nice comments. Indeed we do not need to have a very large collection to build good MOCs. More than anything it’s learning by watching other people’s work that allowed me to progress. A few months ago I was really at the zero level of Lego-photography but I looked around on the net for techniques and ideas. The work of Alex Eylar (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hoyvinmayvin/) and Avanaut (http://www.flickr.com/photos/40195501@N06/) on Flickr really inspired me. I would also recommend this article from the Brother’s Brick that is full of resources to help you make a good MOCs look even better (http://www.brothers-brick.com/2009/04/12/how-to-get-blogged-on-the-brothers-brick-in-3-easy-steps-editorial/).

      • Congratulations! Your entry was amazing!

    • One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is although one of quality, he isn’t using a ridiculously expensive camera. If I recall it’s a Sony point & shoot which makes me realize I need to spend a lot more time learning about my own point & shoot before I spend a huge sum on a DSLR & lens.

  2. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Calm down dude I don’t think I was even entered and I’m not flipping out!I’m kidding of course.But I really do feel sorry for You.You put alot of time into that MOC and I don’t blame you for being upset sorry dude.

      • You were entered, I forgot to grab an image from you for the grid though. I knew I was forgetting one. Sorry man.

    • ..

    • You had a great entry too. Trust me, this was a tough choice.

  3. I wonder if they are studying the zombie to find a cure, or just testing the zombie with different stimuli to see how it would react.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but it seems like it was kept vague in the film. Part of it was to keep them from attacking though.

  4. WHOA WQHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA Whoa whoa what about mine?Did it even get on Flickr?I mean i get that you guys have a hectic schedule but-Nevermind.Anyzed (Love that word) nice job Yatkuu (?) lots of creative building involved in that MOC looks awesome!Congrats to everyone who entered it was a great contest!I think this was the only contest i have been in (was I officialy entered?) where someone who put they’re entire life into making a MOC for a contest for a prize of 1 SET!That really happened once!I learned alot of new techniques i might use in future cotests so uh nice job everybody!

    • Not to metion I did get the crap scared out of Me when i saw zombie Dave in Blockcomic’s MOC.

      • Hah, Zombie Dave was fun to make! 😉

        • He came out really well too. Suitably creepy.

        • Thanks Dave! I couldn’t tell from your Flickr comment whether you liked him or not.

        • Loved him

        • After I looked closely at him..I needed new underwear…

    • You were totally entered. Mutts and I reviewed your set along with everyone else’s. I just forgot to grab a photo for the grid. My apologies there.

      • That’s ok.

  5. Whoohoo, thank you !!

    More than anything, being selected amongst peers is always an honor, thank you for that.
    I would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the contest, I have seen some great entries – my personal favorites were Retrograde’s entry (http://www.flickr.com/photos/retrogarde) full of great ideas and a very original setup and Zombie Outbrick’s entry (http://www.flickr.com/photos/zombie_outbrick/) great customs and lighting on the night version. I’m looking forward to competing again with you guys in the next one!

    I had the feeling that picking a Classic movie as reference could be a good move… and there’s nothing like a zombie with personality – to quote Dr Logan “ Bub is the key, I’m convinced of it now!”
    Thanks also for the prize, I will try to put those figs to good use in my next MOCs!

    • Congratulations. I’ll be reaching out for a mailing address.

    • Thanks Yatkuu, I’m glad you like my entry!

      I also personallly thought retrogarde’s entry was great – I knew that in the end, either you or retrogarde would probably win.

      Again, congratulations on winning! I’m looking forward to seeing those prize figures in your future work.

  6. dave…

  7. psst.. dave


    • Yes?

      • Tell me the concept of the next contest so I can start building early. And win that one. Same prizes. Sameish idea. Hmm?

        • And do you like my new profile pic? Very fitting.

        • I have no idea yet what the next contest will be. I guess that’ll depend on what prizes I buy/receive. Your entry for this one was quite good though.

          Very nice profile pic.

        • I’ve been trying to think of a contest that Zombie Outbrick could have in the future – and I can’t think of almost anything zombie/Lego-related for a contest, other than what’s already been done by Bricks of the Dead.

          Good luck coming up with another contest, Dave! (Perhaps you could make this the “Annual Zombie Creation Freeform Challenge”… 😉 )

          And that profile pic of a hazmat face is perfect for someone who is upset because they didn’t win another hazmat.

        • I’ve got a few ideas I’m kicking around right now, nothing concrete. If you’re looking for suggestion, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to try to assist.

        • Hmm… I have a slight idea Dave, how about instead of a freeform contest, how about a simplistic contest? Such as a limit on bricks, minifigs, weapons etc.

        • Not a bad idea!

        • Thats a really good idea. The next contest I sponsor I definitely want there to be some sort of theme or structure to it. Do something different each time.

        • you could make it so that you could only use specific bricks. Example: only 7 2x4s, 18 1x1s, 3 2x2s, and only one plate of any size. You can also only use 3 minifigures.

        • I have an idea for a contest look VbelowV for it.

        • The limited parts thing is a good idea. The BCN did something similar last Christmas and I think it was their best contest by a mile. The results were fantastic.

  9. Heh, as I expected. Interesting method for the roof. It makes me want to try that out, actually, for my lab…no wait…I already ran out of white bricks and don’t have enough flats… Eh, it’s a wrecked lab where the infection started so I wouldn’t need a roof anyway. Not like the pics would show it anyway.

    • I actually spent the last two days trying to copy that ceiling design with the bricks I have left over, and I just can’t get the lights right!

    • I’m surprised everyone picked Yatkuu for the winner. There were a couple other incredibly strong contenders there too.

      • I think it’s because Yatkuu’s was one of the best-presented entries. It wasn’t intimidatingly big, but there were lots of great details. Not to mention, the lighting was fantastic (and came from Lego-built ceiling lights.)

        In short, he captured an iconic scene with a relatively small amount of well-used bricks.

  10. Good job thar, I enjoyed that one the best as well. I could see before the ‘how it was done’ picture in my head. Very simple technique!

    Well I’m off to go kill more Fascist scum with my semi automatic rifle in Brink.

    • Godspeed, Calicade.

  11. Thanks to everyone who entered. I really want to stress the point that even tho a few people correctly guessed the winner it was far closer than you may think. A lot of back & forth between Dave and I about this.

    For me it really came down to the Dr’s/Scientists hand pointing to the Zombie on the other side of the window along with the perfectly fitting mini-fig head. It was that close.

    Yatkuu…I will airmail your prizes sometime next week. Also, I was planning on throwing in a third gift. Would you like a weapon, gas mask or tactical vest? Pick any category and I will throw you in something…the gas masks and tactical vests I have are like the ones in my avatar. The weapons are shotgun or assault rifle.

    • Oops…I he doesn’t have it on in this pick…here is a pick that has the tactical vest


    • Wow, there’s more?! Cool! I’ll have the gas mask, thanks!

      • Its the best choice for sure.


  13. Congratulations to Yatkuu for his awesome MOC (well deserved I’d say) and for sharing his behind the scenes information. I think it really says a lot about his character that he was willing to show how he pulled it off and what he was using for equipment. Honestly I would have assumed he had a far nicer camera from the look of those pictures.
    Thanks to Dave and Zombiemutts for hosting this contest. I’ve never entered one before and I’m damn proud of what I came up with for it. The best part is that –while I didn’t win– I didn’t lose either: I’m not out a cent, I learned a ton of new techniques, and I’ve met some neat folks who share this hobby. That alone makes it worthwhile!

    • Nicely said, Retrograde!

    • This comment made my day. Seriosuly that is very cool.

    • (I meant to say this earlier)

      Well said, Retrogarde. If I had a glass, I’d raise it to you.

  14. Man, I wish I had found out about this contest sooner! I would have loved to enter! Guess I’ll have to wait for the next one! Congrats to everyone and especially the winner! You guys did awesome!

    • Definitely a shame you missed out. Next time I’ll be more obnoxious with my advertising 🙂

      • Yasrsly. You should have told me about this sooner.

        • Seriously, I’m looking up advertising in the dictionary right now to get a better handle on the situation.

        • Nothing like a good’ol Dave dogpile to end the week here on BoD.com

  15. Congratulations to everybody and big thanks to Yatkuu and everyone else for being such amazing competition!

    @Bren: Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleasohpleaseohpleaseohplease…

  16. Great job, everyone! Now who to pick…

  17. Well, It’s been tough. But I’ve decided that the winner is… Everyone! But the prize winner is… Zombie Outbrick! He gave a great MOC that had wonderful lighting and just gave a perfect spirit of the Apocalypse.

    • Hooray! Thanks, Nikolai! 😉

      • That’s great! I thought the Dude’s entry was awesome.

        • Thanks retrogarde! I think your entry was pretty awesome, too, I loved the irony and the lighting in the sewer. (Now, I’m not complaining or anything, but I actually thought Nikolai was going to pick you as the runner up!)

      • Congrats dude!

        • Thanks, Monsieur le voleur des voitures! 😉

        • *snicker*

        • Hmm… I have no idea what that means… To google translate! Ohhhh got it…. Seriously? Why is everyone making remixes of my name all of a sudden? 😀

        • Don’t blame me, he started it! *points at zombiemutts* 😉

        • HE may have started it (don’t worry zombiemutts ur not out of trouble yet 😉 ) BUT YOU have to be a leader in this community! Don’t be a follower!!

          So what do you guys think? Should I be a speaker at high schools about doing the right thing? 😛

        • I find it appalling you want to teach high school kids about car theft!

          BOO THIS MAN!

        • I, too am taken back at the idea.

          Shame on you, you burglar of horseless-carriages!

        • Yea your right… Might not be the best idea. And hahaha that one made me laugh the most out of all the ones you’ve said! Haha

    • Awesome!!!!!

    • Congratulations The Dude Person on a well deserved win!

      • Thanks, Dave!

  18. My idea for a contest is…What can you do with only 10 bricks and a baseplate?I might offer prizes if I find anything worth winning and i don’t need.Maybe a custom sam?I don’t know.

    • Ten bricks would be really tough. Not a lot of room for detail work. How about this twist: built a zombie-defense weapon using only ten pieces (doesn’t have to be minifig scale, obviously).

  19. umm…new concept 1 baseplate 2 minifigs of any choosing and 10 bricks good? yes? no?going to a family reunion on my phone that’s why the grammar in this comment doesn’t look to well.after i get home i’ll look for an intresting prize.

    • I dunno, Tyzan. There’s not a lot you can build with only 10 bricks. I think the 20-30 range would be much more reasonable.

      • Hmm..1-50 I don’t know yet????

        • I think a contest with a minimal approach to a small number of bricks is a great idea Tyzan.

          Lord PowerPig is the master of minimal creations and I love the approach.

        • Minimalism is always cool. It takes talent to do a lot with a little.

  20. So who gets the Brickarm?

    • Good guestion.Also juding by your gravatar you coping with it err….that’s all You’re coping with it.(Kidding.About the gravatar thing.)

    • My understanding was that it was an extra accessory that would be given to the grand prize winner.

      Yatkuu chose the gas mask…

      • Yup. Originally it was a custom weapon but I opened it up to a few other items.

        In my opinion Yatkuu picked the best one.

        • Wait. What? I thought the Brickarm was 2nd place prize, and Nikolai was providing a Hazmat for 3rd place. Can I get a Lego Gas Mask anywhere else?

        • I think my chances of getting one are sinking like a fat man in a diving suit.

        • Yeah, it was the two figs and a custom piece for 1st place, and a hazmat fig for second. But don’t despair, Mutts had to get that gas mask somewhere. I’m sure he’ll share with the group so we can all pick on up if we’re so inclined.

        • “Wait. What? I thought the Brickarm was 2nd place prize,”

          Nope it never was. A custom weapon was just a random bonus prize I threw in for the hell of it and ended up opening it up even further to give even MORE options.

          As far as where I got it…it is a custom seller on bricklink and the seller is from Taiwan. If you want to know who shoot me an email at [email protected]. It’s not a secret or anything but I don’t think its a good idea to be plugging random custom sellers on a site that I don’t own. Just doesn’t seem ethical to me.

  21. Ever play happy wheels…no well thewre’s an awesome zombie level in there go to http://www.totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.php and look for “Dawn of the dead lvl.7” it’s pretty neat left shift to fire shotgun by the way.As the name impyl there are other zombie leves but I have yet to find them…

    • Oh and you can sorta clobber the zombies with your scooter but it does’t work to well…

      • I don’t get this game.

        • Yeah it does’nt make much sense I mean a game focused on driving different cars around whataever people make?What?But that thing was kinda cool I felt the need to show you the 1 level click play then click play level.

  22. Didn’t see my creation at first, looked at it again and found it. *happyface*

    • Hah, glad you’re happy.

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