Zombie Creation of the Week: She Awakens

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There’s a lot of zombie stuff out there, and most of it is crap. People like to jump on bandwagons and produce quick tie-ins rather than investing love and effort into their creations. Luckily for you, I’m here to help separate the wheat from the chaff. Check back every Friday, when I’m going to share the coolest zombie-related creation I can find out there on the web.

This week’s creation, “She Awakens” by shadowsniper234, is most likely from a video game, but I’m not sure which (it reminds me of the witches from Left 4 Dead, but I don’t think that’s it). Regardless, it’s quite the creepy little creation, with some very nice parts usage to get a good pose out of a figure. Check it out:

Yeah, don't wake her up.

Now you're in trouble

Lots to like here, from the creepy choice of background to the sense of dread the transition between the two photos suggests. I wish the super imposed figure looked a bit more natural on the background, and I wonder where that bear disappeared to, but let’s not pick nits.

Have you seen a great zombie-related creation out on the web? Are you working on the next great zombie MOC as we speak? Well you had better let us know right away, otherwise we’ll never be able to include it here.

And don’t forget: the Freerform Contest ends on Monday, so get those entries in. Check out the full rules here.

44 thoughts on “Zombie Creation of the Week: She Awakens”

  1. I really like that ripped up shirt the zombie has on. But, was that actually done or just photoshopped?

    • Looks like a Photoshopped Indiana Jones torso to me.

      • I was thinking the same thing.

  2. Hah, some people may call that “creative.” I call it cheating! 😉

    Not really, it’s very interesting, actually. Although I can’t help but wonder where that teddy bear went between the first and second pictures…

    Can anyone tell us what videogame this is supposed to be from?

    • Hah, I’m guessing the teddy bear was an oversight, although maybe that’s part of the video game. The monster wakes up when you take its bear.

      • Hah, perhaps!

        Take a golden idol, and a boulder will run you over…

        Now take a teddy bear, and a zombie will attack you.

  3. I saw this of Flickr and the person who made it had written, that it’s Samantha Maxis from Nazi Zombies (or something like that. :/ )

    • I kind of figured it was one of those Call of Duty type games. Thanks!

      • I knew it was Sam! I spent like an entire night trying tyo find a picture of her!

  4. I don’t like it.. Mainly because of the lack of time going into making a room.. I see it as this.. Gather some brown bricks, make a very small little box like with it, put a door up behind her.. Or a window.. Any sort of yellowed paper that is slightly seethroughable if you put a light behind it.. Bah!
    I like how the figure was done though.

    • I don’t think a good MOC necessarily means a ton of time spent building. I cool idea (like the way they’ve posed the figure here) means a lot.

      Do I like the gigantic MOCs that use thousands of parts? Damn straight. But I also think it’s really cool to see what people can do with very few parts.

      • “But I also think it’s really cool to see what people can do with very few parts.”

        Which is why Power Pig is my MOC overlord and I pray to him thrice daily.

        • That’s a talented pig right there. I think I’ve featured him a couple of times now.

        • You have….and more than anything the minimalist talent is what blows me away.

          Vader walking an AT-ST….geeeeeeeeeeenious

        • That one makes me wish he’d thrown a zombie in the background just so I could call it out.

        • You mean for your MOC of the week thingy?

        • Yessir.

        • Your site homey….do as you please.

          Altho I remember you getting your ass chewed out when you posted petshop..

          *glares at members*

        • Hah, man did I ever.

          I still maintain that Petshop looks badass and has mucho zombie apocalpyse potential.

        • I went out and bought it that weekend when you posted it.

        • I’d like to do the same. Unfortunately I bought Grand Emporium none-too-long ago, and now I’m saving my pennies for the next batch of collectible minifigs.

          Sometimes it sucks not being independently wealthy, you know?

        • the .01 cents-a-click ads not piling up as fast as you thought?

          When I shut my old site down I took all the money I made from clicking ads and divided it into a very conservative estimate of the total number of hours I put into the site….I think it paid out 10 cents an hour worked and I wasn’t doing too bad hit wise.

        • Ten cents an hour would probably be a very liberal over-estimate in my case.

        • *uncomfortably shuffles papers on desk*

        • Good thing I’m not doing this for the money and chicks.

        • Well you did get a surfer girl

        • Good call on that; cross chicks off the list.

  5. I was thinking this was Silent Hill.

    is it supposed to be floating or ……?

    • I never played Silent Hill. I think I missed something special there.

      The floating thing is what I meant about how it’s kind of quickly superimposed. It doesn’t quite look like it’s actually there.

  6. Great !

    • Alors, êtes-vous français, ou quoi?

      • Et vous?

        • Moi? Non, je suis américain. Mais j’ai étudié le français a l’école pendant plusieurs années. C’était très longtemps, alors je pense que je parle français assez bien.

          Parlez-vous français aussi, zombiemutts, ou est-ce que vous utilisez une traducteur en ligne?

        • Non, je ne parle pas ou ne lisent le français, mais j’ai un intérêt pour la langue et de accnts pour quelque raison que je suis toujours curieux de suivre converations quand je comprendre le contexte. Je ne sais pas pourquoi … juste la façon dont je suis câblé. Je pense qu’il pourrait avoir commencé avec moi, étant né et a grandi au Texas, mais ne pas aimer les accents du Sud afin perhap j’ai passé trop de temps comme un tout petit garçon portant une attention à la façon dont je parle.

        • *Accents…bah!

        • Ah, d’accord. Je ne suis pas sûr que je comprends…

          Donc si tu ne peux pas le lire, ni le parler, comment est-ce que vous avez me répondé en français sans traducteur en ligne? Et si vous l’avez en utilisé, comment faites-vous des erreurs typographiques?

          Mais je suis en accord avec vous: c’est toujours mieux d’être capable de suivre les conversations sur l’Internet!

        • No I did use one : )

        • Ah, that makes sense! So my French held up in a translator? Awesome! 😉

          I wonder if Fab (who apparently plays with Lego) will come back here again eventually…

  7. I really like the idea but the execution needs serious work. This made me think of a tales of the crypt episode about a little girl who’s scientist dad was working on a cure for her rage disease. She would turn into a crazed zombie like in 28 Days Later. Really really really scared me.

    • Btw – 3 out of 5 brians for this one. =)

    • That sounds kind of awesome, Angelina. I never could get into Tales of the Crypt.

      • The kid ripping the head off of her teddy head scared the crap out of me! Was an OK show but the episode was epic.

  8. I happen to know. This is from COD: zombies. If you read the story its Dr maxis daughter. Dr maxis along with Richofen caused the menace.

    • Also in the game there is a misery box. the teddy bear appears and the box moves elsewhere. the box gives a random weapon. however if you get the bear… your screwed.

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