Zombie Creation of the Week: 02.26.2010

Each week I’m going to browse the net and find an interesting Zombie-themed creation.

This week’s creation was put together by Jasbrick on Flickr. There is a hell of a lot of high-quality customization work on these figures, and I love the World War II motif. The rest of his galleries are worth checking out as well. I was particularly impressed by the WWII and Mad Max sets.

If you find anything you think we should feature, don’t be shy about letting us know.



your fans from brainsbrainsbrains.org giving you a big thumbs up for a kickass site… keep it up.


Thanks for the generous write-up. I’ll try not to disappoint.


Custom-printed Nazi torsos + zombie heads + bley hands = Nazi zombies. There are quite a few custom Nazi torsos out there (if the price is right).

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