Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ Modern Weapons & Accessories

Brickwarriors' Modern Items

Now it’s time to look at the second half of BrickWarrior’s newest weapons and accessories.


We’ve got a couple nice items here, starting with the always popular tactical vest. The kids just love their tactical vests these days. I’ve seen a few different tactical vests from different companies, and I think BrickWarrior’s version is a pretty solid addition. It’s covered with all the normal straps and pouches you’d expect to see, without going completely overboard. It also features a stud on the back for attaching other items, which seems quite handy.

The Tacticle Vest

This next item is my personal favorite from this release: the Hooligan Hat, also known as the flat cap. Maybe because I frequently wear one of these myself, but I really dig this item. It’s instantly recognizable, but maintains a simple design aesthetic that lets it fit in well with regular LEGO®.

Hooligan Hat


The selection of handguns is pretty interesting. First up is the “Desert Vulture”, a take on the ever-present Desert Eagle, which seems to show up in every action movie made in the last ten years or so. While this mold captures the Eagle’s shape really well, it downplays the real-life gun’s comic oversizedness. That may sound like a criticism, but I think it works in the Desert Vulture’s favor by making it a more useful accessory.

Next up is the “German 38”, also known as the Walther P38, an instantly recognizable World War II German pistol. No, it’s not the Luger, but it shares some of the same design. It might look a little out of place in contemporary MOCs (although it’d look perfect for a mad scientist), but it’s an awesome fit for WWII creations.


Rifles/Long Guns

Anyone who’s seen Die Hard a time or two should recognize this first item, the “Austrian Bullpup”. I really dig the mold of this piece. It’s got a really nice balance to it, and I love that it maintains a sizable stock without making it impossible for a minifig to hold.

The next item is the Adaptive Warrior Rifle, which is similar to BrickArms’s HAC (reviewed here), but still distinct enough to allow mixing the two.

After that is the French Assault Rifle. I have no idea what the real life version of this thing is called, but it’s got a really interesting, almost futuristic shape and should make for a nice addition to most modern, Sci-Fi, or Post Apocalyptic MOCs.


Next up is the Cobra SMG, which is a fancy version of the British Sten Gun, with a suppressor and a wire stock. Really cool weapon. It will obviously fit in with WWII scenes, but because of it’s kitchen-sink design, it will also look great in Post Apocalyptic MOC.

The Cobra SMG

I have no idea what the Terrorizer MG would be in real life, other than absolutely terrifying. This thing is big, mean, and – thanks to the giant drum magazine – packed to the gills with ammo. Give this thing to the biggest badass in your group and then just sit back and watch the carnage.

The Terrorizer MG

Other Weapons

Finally, we have the strangest item in the lineup, the time bomb. This is a pretty cool item. One brief glance and you know exactly what you’re looking at, and I love that BrickWarriors chose a more improvised style for their time bomb rather than some more modern look. I’d really love to see this item over-molded, with the explosive in red and the straps, wires, and times in gunmetal or black.


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Nice. I really like the hand guns and the time bomb, but the Terrorizer machine gun looks pretty sweet too (the drum magazine is a nice touch). But I like how the time bomb fits to the back of the tactical vest.

I can’t help but to tell you, the “French Assault Rifle” is actually called the FAMAS in real life (and is, in fact, French. And a piece of crap, but let’s not get into that). It does look pretty cool too.

Thanks for the nice review, Dave! I’m always looking for cool LEGO guns to add to my collection.

Silver Fox

I won’t dispute the cartoon being good. But my budget says there’s only enough for x amount, what are you able to get? (after all the bills are taken care of course.)



That time bomb/tactical vest combo, I hope, is some foreshadowing in the comic….


I’ve shot a few of the real life versions of these guns. Lotsa fun they are. I’d like see a version of the Izhmash Saiga-12. A magazine based semi-automatic shotgun. I have one in case of a herd of zombies come roaming through in Dec. The weapons made by all of the accesories makers are great. They all care about their products.


dude this is the saiga-12 and in real life in the russian special forcest the shotgun is full auto with 800 rpm


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