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Get ready to embark on your very first Jedi adventure with the Tenoo Jedi Temple (75358) starter set! With its ‘levitating’ rock function and detailed interior featuring training equipment, bunk beds, and a buildable kitchen complete with a blue milk carton, young Padawans aged 4 and up can immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars. Plus, this cute set includes three minifigures of Lys Solay, Kai Brightstar, and the wise Master Yoda to make playtime even more fun!

Star Wars
Jun 2023
To Be Announced

Explore the Tenoo Jedi Temple with this Unique LEGO Set

Introduce your young ones to the magical world of Star Wars with the exciting Tenoo Jedi Temple (75358) LEGO® set! Designed for children aged 4 and up, this engaging, vibrant set takes kids on an incredible adventure as they explore the galaxy far, far away. Part of the Star Wars subtheme – Young Jedi Adventures, this colorful playset will provide endless hours of fun and hands-on learning for your little ones.

A Stellar Building Experience Awaits

With 124 pieces, this new-for-June-2023 LEGO® set offers a superb first-time building experience for your kids. Featuring simple pictorial instructions that can be easily followed even by children who are just beginning to read, this starter set ensures an enjoyable construction process that encourages creativity. Moreover, the LEGO Builder app offers intuitive zoom and rotate tools for a seamless digital experience.

Master Jedi Training with Iconic Characters

Tenoo Jedi Temple (75358) features three dazzling LEGO minifigures – Lys Solay and Kai Brightstar with mid-size legs, and a Master Yoda figure with small legs. These captivating characters come equipped with lightsabers, gearing up your young ones for an immersive Jedi training journey in the Star Wars universe.

Tenoo Jedi Temple – The Ultimate Playground

The impressive Tenoo Jedi Temple is packed with interactive features that will excite every Star Wars fan. It comes with a ‘levitating’ rock function, bunk beds with a hinged ladder, clips for lightsabers, and a crystal element. Additionally, the kitchen area has a buildable blue milk carton which adds to the overall charm of this beautifully detailed playset.

Action-Packed Adventures and Training Equipment

Besides the temple itself, children will have a blast with the buildable toy speeder bike that can carry all three LEGO minifigures! The set also includes a training droid and balance test, which serve as perfect additions for fueling their imaginative play and stories centered around Jedi training.

Give the Gift of Adventure and Learning

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a delightful surprise treat, this 124-piece LEGO® Star Wars™ starter set makes an incredibly thoughtful and fun gift for any Young Jedi Adventures fan aged 4 and up. The compact design of the temple allows easy transport, ensuring endless adventures on-the-go!

Build Together and Rediscover the Joy of Learning

Encourage family bonding by constructing the Tenoo Jedi Temple together! Step-by-step pictorial instructions are included in the box, while digital instructions can be accessed on the LEGO® Builder app for extra convenience. These 4+ building toys introduce kids to the Star Wars universe while helping them develop their imaginations through hands-on play.

Quality and Safety Assured

As with all LEGO® products, you can trust in the high quality and safety of their components. They meet strict industry standards to ensure consistent, strong connections and robust builds. Moreover, all components are meticulously tested to guarantee compliance with global safety regulations.

In conclusion, transport your child’s imagination to an exciting galaxy as they build, learn, and play with the Tenoo Jedi Temple (75358) LEGO® set. Prepare them for a thrilling Star Wars journey filled with action-packed stories and fun challenges as they embark on a path to become Jedi Knights!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Tenoo Jedi Temple
Pieces 124
RRP £37.99 / $39.99 / 42.99€
Release Year 2023
Theme Star Wars
Instructions Lego Tenoo Jedi Temple Instructions