LEGO Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition 75243

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Experience the thrilling 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars with Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition. This 1007-piece set includes a self-leveling cockpit seat, carry handle, and trigger-fired spring-loaded shooters. The exhibit also comes with Princess Leia minifigure and display stand to celebrate the milestone in the history of LEGO Star Wars sets.

Star Wars
Apr 2019
Dec 2020

Unlock Endless Adventures with the Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition

The ultimate bounty hunter ship has arrived, and it’s the perfect addition to any LEGO® Star Wars™ fan’s collection. Introducing the Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition (75243), an incredible, detailed representation of Boba Fett’s iconic starship from Episode V. Featuring a stunning level of intricacy and an impressive line-up of minifigures, this LEGO Star Wars set is the ideal way to celebrate two decades of memorable playsets.

A New Take on a Classic Design

Inspired by the unforgettable craft from the Star Wars universe, this redesigned Slave I model (set number 75243) captures all the classic elements while offering exciting new features and updates. With 1007 pieces to work with and an age range of 10+, builders will have endless fun assembling their very own galaxy-faring vessel.

Among its many remarkable attributes, this version of Slave I includes a self-leveling cockpit seat and side wings, a detachable cockpit canopy with space for a minifigure inside, and a convenient carry handle for easy transportation. Plus, you’ll find separate triggers for the two spring-loaded shooters and rotating guns – perfect for recreating action-packed bounty hunting adventures.

An Impressive Roster of Minifigures

No LEGO Star Wars set is complete without an impressive selection of minifigures, and the Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition does not disappoint. The set comes with 4 of your favorite characters: Boba Fett, Han Solo, Zuckuss, and 4-LOM. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a special 20th-anniversary Princess Leia minifigure with display stand to commemorate this significant milestone in LEGO Star Wars history.

Weapons and Accessories to Complete Your Collection

Bring classic Star Wars battles to life with the included weapons for each minifigure. You’ll find 3 blasters, Han Solo’s blaster pistol, and Princess Leia’s original blaster pistol from the 2000 version. The new molded head for Zuckuss and left/right angled stone 3×3 elements (new as of April 2019) provide even more authenticity to this must-have set.

Showcase Your Passion for LEGO Star Wars

The Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition (75243) is not only an engaging building challenge but also a beautiful display piece for any Star Wars enthusiast. Measuring over 5” (13cm) high, 11” (29cm) long, and 12” (31cm) wide, this remarkable starship will truly make a statement in your collection.

With a recommended retail price of £109.99 / $119.99 / 116.97€ and a price per piece ratio of 10.9p / 11.9c / 11.6c, there’s never been a better time to invest in this exceptional set and commemorate 20 years of LEGO Star Wars magic.

In Conclusion

Dive into the excitement of Star Wars Episode V with the LEGO Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition (75243). With numerous features, five iconic minifigures, and an array of weapons and accessories, this set is perfect for both casual fans and dedicated collectors alike. Embark on intergalactic adventures while celebrating two decades of legendary LEGO Star Wars playsets!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition
Pieces 1007
RRP £109.99 / $119.99 / 116.97€
Release Year 2019
Theme Star Wars
Instructions Lego Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition Instructions