Webcomic Shut Down by Justice Department

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Bonus Feature Cliché Lookout: The Investigation

When a production goes so far off track that cast and crew members disappear, are found dead, or are devoured by zombies, then things have taken a turn for the worse. At some point, no matter how careful everyone is and how many people are bribed, there is going to be some sort of investigation.

Believe it or not, this can happen in real life, such as with the horrible tragedy surrounding Twilight Zone: The Movie, where three actors were killed in a helicopter class. The investigation found, in addition to the accidental nature of the crash, that two of the actors were children being paid under the table and off the books to steer clear of California child labor laws. It’s not zombie actors getting loose and killing cast and crew, but it’s mighty tragic nonetheless.

About this Episode:

First of all, sorry about the lateness of the textual part of this episode. I wanted to have my little April Fool’s joke yesterday without any explanatory text. I doubted anyone would fall for it, of course, but what good is a joke unless you commit?

To be honest, I have been sitting on this joke for a long, long time. Shortly after the Bonus Features comic started, I wanted to have Cheryl bring down the comic – at least temporarily – by investigating and reporting all the unsafe stuff that goes on behind the scene. At the time, I was going to have the comic shut down by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), but since SOPA/PIPA and the Megaupload scandal, I decided to change over to the US Department of Justice instead.

Other News:

As you’ve probably all heard by now, Yatkuu’s Winchester Tavern has gotten the requisite 10,000 votes on CUUSOO. A hearty congratulations goes out to Yatkuu for this incredible accomplishment; we’re all excited to see what LEGO® does with the concept.

On a related note, we scored an exclusive interview with the builder.

50 thoughts on “Webcomic Shut Down by Justice Department”

  1. *looks at date* Yup, just as I thought! Nice one, Dave! 😀

    • Just posted Monday’s comic a day early. You know, for fun.

  2. LOL! Go full on investigation into the zombies and cast member deaths!

    • Indeed. They’ve got their work cut out for them.

  3. Oh no! *Chortle*

    • Hah

  4. (Tear) No more lego comics!! I say we raid the department of justice and demand a recall!!

    • A tragic day indeed.

  5. Oh wait a second, it’s April fools day!!

    • Is it? I hadn’t noticed.

  6. Yeah, I would have believed this too, if I hadn’t seen CollegeHumor’s April Fool’s attempt first. But in a reply to Sir Cheese, US Government wouldn’t dare shut Bricks Of The Dead down, cause if we’re willing to bash in the brains of a few docile walking corpses, just think what we’d be doing to them!

    • Unleash the zombies!

  7. What you did there. I see it. Let me guess: You started the Behind the Scenes just so you could make this joke.

    • I didn’t start The Bonus Features to make this joke, but I did come up with this joke shortly after starting the series. Like, within a couple of weeks of starting it.

      • Well played Dave, very well played.

  8. LOL Dave lol

    • Thank you, sir.

  9. So glad I popped in today. Thanks.

    • I was hoping a few people would. Didn’t want to tip my hand too much.

      • Is it bad that your site is a spot I am dropping in on when I am bored?

        Yeah, I don’t think so, either.

        • No sir. Tell your friends. I need more readers.

        • I check this site a couple times a day. I don’t think that is weird. I try to get my friends to read, but they are more into video games.

        • Damn video games.

        • I talk about this site every day and pop in all the time too. Working hard for ya Dave!

        • That’s why we love you, Angie.

  10. Friggin awesome Dave. I actually wigged for a sec. lol

    • Gotcha!

  11. I saw this April 2 and for 1 second thought it was real. I feel like a dumbass. That or Dave didn’t want to type anything.

    • Hah. I did type something. Just didn’t get a chance to post it until a few minutes ago. I wanted to keep my (bad) joke clean.

  12. *laughs* Oh, my. Inwoudl have laughed so much more had I checked the site yesterday. Still, at least I didn’t believe this for one second.

    • Maybe yesterday you would have.

  13. Another good “hover text” on the image: “Thank you for your concern.” LOL, a good “Whatever.” would have worked too, but I understand that we can’t overuse the good things!

    • Got to keep in character, Yatkuu.

  14. To be honest…I fell for it. I was freaking out and decided to look back at the last episode (which I had missed). I said, “Ooooohhhh!”

    • That’s awesome!

  15. Well played, Sir.

    • Thank you, thank you.

  16. DAMN YOU! I was like OMG NO!!!! XD Then I scrolled down. >.>

    • Got another one? Excellent!

  17. When r u going to put the next episode up?

    • On Wednesday, of course.

  18. were can i find lego zombie minifigures

  19. for cheap?

    • You won’t find the official one for cheap. It was a super low production run and now they command a high price on the resale market.

      You can buy third party heads from companies like Citizen Brick though. I just did a review of their new ones last week. High quality stuff.

  20. u should make and sell lego zombie minifigures :)!!!!

    • I wish. I don’t have the equipment or skill for such an enterprise.

  21. I really dont know if they would advertise a shaun of the dead lego set because I believed Legos are mainly intended for a very young audience and shaun of the dead is rated R including massive gore and use of the word $%@# frequently, but they have made sets of Pirates of the Carribean and Star Wars which didnt have swearing but did have blood and violence and even a lord of the rings franchise so I dont know but I still am not too sure they would sell a shaun of the dead set to kids.

    • I see this arguement a lot, and it just doesn’t really hold water for me. Is LEGO a little kids toy? With sets that have thousands and thousands of pieces? Isn’t it fairer to say that it’s a toy that appeals to a broad audience, from children to adults?

      Furthermore, it’s already tackled some pretty violent stuff. The Temple of Doom was made into a set, and that movie features people getting their still-beating hearts ripped out of their chests.

      • Yah you make some pretty good points Im convinced and also even the most horrific things can be turned into extremely cute and comical by Legos lolz xD

  22. u should have an episode after the one ur about to do were they run to an abandond mansion or some thing 🙂