The Bonus Features Episode 9

Shooting in a studio is generally easier. It’s a controlled environment, which means you’ve got plenty of power, carefully controlled lighting and temperature, and access to whatever tools and equipment you would need. Going out on location, by contrast, can be much more difficult. Not only do you have to contend with the travel and expense of getting cast, crew, and equipment to the site, but you also don’t have nearly as much control over important elements like light and weather.

About this Episode:
Yeah, this is because I messed up the framing of Monday’s episode and ended up showing the white backdrop.



So, you use a Nikon camera huh? I was wondering what camera you were using. Now I know.


Oh yeah, I think the remote makes things much easier. It’s so easy to nudge the camera when you’re shooting, at least it is for me.


Yep, I shoot on a Nikon D60. It’s like the D40 but for some reason to took the autofocus motor out of the camera body and put it in the lens, which doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. It’s a nice camera though. Shoot beautifully.


I sure hope Dave is able to post messages. Because it doesn’t seem like he has posted any comments to Wednesday’s strip. Whatever the problem is, Dave, don’t worry, we’ll still keep checking back for more! 😉

I just hope he didn’t get bitten by one of his zombie um actors. 😀


Yeah, sorry about that.

I woke up in the middle of the night Monday freezing cold and hurting all over. Went to work on Tuesday and was almost immediately sent home. Then I slept for something like twelve hours.

I’m feeling a little better today. Back at the office, but still no where near 100%. I’m glad everyone kept the conversation going in my absence.




If you’re sick again, please don’t worry about us. I can’t speak for other commenters, but I’m sure I’ll cope, and will understand quite well if you don’t feel up to letting us know about your illness.


HE’S TURNING!! QUICK STAVE HIS HEAD IN WITH A LAMPSHADE!!!….May I also notify you guys that Fox are helping produce a new show called: Zombieland (The Tv series :D:D:D)

zombies! :)

No way!
so glad you are better Dave. wondering’ why you weren’t here. today was literally freezing when i woke up.

P.S. I live in Texas. (Why is it cold?)
Hey Calicade! wondering’ where you were.


Have you heard of Uvalde? It is a small town with about 20000 people. And I’m one of them.


Hmmm. I’d imagine on location shooting is hard for lego actors. Getting manhandled by a guy 1000x your size can’t be a pleasent experience.


definately not with mine – they always have the constant threat of going in the box for weeks/months and/or being pulled apart to make new characters. As I recall, my The Doctor minifigure had to be replaced once when i lost him. His new actor was quite irritating – he was only needed for about 5 strips but he demanded his own room in the town Inn, a seat as a Director for the film Brick Chase (starring Pepper Roni) and a free lifetime supply of cupcakes from the village bakery. He’s also applying for rights to build and run the post office when the plans to build it in my city are complete.

Fortunately he was temporarily zombified in the Zombie Apocabricks.


Well I am glad you’re not dead….after all you do owe me some mini figs.

So there is that….


Zombiemutts should be glad Dave hasn’t turned! 😀

I don’t think undead zombies leave wills or estates! 😉


No one would want my estate. Sure, you’d get a lot of LEGO, but you’d also get a mortgage for about twice as much as my house is worth.

Forget zombies, the housing bubble and the economy are the really scary monsters.


Just awesome body language and posture once again. This is great Dave!

Silver Fox

I second the comments about brilliant… the last two panels with the combination of comments from Kyle and his posture.

It is very funny! Keep it up! Feel better too!


I think you should have had some crew members talking, some trailers, and even a zombie being wrangled down! But still, I like how this one turned out. Also, do you use a tripod?

the dude person

Haha, very nice episode Dave!

It must have been hard for the crew to find that town… They must have gone to the ends of the Earth to film there! 😉

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