49 thoughts on “Episode 166”

  1. I wonder if that equipment compartment on the firetruck is big enough to hide someone in it? 😀

    • I like that idea… it is pretty centered in every scene…

  2. I think that in a world of the living dead, I’d be pretty quiet. After all, I’m quiet to begin with.

    Also, I’m no psychic but I have a few good guesses on what happened to Sam. 1. Those prisoners kidnapped him. Or 2. He could have joined forces with Gene’s group.

    If you think about it, it makes sense since both groups have guns and are still alive.

    • What prisoners? Was that a joke?

      • I meant that in comics #44-48, there is a group of prisoners that raid the town for supplies and then take off after mowing down some zombies. I don’t think they would come back for round 2.

        • I totally forgot about them! I think I should start from the beginning again. ya know… just to refresh.

  3. What if he yelled suprise after jumping out of that compartment and Steward accidentally stabbed him . . . O_o???

    • *Replay* “Sam? You here?” “Suprise!” “Shit!”*slash*

      (I get his crowbar.)

  4. My only thought here is, “add the fire ax to your arsenal. Why did anyone leave that behind?!”

  5. Well stews a idiot and new to this kind of thing.

  6. It is kind of nice that Stewart actually cares about what happened to Sam. He’s usually the a$$hole.

    • You don’t h@ve to @dd the @t symbol. 😛 We are a “mostly” mature bunch.

      • Wow now I feel stupid… you used dollar signs not at symbols lol…

        • hahahahahaha! That’s OK. I forget about that here. So annoying when you gotta cheat the system like that.

        • And don’t hate on stewart, I like that guy 😉

  7. Anyone seen the new brick separator?


    I thought I had one of the new designs but apparently not.

    • Looks good lol

  8. Ahem I know I’m a respected person here and I never start flame-wars but, Ahem.


    • MW3 hasn’t even come out yet, how can you make such a rash assumption?

      • Because based on reports from Cod xp, it’s almost exactly the same as mw2. They’re still using the COD 4 engine ffs…

    • Please I got on battlefield 3 on the first day and a 167 mb update in less than 1 day, that’s bad. Plus MW3 is going to beat battlefield 3, like all other cod and battlefield games.

    • I am in full agreement sir. Dice has always made much higher quality games. Plus, MW3 is made by a semi-new company.

      • Yeah and so was dead island. Look how it turned out.

        • Well we are talking about a sequal to MW1 here! (lets just pretend mw2 never happened) They need to be perfect or it will fail!

        • Dead Island is a fab game.

    • I’d wage war on behalf of “TF2” if my desktop weren’t nearly toast. I’ll need to get a 40 of compressed air to pour out on the curb for it.

      • I didn’t care for TF2. It was over-the-top, and there were no instructions on how to play! D:

        • Hell yes it is! I can’t handle modern-day shooters. I’ll take either historicals, fantasticals, or outrighter hyperbolicals (?) over anything set in the here and now.

          TF2 is all kinds of not a simulation. I’m incredibly okay with that.

      • Ohhhhhh I love tf2. Had to uninstall it though 🙁 I was running out of space. (50+ hours on pyro 😀 and no I was NOT a W+M1 pyro lol)

  9. Heh, he must have never seen any zombie films. Actually, noise never really comes into play in zombie films. At least in ZombieLand, the two girls turning on the carnival attracts zombies.

    P.S. I’m surprised you don’t have a character named Selena, Dave!

  10. So dave no comments?

    • I don’t think Dave would mind me letting everyone know he might be quiet for a bit as he has a fairly severe case of the flu.

      • I was wondering about that. Tell Dave we miss him and hope he gets better.

        • I will let him know when I tuck him in later.

        • What a great friend you are! lol

        • 🙂

      • Uh oh, Dave…. is it man flu??? I hope not, that can be miserable…

        Get well soon, Dave! (If you haven’t by now.)

        • I’m not sure about “man flu”, what is it?

          So far as I can tell, it was just regular old flu, along with a nice dose of strepp throat at the end for flavor.

        • “Man flu” is the flu, but slightly different. For one thing, it’s rumored to only affect men for no ascertainable reason. I once knew of a family in which the father and son got it pretty bad, but the mother was absolutely fine. I hear it goes away rather quickly, though.

          And strepptococcus seems like the annoying, unemployed friend of most other diseases.

          STREPP: “Oh yeah man, I need a place to crash. Mind if I stay where you’re staying for a while?”

          OTHER DISEASES: “Sure, I suppose. Why not?”

          I’ve had at least 3 different illnesses with strepp at the end, including mono and pneumonia.

  11. If I had to guess, I’d say that Sam may have found Gene’s group.

  12. I’m not sure I can handle missing people on the Walking Dead and Here. Too stressful! lol

    • He should be ok….

      altho oddly last night when I left his house his eyes were oddly starting to film over with a white layer of….something.


      • That doesn’t sound too bad. I’m sure some liquids, antibiotics and an arrow to the brain should fix him right up.

        You know what to do…

  13. Blue zombie behind him looks like it’s getting back up..

    • … You’re right…. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nice episode, Dave!

    I can just hear Stewart screaming “NOOOOOOO!!!” in that first panel. If only minifigs could properly drop to their knees!

    • Hah, thanks. I considered the “Noo…!!’ for a bit, but I liked the panicked yelling better.

      • Yeah, it’s less melodramatic, I suppose.

  15. Bloody hell Cheryl, Murphy, THINK for a minute. Nothing Stewart can yell will be louder than the shots that killed the zombies. There aren’t any more within earshot or they’d already have been attracted by the shooting.