39 thoughts on “The Adventures of Dave”

  1. But who is the author of this comic? 😀

    • It was I! I knocked this up yesterday after reading about Dave’s little incident. In my own cruel way I thought this might cheer him up…

  2. @BrickVoid: as it says, “by Mark” 🙂

    @Mark: Nice comic! That break looks almost as painful as Dave’s original description of his fall!

    • Why thank you sir, I’m glad you like it as there are rumours I might get a guest spot while Dave’s moving house 🙂

      And I tried to get the full 180 on Daves lego leg but this was the best I could do!

      • Sounds good – something along your TWD-in-Lego stuff, or your own zombie story?

        • No it’ll be an original (ish!) story. although I really should go back finish episode 1 of the Walking Dead comic off at some point…

  3. Haha great work! I’m sure Dave will laugh a lot when he sees this!

    • As far as I know it brought a smile to his face. By the sounds of it I captured the look of his wife’s face perfectly!!!

  4. Well, sorry about the broken leg.

    If it helps any, my father once crashed his motorcycle (he was wearing gear, which saved him from needing a new face and probably kept him from breaking his foot, based on the condition of the metal insert for his boot) and broke his arm. Now the funny thing is that it was a nice clean break across the upper part of his arm, but the bones actually stayed there, held neatly in place by the muscles and connective tissue. The doctor was a bit surprised to see that, but he decided not to put on a cast and just told my father what movements to avoid. It healed pretty well and nobody even knew his arm was broken because he just propped it on the desk and whathaveyou when he did stuff.

    So, what I am saying is that I hope you have a similar experience. From your description it sounds like a relatively(!) simple fracture that won’t be that bad. Good luck.

  5. LOL, when you’ve had a painful accident, there is nothing like friends to make comics about it and poke fun at you to make you feel better. 😀

    I love the expression on Dave’s wife’s face in the last panel. Well chosen minifig head! Actually, the “falling” and “suffering” heads on Dave are excellent too. Mark, have you considered taking up brick comicing?

    • Thanks Louise – I am seriously thinking about it, although Dave already has the lego zombie comic market cornered 🙂

      We’ll see how successful a guest run is before I think about hitting up the big time!

  6. Ha ha, great details with the grass and the patch (or 1×1) of ice! Made my day!

    • Thanks Nom Zoms – I think it made Dave’s day too, or at the very least put a smile on his face

  7. This one definitely made my day. I’ll have to send it to the wife so she can get a good laugh at it too.

    • I’m just glad you took it in the way it was meant – Would have been awkward if you didn’t see the funny side!

      • Oh yeah, it got a good laugh out of me. Well done, sir.

  8. Yes. Your wife is laughing hysterically about this whole situation dear. She deserves a spa treatment when you are well.

    • Yeah, she probably does.

  9. Haha, that’s awesome! Well played Mark.
    I thought Dave had a lot less hair on his head though!

    … and to Dave and his better half, hang in there guys… life has this way of sending us these pesky challenges but try to stay positive, things could always be worse.
    Oh and the Spa sounds like a good idea too 😉

    • Yeah apparently I went for way too much hair. I’ll keep it in mind for when Dave does his other leg 😉

      • Hah, I have no plans of doing my other leg 🙂

        • Does that mean this leg was planned?! All that fuss to get out of lifting a few boxes 😉

        • Hah, fair point.

  10. Dave, I sincerely hope you read my comments on your typos for Monday’s late strip. 😉 As I said in that comment, please correct them when you get better! Maybe you’ll get to them when you have nothing else to do while laid up in front of the computer! 😀

    • I did. It’s on my to-do list for today.

  11. Nicely done Mark! Just slightly concerned that it is a scientist that seems to be examining poor Dave 😀

    • I think science would be very interested in me.

    • Haha yes I wanted to go for a female doctor and the scientist was the closest I could find. I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for your blasted comment!

      • 😀 😀
        There is a distinct lack of ‘doctor’ minifigs in the Lego range right enough so well done for best substitute. I think there are a couple of EMT figures from older City sets that have a stethoscope on them, but you have to use what you have to hand. Well done again.

  12. I have two questions for the website.

    Dave: Can I make a comic like this one?
    Mark: If I remember correctly you are in Australia. How are things there?

    • Australia (well Perth) is wonderful. I can’t remember the last time I saw rain, although this may have other impacts down the line (droughts and bush fires). But as a Brit it’s a wonderful thing!

      Without going to far into the question for Dave, try an app called Halftone 2, should get you started 🙂

      • And what about the spiders
        I’m scared of them

        Also, Halftone 2 will not work on my phone 🙁

        • The only other one I can think of is Pow Strips. If not search comic book creator on google, there are plenty of options 🙂

        • I made the first one in Paint.NET, it’s good as I used the fonts and effects that Dave does.

  13. This (comic 😉 ) is hilarious LOL

    I totally forgot about the moving! Oh my, this couldn’t have come at a worse time then.

    • Or a better time!!! Dave will do anything to get out of moving all those boxes!

      • It rather be moving some boxes, than face the rage of my wife… but that could be just me haha 🙂

  14. Nice work Mark… very nice work 🙂

    • Why thank you!