8 thoughts on “The Roaming Bricks #2”

  1. This is shaping up very nicely so far! 😀 We have two older people going out, probably to a function I would imagine! 😀

    • Not exaclty a function, stay tune to learn more! Am I not good at making readers addict. LOL.

      About this episode : the background of this episode, and the insides are actually replicas of my own neighborhood and my own appartement.

  2. You have a very pink apartment then 🙂
    B.t.w. in my experience the text-balloons in the last panel should be switched. It’s usually the wife that quadruple-checks everything, while I just want to GO already (like the guy says in the second panel) 🙂 .

    • Well my appartement is indeed really pink… And it’s my job to quadruple check everything !

      Basically, this 1st episode is a slice of my own life… LOL

  3. All the more hilarious if your mini avatar gets eaten by zombies in the first few pages 🙂

    To be fair if I made a character in a story simular to myself he would be so dull he would hardly end up as a side character appearing once in a crowd scene before hopelessly being pounced on by monsters :/ so you have me beat there 😀

    And the setting is just so beautifull. The effect alone is good but also the street looks good!

    • Thanks Steam! I’m really happy about the 1st panel. I was fortunate to get the visual I was looking for with the software I’m using (as I’m a newbie in image treatment).

      To be more precise, lots of the characters in my comics are inspired by people close to me, or characters from movies/TV shows, even politicians,… I’ve not yet created a specific avatar of myself but that’s something I’ve been considering for quite some time now… Just waiting for the good moment I guess. 😉

      • Gotta say…I’m really liking the photohopped look. I know you said you use some LDD and some real Lego, which necessitates it, but I think it would be a solid aesthetic choice on its own merits. You may have inspired me to do something like that with flashbacks in future stories.

        • I do not use real time LEGO. Unfortunately I don’t own enough to do anything LOL. This is 100% LDD work. I happy you’re pleased with the look of the comic as I think this is probably my main difference with other (real time) brick comics.

          That said, using this look for flashback in your comic sounds a great idea! I never thought of anything like that.