The Roaming Bricks #1

Hey everyone, welcome to our newest guest comic series, “The Roaming Bricks”. This was done by Pi3rk, at has a really cool art style. The story is great too. I think you guys are really going to enjoy it.

There are ten comics in all, and I’ll be featuring them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the exception of Christmas. So make sure you check back on Wednesday!



I really like the “LEGO movie style” logo. I presume everything was built using LDD or LCAD and rendered with a comic-like filter?


You absolutely nailed it Greg!

I use LDD as my own LEGO® collection isn’t that great. LDD is a very user friendly software compare to LCAD (IMHO) and the parts library is awesome and nearly up to date. About the visual effect I use for different image treatment. I’m learning on the fly, episode after episode.

About the title/logo this was kind of a tribute to 2 audiovisual works : The LEGO® MOVIE of course for the display, and The Walking Dead for the syntax.

Hope you guys will enjoy it as much it is for me to create it. And I’ll be really looking forward any feedback to improve my skills.


The logo is, indeed, really well done. Makes me want to do something similar for BotD.


I kinda hope I could be a little more creative, but in the end I thought I was gonna stick with this logo. Working with a 3D software was useful on this one.


I’ve always wondered if the LEGO Movie title itself was done in LDD, it looked very realistic, and I would bet there are several AFOL’s out there who could render it up properly in LEGO using SNOT techniques! 😉


They did use a software called Maya for the movie, so I guess they also used it for the title itself.

SNOT is obviously needed for real life reproduction and shouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t think sophisticated techniques are required though. Anyone interested in the challenge? (Nothing to win here, LOL)


Just one typo, Dave: “at has a cool art style” at–>it 😀

Alternatively you could change “at” to “and”, which also works.

Foolish Lego

We’ll be in for a treat in my opinion!
Usually I only read Lego comics, that are real time Lego. But knowing (the On line) Pi3rK this one is not to be missed.


However I can ensure you that building with LDD is way more annoying than real time bricks assembling LOL. Even by following the official sets instructions (that I use a lot in this comic).

That said I won’t thank you enough for the time you spend reading the whole work (still in progress as you know) and giving me precious feedbacks.

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