Episode 30

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Whenever you get two characters with something to prove in the same room (or in the same general area, in this case), they will inevitable clash while trying to assert their dominance. Sometimes it’s simply a war or words, but things can easily turn violent, especially when law and order is all but non-existent. Thankfully we can always count on a strong female character to step in and point out just how stupid they’re acting. Bonus points if she mentions “testosterone”.

4 thoughts on “Episode 30”

  1. Extra bonus points if she’s carrying a phallic object! Double bonus if it’s bigger than the men’s phallic objects!

    • Both excellent points! I wish I could say that was intentional.

      • I’d say it was subconsciously employed – something from an old poetry lecture or the like in university.

      • That works for me.