Episode 32

About this Episode:
…and the introductions started next week finally come to and end.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
A lifetime of video games has taught me to search absolutely everything for things of value. It doesn’t matter if I just shot a duck, I know that there’s a good chance that duck is carrying a first aid kit or more ammunition for my laser rifle. In the Zombie Post-Apocalyptic World (ZPAW, yes, that’s really an acronym), this is an even more important truism. The zombie you just took out used to be a human just like you, so you should check his pockets to make sure he doesn’t have anything you need.



I remember how disappointed I was when we bagged a ground squirrel at the family farm… no GP. Plenty of XP, though!


Disappointing, isn’t it? There’s always the next one.

I’m sure the squirrel’s loot is determined by a random dice roll and you just didn’t get lucky.


I once looted a rabid dog and found 20 gold. Dog will put stuff in the strangest places.

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