Episode 46

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Two words: Boom, Headshot. As we’re all aware, zombies can only be dispatched by removing the head or destroying the brain, which means either blunt force trauma to the head, or some careful use of firearms. As this necessitates a high percentage of gory headshots, zombie enthusiasts have to up the ante a bit to keep things interesting. This generally involves a high-caliber weapon vaporizing a zombie’s head at point blank range, resulting in a violent-but-cathartic shower of gore.

Making headshots is a lot more difficult than they make it look in the movies, which is why soldiers and law enforcement officers are trained to shoot you in the chest. That training is invaluable in normal times, but when the dead start to rise, it can prove to be dangerous as one has to force themselves to go against their well-honed instincts and training. In Max Brooks’ zombie opus World War Z, a soldier even talks about the difficulty of overcoming what has been drilled into their heads since the first day of boot camp:

You think that after being “trained” to aim for the center mass your whole military career you can suddenly make an expert head shot every time?

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  1. Continuing on from what you guys said on the previous page, I’ll make sure to let you guys know. I probably won’t have any trouble with programs or hosting, due to my grounds in spriting and such on DrunkDuck, but Lighting and photography are definitely things I’ll need help with.

    On the matter of this comic, The Zombie Cliché Lookout sections are brilliant, a friend of mine plans to do a zombie comic, so I’ll have to point him this way. Another great page.

    • The BCN has a ton of helpful advice on those topics, and if you need something that isn’t there, ask!

      I’ve really enjoyed the Zombie Cliche Lookouts. They’re fun to write and (hopefully) read. Thanks for the compliments!

  2. I wonder what would happen if a zombie got sliced off at the neck? Does that technically count as a “head” kill, or do they somehow survive that?

    I’ll bet loads of zombie movies typically avoid trying to go there! 😀

    • In most media, the head stays alive. It’s not really ambulatory at that point, but it can still bite.

      • “In most media, the head stays alive.” Make sure to cite Shakespeare when you quote him, Dave! 😉

      • Per the Bard: “If thou severeth the head, the head doth stay alive.”

      • No, a zombie head would die without connection to the body. It would aslo have no stomach to feel hunger from. The virus needs to make certain parts of the body work properly to use it, ex. if a zombie moves it must have working muscles, and for the muscles to operate, they need nutrients, and to get nutrients the need a working heart, and for the nutrients to get to the heart the zombie needs to be able to process flesh and brains. So a zombie requires partially functional cardiovascular, muscular and digestive systems. almost all are centered outside of the head.

      • It all depends on the type of zombie, Isaac. If it’s a supernatural zombie, the head my live on, if it’s some sort of virus/bacteria/parasite requiring a support system for the brain, probably not.

  3. So if you cut of the head and then removed the teeth or filled the mouth with tar it would be alive but reletivley harmless(well, no one knows what would hapen if a biting monster bit you without teeth(yes, I know zombies are normally touch not bite but be honest the head would probably bite), seeing as only vampires are known to need them but no monsters are known not to need them. Whoops, that was writen as if monsters were real, which their not. Also ,explosives could probably do it. If only magic was real, that would probably work.

    • Yeah, probably. I think fluid transfer is the big sticking point for zeds, so if their saliva got into an open wound… tough luck for you.

  4. Why do I have to go back one comic and then forward to the most recently published one in order to view comments/discussion for the latest episode?

    • The homepage just doesn’t show the comments. You can just click on the title (e.g. Episode 46) to jump to the comments.

      • you could aslo click “comment” or if your not the first person to comment click “13 comments”

  5. Also, loving the red bush as zombie damage.Ive seen it before(in a moc you bloged, even!) but good none the less. One thing, is there going to be any story explanation for why a small minority of zombies look difrent or are you just sticking with “they just are.okay, the collectable minifig is too good not to use but I dont have enough to use only colectable zombie(s)”?

    • Thanks; I’ve seen it in a few MOCs and have been waiting for an opportunity to use it.

      I’m actually trying to diversify my zombie faces by mixing in the new collectible zeds as well as some Vader faces. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

  6. I really love the red bush on top of the zombie’s head, I thought “Wow, that’s some good photoshopping!” but then i realized what is was. ROTFL!

    • Thanks THOTH. I wish I can say I came up with the idea, but I’ve seen it used more than once.

  7. The first time I saw the bush used as an exit wound was a pirate vinette where the pirate was getting shot with a cannon.

    • That’s a mighty serious exit would right there.

  8. The red bush is pure awesome! 😀

    • Isn’t that great? Instead gore.

  9. Hm. Looking back on this one, I wonder why the Arm guy was imprisoned and if we’ll ever see the prisoners again…

    • We’ll definitely see the prisoners again. Maybe we’ll find out then why they were imprisoned.