Episode 93

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Nerd rage is a powerful force. While the physically or psychologically weaker generally kowtow to their betters, some will gradually build up a supply of bile that is inevitably going to boil over at the least opportune time for their former tormentors. The nerd will seize upon any moment of weakness to force out everything from an apology for their former treatment to the confession of an embarrassing secret. This is, of course, all leading up to the final act, where the nerd will either choose to act and save their imperiled companion, or watch as their former better is served their just desserts.



I think now would be a good time for Cheryl to hit sam in the head with that baseball bat.

did you ever notice that all the main four characters names start with and “S” or “SH” sound? and Stewart Sam Shannon Cheryl! did you do that on purpose?


I did indeed do that on purpose. I got the idea of doing this comic in LEGO (I wanted to do a drawn comic but lack the skills) from Ian Healy’s Adventures of S Team, so the main characters’ names are a bit of a tribute to that.


ah, i haven’t read that one yet, also there is an ad on your site saying “carpe scortum” (seize life by the balls) and it has a drawing of balls. I’m not sure that in is very SFW


I’d recommend it. S Team is pretty awesome.

Hah, I see that ad. It’s cartoonish, so I’m not too worried about it.


Fantastic. I actually need to get caught up. I’m many months behind on it and most of the other comics on the BCN. Shameful.




Boy, I’m going to have to have Sam save an orphanage to get you people to like him again after this 🙂

Oh, and by the way that was the 1,000th comment on the site. Hooray!

Drew S.

Yay 1,000 comments 😉 ! Don’t worry i still like Sam (every group needs a coward).
And where did you buy your characters or do i need to buy the different pieces to customize them for my adaption.


They’re all just regular city type people. If I recall correctly Stewart and Shannon came in a set with a few random people. Cheryl came in an RV set. I can’t recall where Sam came from.


The ‘Nerds’ Necessarily need this Rage at least once a life time, or they become hard core maniacs. Thought doesn’t seem like the Nerd type to me, more so the Skittish Kinda person that all his life has been ridiculed for being exactly unable to defend himself because either hes to Timid too, or the words just never come out right.
But! The rage for anyone is needed, (Even if it causes harm) Because you don’t want to much pressure or the pop might be an explosion.
Explosion = Shrapnel


You’re right, “nerd” isn’t exactly the right term, but “Nerd Rage” is a phrase I like so I just went with it.


Hey Dave, where do you get all your Lego settings? What sets do they come from?


The settings are kind of from all over. This room is mostly built from random pieces I ordered from Bricklink.


As well wanted to say, been seeing how your basing the deaths and how the kills work. I enjoy that your not over doing it with the attacks, Clearly understand that taking some ones head off or completely crushing it is no easy feat.


Much appreciated. I want to have this be a comic about regular people 75% of the time, interspersed with some crazy zombie action the remaining 25%.


Some people need a boot up the backside, sometimes. Sam, however, should have one applied every other day! He wants respect, he needs a good serving of humility to go along with it. 😉


See, this is the time where you knock out Sam and do a trade with the zombie! He’ll get some respect when he does something other than run away like a … wait why doesnt Murphy go and help Stewart (I think thats his name?) while Cheryl and Shannon help Sam freakout, er, calmdown or something along those lines?


Murphy isn’t armed; he left his fire extinguisher out on the hall. Also, everyone’s in shock over Sam’s actions, hence their lack of response.


Me thinks, more people would be on Sam’s side if Stew was more of a D-bag.


The funny thing I just noticed about this is that Sam is standing in a uber puddle of blood–I can only imagine what jokes could be said about that! 😀 and poor Stu–being zombielested in the corner! Shame on Sam for wanting some R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

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