Episode 92

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The freak out is an important psychological moment for tender characters. Up to this point in the story, the person having the freak out has demonstrated a certain history of action, which will change drastically following this moment. After the freak out, the character can go in a number of directions, from becoming an instant badass to gradually morphing into a major or minor villain. One thing is for sure, the post freak out character is going to have to work hard to regain the trust of the group; some won’t bother.



Never get between a lady wielding an axe and a zombie. I think this guy’s going to have a few cuts to talk about but he won’t want to show one particular lady! 😉

Adelaide C. F.

Me too… I don’t like Sam o.O
I wanna believe that Murphy is the hero and Stu is the badass, but let’s see what’s going on with Sam 😛 😀


You never know; it could be that there isn’t really a hero per se, just folk trying to survive and not kill each other in the process.


Hi, new to the series (got linked over from Legostar Galactica last night at work) and I have to say I’m already in love with this comic. Let me illustrate with some “maths”:
Webcomics that cheekily point out the tropes of a particular genre = good.
Legos = great.
Zombies = awesome!
A Lego webcomic that cheekily points out the tropes of the zombie genre? = PRICELESS!

In particular, I like how you’re handling the zombie apocalypse in a serious manner and keeping the characters’ reactions somewhat realistic (though sometimes tongue-in-cheek). Considering the medium you’ve chosen to work with, it’d be real easy to start adding the corny moments that the Lego video games seem to love, and are totally out of character for their stories. You, though, are doing an excellent job of not doing that; you’re character jokes are good but still believably in-character. The fact that you have all original characters probably helps as whatever you write for them is “in-character”, but I digress.


Hey, thanks Darg. I really appreciate the positive feedback.

You’re absolutely right; it is very tempting to do more corny/funny things on account of the medium.


Like.. Explosives… A lego Explosion scene, NOW THAT.. Might take some time.. Or not…


Pancake zombie is getting angry at Stew. He won’t make the pancakes! “Flaaaapjaaacks!”


You know, If it wasn’t for the bad photography angle, I’d swear that zombie had a nose. Unfortunately LEGO don’t make any minifig heads with noses! 😉

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