Episode 819: Does Something Smell Like Fish?

Zombie Cliche Lookout: On the Same Page

One fact that will remain true in the zombie apocalypse as it is today is that people can be difficult to manage when they have different perspectives on things. If you and another person believe diametrically opposite things, it’s very difficult to come to terms with that and move forward as a team without one of both parties feeling overridden and dismissed. Add in high stress and real danger, and those challenges become much more pronounced. If Murphy bought into what these new people said, while Russell was incredulous, it would be very difficult for them to come up with a satisfactory approach to the situation. The best they could do would be something along the lines of “While we’ll believe that they are being honest and truthful, we agree to double check everything they say for the sake of being thorough.” Those sorts of mental gymnastics might work in the short term, but they’re just not tenable.

About this Episode:

Every once in a while, Bricks of the Dead needs a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder that it is supposed to be a comic about zombies. And what better way to do that than to throw in a zombie to be violently dispatched by one of our heroes? I must say that, as much as I love my zombies, they are merely a part of the genre and setting, and not the true point of the story, so to speak.

Discussion Question: Useful Professions

Today’s question comes from BrickVoid in response to Monday’s discussion question about the importance of time management. He asks: “It seems to me that one of the most valuable professions to come into a zombie apocalypse with would be the ability to craft and maintain an accurate timepiece. It’s therefore going to be one of the few skills that will be highly sought after.

What other skills or professions that we take for granted in everyday life would be both hard to find in a zombie apocalypse and also be very useful skills or professions to have?”



Typo alerts: “One that that will remain true in the zombie apocalypse” Change first “that” to fact 😀

“believe diametrically different things” Change “different” to “opposite”

Dave, please view the entry here for “diametrically”: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/diametrically?s=t

That word literally means opposite arguments that mean using “different” is incorrect usage here.

Only two for today, not bad Dave! 😀


I think the dialog would’ve gone better if Dave had somehow used the “What was your first clue?” line so common in movies and books whenever or wherever a situation arises that all is not as it seems, or there are suspicious circumstances or events happening.

I’m kind of glad he didn’t though, he did come up with something original, it’s just that this storyline seemed to make me expect such a line as above! 😀


Hah, I hadn’t even thought about it. Had I, I might have used it.


It’s never too late to rewrite dialog! 😀 It might seem a little funny though, unless you redo the lines they’re going to use and make sure it fits properly with the upcoming episodes! 😉

Steam powered spam

Administrator, general store manager, or accountant.

While not the first person I would turn to save me from monsters, you wont be a rag tag of survivors for long. Eventually you WILL need to rebuild civilization, and you will need people skilled in resource management, and people management, and people who know how to set up systems and currencies and the what not.

This is not a job I will be leaving to Biker Bob who laughs like a maniac while tearing through undead with a custom chainsaw shotgun flame thrower…


scrapyard personnel, do you want your rusty suit of zombie proof metal armor… Or Not?
Town mayors – the expendable charisma negotiators
Mid-wives: do you think any hospital / care facility personnel are going to survive for long or not be fought over?
Prisoners – expendable front-line fighters
Septic tank service guys / Cleaners / Basically anyone that is maintenance and Janitorial
18 or so wheeler or Train operator (Book called “ILL WIND” – highly advised all to read)
Golf Ball Divers – well at least the equipment and the lessons

I apologize if any seem harsh, or harshly worded, but thinking about the environment change in a zed outbreak.

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