Episode 818: On the Clock

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Time Management

Living in a modern society makes most of us very conscious of time constantly,  which just might help us out in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Today, we have work or school to get to at certain times, appointments to make, cooking directions to follow, and dozens of other tasks that force us to constantly check our watches and phones. When the zombie apocalypse happens, we’ll likely need to be just as conscious of time. The only challenge is that we’ll have fewer means to accurately keep track of things. After all, the power is likely not going to stay on for long without people there to maintain the grid. That means your phone is right out,  as are all those other little convenient clocks like the one on the microwave.

Of course, knowing that it’s now a quarter to three isn’t as important when you don’t need to catch your favorite show in fifteen minutes. Rather, an awareness of time, how quickly it passes, and how long you’re spending on things will be more valuable. How, exactly? Well, I’m going to leave that up to you.

About this Episode:

I hemmed and hawed a bit about the dialog in that last panel. I wanted whoever was on the radio to be harsh and a little rude, but to also command the immediate respect of Jess and Bill. I believe the first draft used a fair bit more profanity, but I dialed things back a bit.

Discussion Question: A Question of Timing

As I said in the Zombie Cliche Lookout, I wanted to build on the theme of time management for our discussion question today. So let’s hear it: how would having a solid grasp of this aid you in your zombie survival efforts? Or, conversely, how would poor time management put you at added risk?



Typo alerts: “The only challenge is that we’ll have fewer means to accurately keeping track of things.” keeping–>keep

“time management put to at added” to–>you 😀

Only two for today, not bad, not bad at all! 😀


I might have found a Discussion Question for Dave:

It seems to me that one of the most valuable professions to come into a zombie apocalypse with would be the ability to craft and maintain an accurate timepiece. It’s therefore going to be one of the few skills that will be highly sought after.

What other skills or professions that we take for granted in everyday life would be both hard to find in a zombie apocalypse and also be very useful skills or professions to have?


I have a solar powered wristwatch. Those, and mechanical watches, will become highly sought after, I suspect.


I too have a solar watch, which is super handy. I haven’t worn it for some time since I switched to a Fitbit, but I’m glad to have it as a backup.


As for the discussion question:I was talking to a former boy scout on the weekend. The conversation somehow came around to time management. They told a story about being out camping when they were about 10. The scout leader warned the group to get started on setting up camp as soon as they arrived at the site. Being kids they all goofed off until they ended up having to cook supper in the dark, holding flashlights in their teeth. It didn’t happen again.

So I think in the apocalypse people won’t be as precise about time, but will need to be aware of nature’s clock. Sunrise and sunset, the changing seasons, planting and harvesting times.


I remember a while back reading about time before clocks were common, and it was pretty interesting. Everything was very broad. Dawn. Noon. Twilight. It was the best people could do, and there were more important things to worry about.

Pepper Valentino

I haven’t been on in a while. And haven’t read many comments lately. So this may have been said already.

But I think Murphy should change out of his uniform before going on this mission. I have a feeling that this big bad biker, Gus, doesn’t take too kindly to the PoPo. 😀


Man, that’s a very interesting point. There are some major pros and cons to the uniform.


I sure hope Dave can rewrite his comics in time to account for Murphy’s uniform! 😀

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