Episode 814: Location, Location

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Quest Location

We’re going to go into a specific area of the zombie genre with today’s cliche lookout, and talk about zombie video games. That’s still a pretty broad topic, so I’d like to narrow it down to open/semi-open world games that feature multiple goals, challenges, and questions. As your character explores and reveals more of the map, new opportunities are unveiled. Often, the game is structured in such a way that the primary quest line is going to force you into areas of the map that need to be explored. Hence, the quest location showing up on a part of the map that’s still under fog of war, or whatever mechanism is used to hide the places you haven’t been yet.

About this Episode:

If I had an endless amount of time to build sets, I would have absolutely had Gus setup in a trailer park. It would have made for a more interesting environment for Murphy and Russell to go through to get to him. There’d be a lot of places around where zombies could be hidden. It would also offer more room for Gus’ gang to be there, upping the threat level a bit.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth to pull something like that off, so here we are. I think the solitary trailer in an isolated area is the next best thing. It leads to questions. Why is this guy so isolated? What makes him so secure? Are there booby traps? Other people watching?

Discussion Question: A Good Place for a Bad Guy

Put yourself in my shoes. You need to come up with the big bad for your zombie story, and you’d like his/her environment to say something about him. Where would you make his/her safehouse? Is this a rich villain in a large, secure home with lots of weapons and gadgets? Or maybe someone who prefers roughing it in a camp in the woods a safe distance from civilization?

9 thoughts on “Episode 814: Location, Location”

  1. He set up in some park area by himself? This sounds like April Fool’s day prank city, if you ask me! 😀

    • Nah, it’s already April 2nd.

  2. I do, however, suspect that things are not what they seem. Especially if the group portrays Gus as being in a group of his own, yet sets up by himself in a trailer park. This story arc stinks so badly even zombies would stay out of it! 😀

    • Hah, interesting point.

  3. No typos today?

    • Not that I can see, I could, however call you on your use of “his/her” when “their” or a similar adjective or adverb – as the case may be – would fit better! 😀 But no really strikingly obvious typos today! 😀

  4. I could forgive Gus not having a permit, I know how far you have to book sites in advance.

    • Well, Gus is in a zombie apocalypse. What other permit does he need than the act of shoving a loaded gun in your face and telling you in no uncertain terms to get lost? 😀

  5. For the benefit of the doubt you work with what you have, what fits your needs and what you are comfortable with. Just because the big mansion is available does not mean it “works” as the evil headquarters. A biker is probably used to an open road type of life and this trailer fits in with what he thinks is the perfect place to live. Plus they are a lot easier to modify with traps and hidden compartments then a formal structure.