Episode 731: What I need Is…

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: A Diversion!

Once again, this cliche will be by no means unique to the zombie genre. In all honesty, it’s probably much more at home in cartoon shows than zombie stories. Regardless, I absolutely love when a story decides that the best approach to solving a problem is to create some sort of diversion to distract the bad guys while the good guys get stuff done. The more impractical and silly the distraction, the happier I am. My favorite recent example is the song and dance that Starlord used at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy to allow his friends to get their plans together. Hilarious and effective, just as all true diversions should be.

About this Episode:

Yep, I’m abusing the narrow focus area again. I’m a monster. I’m not ashamed.

Other News:

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little slow in responding to comments, and some haven’t been addressed at all. I’m sorry about that. Things in my non-zombie-comic life are pretty damn hectic right now. So please don’t think I’m an asshole, I’ve just been really busy. Hopefully things will settle down soon. In the meantime, I’m really glad I have a couple weeks of buffer on the comic.

Discussion Question: Zombie Clothes:

Another one from BrickVoid today. “[Speaking of clothes and using zombies as a potential resource] having had these zombies roaming around in clothes they haven’t changed for ages, depending on how far into the zombie apocalypse one is, would you as a survivor even want to consider looting and having to go to the extreme trouble of sanitizing filthy zombie clothes? Or would you rather go raid a former clothing store and hope they at least have some raw materials out the back nobody else liked?

14 thoughts on “Episode 731: What I need Is…”

  1. Typo alert: “distract the bad guys for while while the good guys get stuff” either add “a” to the first “while”, along with a space, and add in a comma, or change the first while to ‘awhile”. 😀

    Also, something that I do not consider to be a typo: “Barb’s line in Panel 3: “They’ll be the last last ones to go.” I think you have a winner here in the scripting department! 😀

    Yes, indeed, proper usage of doubled up words is not a typo, believe it or don’t! 😉

    • Fixed the two whiles. I’ll have to correct the comic later when I have access to the Photoshop files.

      • Hmm, the sentence still needs two forms of while, or further editing:

        Regardless, I absolutely love when a story decides that the best approach to solving a problem is to create some sort of diversion to distract the bad guys for a while the good guys get stuff done.

        I would actually recommend taking out “for a”, as with one while in there, that part of the sentence is superfluous and does not belong, anyway. 😀

        • Also, to further explain why “last last” actually fits as is, I tend to mentally expand it to “last of the last ones”, so great work there, genius, in fact! 😉

        • Good call; fixed.

  2. Quick, does that duck happen to have a slot for a wind-up key on it’s backside? Well, that’s one sort of diversion Barb could try, if it was an animated duck, which would be possible if it was the kind of duck decoy that duck hunters use to attract ducks! 😀

    (Yes, I’m continuing theories on that duck, want them or not! 😉 )

    • I welcome all comers. The duck has taken on a life of its own.

  3. I think if you have to loot a zombie for clothes then you are pretty desperate yo. XD

    Biological hazard aside I dont think Zombie clothes would be in good condition after a month or two riding around a reanimated corpse…

    As for replies….are you saying that your putting your family, friends, job and LIFE ahead of replying to the sometimes whimsical ramblings of vauge internet peoples? You FIEND! D8

    You’re fine. Really. Just keep making comics and we will keep reading them :3

    • Hah, thanks. I just feel guilty when I don’t respond or tell people why I’m not responding. It seems really rude.

  4. Length equals desperation, therefore using zeds as a resource is never out of the question.
    We’ve seen them used as guards, target practice, composting material, battering rams, art, bejeweled mercy proofed attackers, and a scary way to make electricity.
    The longer things go on, who honestly knows what we will have to do.

    Also take care of your family.

    • The “composting material” suggestion is both brilliant and disgusting. Well done.

  5. Just go for it Barb… It’s never out of reach, as we’ve been teached by 53 players and a sorcerer coach on sunday.

    If any Falcons fan reads this comic, I feel sorry for you buddy…

    • Hah. I didn’t have any skin in the game, honestly. Once Green Bay was out, so was I. That said, one hell of a comeback.

      • Me neither… But it’s the Super Bowl!

        Go Hawks!