Episode 724: I Hope You Don’t Die

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Afterthoughts

Once again, I’m going to talk about a trope that isn’t isolated to the zombie genre. In point of fact, it isn’t really a genre trope at all, but rather a truism in life. Often we find ourselves in a situation where our emotions can become overwhelming to the point of making quick decision difficult. The obvious example here – pulled right from today’s comic – is what to do or say to someone that you might not see again. This question is further complicated if there are time constraints of any sort, like a flight that’s about to leave or prison visitation hours are coming to an end shortly.

Some of us are able to combat these emotions and make thoughtful decisions. Most of us cannot. Rather, we become paralyzed and awkward, unsure of the right path forward and too afraid of doing the wrong thing to do anything at all. The worst part of it is that we’ll often settle on just the right thing to do or say shortly after the opportunity has passed. The flight has left, and the prison visitors areas have closed, and only then do we realize we never said “I love you.”

About this Episode:

I thought it was going to be really hard to get Barb perched on that window for the second panel. Before I shot the episode, I had brainstormed a handful of different solutions to the problem, including using sticky tack and building up a wall on the backside of the set with a bar for her to grab onto. Oddly enough, she stayed put on the first try.

Discussion Question: Decision Paralysis

Have you ever found yourself too overwhelmed to make a decision at what felt like a pivotal point in your life? What did you do about it? After the moment passed and you were able to think clearly again, did you immediately figure out a solution to the problem?

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    • Fixed all. Damn fast typing.

  3. Regarding Barb staying put, minifigs have a significant amount of weight in the plastic that makes them up. Maybe that helped her stay there? Not that actual weight matters to a minifig, though! 😀

    • They do have some weight to them, but it’s doesn’t seem centered terribly well; they’re top heavy.

  4. Actually watching this character easily slide through a window just made me realize…I have no idea what health any of these characters are in.

    Sure, I can guess of course but general lego anatomy makes everyone appear roughly the same 🙂

    So Dave, do you imagine any of your characters buffer, heavier, skinnier than current lego technology allows?

    • Dave, you know, with a little tweaking of Steam Powered Spam’s question, it would make for an excellent Discussion Question! 🙂 And for once it’s not my idea! 😀

      • That is a damn good question! SPS, I’m going to use that for Monday’s episode if you don’t mind.

        • Go for it 🙂