Episode 723: Ready? Ready!

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Be Prepared

One positive about surviving in the zombie apocalypse is that it will force you to be a lot more prepared and adaptive in your life. That’s a goal for a lot of people, myself included. Just think: all we need to accomplish this goal is for civilization as we know it to come to a sudden and horrific end. Ahem, got a bit distracted there. Excuse me.

That said, zombie survival is generally not a solo effort, so it’s important to ensure that everyone is on the same page before doing anything. If you discover a group of hostile raiders heading in your direction, the last thing you need is to have the rest of the group not be ready to either run or defend themselves. Preparedness, therefore, is a group goal.

About this Episode:

Nothing too terribly exciting going on here, so I’ll use this area to address some other items. First, I actually remembered to update the copyright date this year. Yay!

Second, I’m making it one of my goals for the year to address two longstanding issues with the site: rebuilding the comics archive page, and separating the guest comics out from the main strip. Wish me luck.

Finally, check out this sweet article on Mental Floss that features both myself and Ballinabricky. Awesome, right?

Discussion Question: Holidays

I’m going to cheat just a bit on this episode’s discussion question, and ask everyone how their holidays went.

Mine were quite nice. I got to sleep in for a week straight, which was just absolutely incredible. I also got to spend lots of time with family and friends, ate good food, and just in general helped to recharge myself.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays as well. Also, a huge thanks to Ballinabricky for the awesome guest comics.

14 thoughts on “Episode 723: Ready? Ready!”

  1. Typo alerts: “myself include” include–>included 😀

    “terribly exiting” exiting–>exciting 😉

    • Fixed both, thanks.

      Apologies for the slow response; was out of town yesterday.

      • That’s okay! 😀 In fact, given the holiday season we’ve just had I wasn’t at all surprised.

  2. Getting everyone in there is one thing, but I’m curious, even though they’re leaving the building, are they going to leave Ted’s corpse to just rot or are they going to do something about it?

    There might be a chance that once they sort out the zombie situation and get a better picture of their location, that they might come back here, and it would be awful if the place stank of corpse smell! 😀

    This has so far been really interesting and I’m curious to see what Dave comes up with in between fixing the archives and guest strips. 😀

    • Yes, if they ever circle back it’s going to be rather unpleasant. As a police officer, I can tell you corpses have a very distinct smell, and it is rather horrible.

      • There’s also another corpse there. Remember the intern?

        You do make a good point, and it’s something that Vicky and the kids will likely think about a lot in the future if they do nothing about it now. We shall see.

  3. As to how I spent my holidays, well, it was alone, as usual. I like it that way, less problems to deal with afterwards, went out to a social club I visit on a regular basis, etc. I visit family and friends on a regular basis, so no worries there. They all had Christmases that seemed to go well. 😀

    I had some Christmas pudding with custard, went down well. 😉

    This January, however, left me (so far, anyway) a cold/flu virus to get rid of, just now getting over the last of it. And I was short on cold/flu medications so had to make do with what I did have around which worked okay, but not the best.

    We lost a lot of celebrities in 2016, among the last to pass away were Carrie Fisher and her mum, Debbie Reynolds, died within days of each other. R.I.P. to all we lost on 2016.

    On a brighter note, things seem steady and we’ve had a good wet season this summer here in Australia so far, which is a blessing, because otherwise it means hot summer days to deal with. 😀

    • I know a few people fighting the upper respiratory infection that just doesn’t want to go away. It’s awful and I hope you feel better soon. Else-wise, it sounds like a pretty nice holiday.

  4. Holidays? Still trying to solve some plumbing problems… Annoying. But overall Xmas went well, family stuff. Always cool.

    Nice to see you back on track, Ballinabricky story was quite enternaining too!

    Well just go ahead Barb… Nice to see how things go outside!

    • I hope you’re hiring a plumber and not trying to fix it yourself, unless you’re a licensed plumber! I reckon most of them get a lot of business from fixing other people’s amateur mistakes! 😉

      • Oh, plumbing problems are no fun at all. I won’t try to fix anything beyond a clogged drain on my own.

        • You’re too late guys… My old man and I got it cover… Well kind of…

        • Kind of?

  5. Still a work in progress… Things are not going as planed actually LOL.