Episode 594: They’re Still Here

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: No Time Outs

There are no time outs in the zombie apocalypse. You can’t simply signal the ref and say you need a few minutes to get your stuff sorted out. The zombies simply don’t care if you need a breather, or have to collect your thoughts, or have a rock in your shoe. It doesn’t matter to them, they’re just looking for a meal. This is often one of the scariest parts about zombies as monsters. Sure, they’re not terribly smart, they have no exotic powers, and can’t keep up with you at a brisk walk, but they also never need a rest.

People are much less capable. We need to stop constantly. We get tired, hungry, thirsty, hurt, annoyed, and a thousand other things. We simply can’t keep going in a straight line forever; playing the game by the zombies rules is a sure way to lose. That’s why we need to use our advantages, especially our mobility, intellect, and ability to use tools to keep a step ahead of the zombies. We need to create barricades, throw off the scent, or hop in a vehicle to put some solid distance between us and the horde if we hope to survive.

About this Episode:

I’ve used the outside noises once already in this story arc, but I think it’s important to do it again. Without the benefit of background noise like you’d get in a movie or TV show, it can be easy to forget that there’s a whole pile of zombies just outside the walls of this suburban home. That makes it feel like our characters have all the time in the world to gather supplies and build barricades, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Discussion Question: Most Underrated Aspect of Zombies

What do you think is the most underrated aspect of zombies that makes them so frightening? What tends to get ignored in the focus on gore and violence that makes zombies horrifying monsters?

11 thoughts on “Episode 594: They’re Still Here”

  1. There are no time outs, perhaps, but what happens after a certain period of time goes by? If a zombie is chasing something and simply get any further because it can’t get to what it wants, how long will it be before something else grabs it’s attention? Right now, it seems as if someone could wander by outside, and at least some of the zombies would see them. Given that they’ve taken some time and collected quite a bit of wood, what are the chances of that happening? 😀

    • *and simply can’t get any further, my typo lol. I can’t find any in Dave’s typing today! 😀

      • Sweet! I’ve been doing slightly better (which means Wednesday’s will be riddled with mistakes).

    • Yeah, that’s the over side of the equation. If you can put enough distance between you and the zombies, chance are they’ll lose your trail, or find something else to pursue.

  2. Zeds inability to rot. They should fall apart after a couple weeks especially since they are moving around but just keep coming.

    • Oh man, good one! It seems like this gets mentioned in a lot of books and movies, but never really explored in any meaningful way.

  3. Being eaten alive. If you’ve got a strong stomach I suggest you go online and find a video of a wolf pack or a wild dog pack making a kill. Big cats dispatch their prey relatively quickly but dogs and wolves basically start eating theirs alive. (they typically start with the abdomen to make it worse) Figure zombies probably work the same way, especially n groups.

    • Absolutely horrifying to think about. I do not have that strong of a stomach.

    • Just look at Noah

      • My wife covered her eyes, then got mad at me when I described what happened.

        • I must say it was one hell of a face-off