Episode 548: I Tried

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Pragmatism

I like to think of myself as a pragmatist, although I know that’s only true in the best of circumstances. Most of us are like this. We would certainly like to make choices as practically as possible, but we’re all human. We’re imperfect beings with biases, favoritism, and bad information. That said, it’s probably the best approach when you’re stuck in a situation like Cheryl, Brent, and Stewart. Cheryl could only help one person at a time, so she tried to make the decision in as practical a way as possible: saving Stewart was very possible, saving Brent wasn’t nearly so clear. She went with the sure thing.

Of course, you could easily argue from the other perspective: Stewart only had a single zombie to handle, and was thus more likely to be able to do so on his own. Brent had two zombies to deal with, and was thus more in need of help.

About this Episode:

As we’ve seen, this isn’t a huge cabin. And we’ve got quite a lot of people crammed inside. People are doing their best to give Inez and Brent a quiet moment of privacy, but that’s pretty hard to pull off in such a small area, and they’re going to eavesdrop whether they want to or not. Having heard Inez, it looks like Cheryl isn’t super happy with what she has to say.

Other News:

Well, I’m back at work following my surgery. The surgery itself went quite well. They pulled the screw out and I was back home in about two hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t handle the anesthesia terribly well. It made me incredibly tired for days. I finally started feeling normal again on Monday, so, yeah, sorry about the delay on the comic. I just didn’t have it in me.

But, hey, here’s the screw that was in my leg (only eight left in there):

Here's the screw I had removed.

The nurse at the hospital said I should get a lag bolt from the hardware store, just to mess with you guys, but this is a real deal.

Discussion Question:

Put yourself in Inez’s shoes for a moment. You’ve recently been folded into this group, and aren’t really sure who you can trust. You’ve had issues with Murphy, one of the leaders of the group, and now your only real ally has been bitten and infected by the zombies because another member of the group chose one of their own over your friend. Can you come to trust these people? Can you work with them? How do you proceed going forward?



Good to have you back! And WOW that screw is long!

As for the question. I feel, I could come to trust them with time…Key here being TIME. I wouldn’t trust them at first and would keep my own safety first at hand, and I would help just to insure my own protection. But I feel with most things in life, it’s a matter of time.


Thanks! And glad to be back. I’m also very glad to have that damn thing out of my ankle.


Good to hear you’re back on your feet, Dave! 😀 Don’t worry about the missed episode, if you’re recovering from surgery, I would strongly prefer you made that a priority than put yourself out for us! 😉

Take it easy for the next few days, and if something doesn’t feel right where your health is concerned, forget about the comic and make looking after yourself a priority! 😉


Having looked at the TWD spoiler photo, a chilling Discussion Question comes to mind. Do you think zombies should ignore dangers people would ignore if it would mean they might chase down someone who might not ordinarily get chased down during a crisis?


Dave is back, yippee!
Looking at this screw sends shivers down my spine… brrr.
Be careful by the way, winter is coming… and so are the icy roads and paths.. just saying, unless you want to revisit the Holiday on Ice Dave’ special?


Yeah, it’s quite a screw, isn’t it? Self-tapping too.

And I’m definitely going to be careful. I think my wife will kill me if I break my leg again.


Self-tapping… I’m trying to picture the scene, ugh.
What happens with the hole once the screw is removed? Is it filled with something or does the body repairs the bone? What is the screw made of?


Oh man, I should have talked about that more. It’s pretty interesting, and a little gross.

The bone will grow in and fill the hole, which is super cool. What happens, though, is that the bone also eventually grows over the screw heads. My surgery actually took a little longer than expected because they had to cut away some bone growth to get to the screw. Kind of cool, eh?

Oh, and the screw is made of titanium. It’s amazingly light (although still heavy enough to knock over minifigures if it’s not balanced correctly).


Dang, I was hoping for Adamantium!
oh, and the bone thing is indeed gross.

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