Episode 468: Condolences

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Nothing Left

There are, essentially, two types of characters in fiction, even zombie fiction. You’ve got static characters, and dynamic characters. Static characters tend to play supporting roles, and stay more or less then same throughout the course of the narrative. On the other side of the fence are your dynamic characters. These are generally the protagonists and antagonists of the story, and they change as a result of the story. Often, the change is major, but not necessarily.

When you look at the zombie genre specifically, there are a few things that are usually the driving force behind the characters’ change. Two of the more popular options are being pressed into a leadership role, and losing loved ones. In the former situation, they have to adapt to the needs of the group, which often fundamentally alters the way they think and perceive the world. In the latter, they survive where loved ones don’t, which can cause all sorts of psychological changes in a person, sometimes even changes that make them better adapted to surviving in the zombie apocalypse.

About this Episode:

I’ve been playing around with my camera a lot lately, and forgot to reset a few settings when I shot the last episode. As a result, I shot it with my ISO cranked up pretty high, which caused a bit of noise and jagginess. Sorry about that. This episode looks better, but I think I still need to make some more tweaks to my setup.

Other News:

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Discussion Question: Holidays

So in the last episode there were a couple of comments from people who were surprised that I was updating on Good Friday and today (Easter Monday). As I explained then, I usually only take days off when my work is closed, or if I take vacation. But that makes me wonder, is this something that offends people? Obvious, Easter is a pretty important holiday to Christians. I consider myself an agnostic, but I was raised Catholic so I understand the feeling.

17 thoughts on “Episode 468: Condolences”

  1. Typo alerts:

    About this Episode, Second sentence, after the second comma, “caused a big of noise” big–>bit

    Discussion Question, second sentence, “take vacation”: Either insert an “a”, with spaces, of course, in the middle of those two words, or make “vacation” plural. Dave’s choice. 😀

    Same section, fourth sentence: “Obvious, Eastern“–>”Obviously, Easter” 😀

    • Thanks BV. “Take vacation” is a phrase that gets used over here, I guess it’s idiomatic.

      • I just flag what’s obvious to me, and not worry about idioms! 😀

  2. Is Emma supposed to be building up to some crazed maniac characteristic of “shoot anyone who gets in her way” stereotypes? Because her expression in these four panels, although blurred, would seem to suggest something along those lines! 😀

    • Not sure about that, but Ill wager that Sam will be staring down that gun barrel in a minute.

      • Hah, you may be right about that.

    • She’s definitely upset. I don’t know if she’s murderously upset, but she’s not happy.

      • The big question will be can she hold it together better than her three friends who just died? I don’t recall if you mentioned whether these four were family or not, but if it was family she just lost, that would make her grief a lot stronger. I look forward to seeing what happens on Wednesday! 😀

  3. I’m a Christian, but I don’t put a lot of significance on the Christian holidays like Christmas or Easter. I’m of the mentality that, the events that are central to those holidays should be remembered and celebrated all the time, not just on certain calendar days – which are the wrong days of the year anyway, according to historical evidence.
    Besides, Christians are charged with living like Jesus every day, and in all facets of our lives; it’s somewhat antithetical to just talk about his birth and resurrection for a few weeks then act like we’ve forgotten about it the rest of the year.

    tl;dr, I don’t care if you update on religious holidays because religious holidays are silly when the faithful of that religion are supposed to remember and commemorate those events every day anyway.

    • I like your point about them being on the wrong days. Excellent point there.

  4. Ill keep it short. Christian and not offended. Nobody made me log on did they?

    • Hah; I like to think you come here of your own volition.

  5. Why did you use such high ISO-values? Because it’s Lego (and doesn’t move) I don’t ever use high ISO-values. Mostly below 400. I set the depth of field and use shutter-speed (and stops) to regulate light. Using a tripod you’ll never really have to use high ISO-values.

    • I did it accidentally; I was goofing around shooting some (non-LEGO) low light stuff, and forget to change my settings back.

      • Hah, okay. I understand 🙂

        Oh and before I forget; I myself don’t really see a problem with posting on Holidays. The comic’s are posted on a Holiday but ‘the work’ was already done before.

        And even if the ‘work’ was done on the Holiday itself… I do not see why that ever could be a problem. (And I am Catholic, but not active)

  6. Most people accept that in modern times with many jobs requiring 24/7 availability working on holidays is exceptable. Of course my question would be do you consider posting the strip to be work or creating it to be work?

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