Episode 433: Found Anything Yet?

Zombie Cliche Lookout: I Can’t See a Thing

Creeping around in the dark isn’t a lot of fun. It becomes even less fun when there is a good chance of hungry zombies sharing that same darkness. And when your loved ones are alone and afraid, counting on you to get them to safety, it’s a downright drag. But sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up, and go down into that terrifying darkness. It’s your duty, after all, and if you don’t, who will?

That’s a pretty quick and easy way to tell if you’re the protagonist in a story. If there are things to do, and no one else able or willing to do them but you, odds are, you’re the protagonist. If you’re just sitting back and watching things happen, then you’re probably just a supporting character, which means you’re very much able to be killed.

About this Episode:

I really wanted to do something creepy here with this tunnel. It’s obviously dark, which is plenty scary enough. I also wanted to make it very claustrophobic, so there’s not a lot of room for Sam here on any side, including above him. I think this is the first set I’ve built that has a ceiling (other than my elevator).

Discussion Question: Religion in the Zombie Apocalypse

This one comes from Nom Zoms, in the last episode, and it builds on quite a few of the subjects we’ve been discussing lately. The question is, how would you incorporate religious beliefs and practices into your life in the zombie apocalypse, if at all? If you’re already a religious person, how would the zombies affect your beliefs and practices? If you’re like me, and not religious, would the zombie apocalypse make you rethink your beliefs at all?

Before you answer, a quick ground rule: be respectful. We all have different beliefs, and we’re all entitled to those beliefs. If you don’t have something nice to say, then just keep your mouth shut.



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Query in same paragraph, third sentence: “along and afraid” should that be “alone and afraid’?

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I wasn’t sure about that “along and alone” – I’m flagging it so Dave can revise it and see if it fits what he really wanted it to say. 😉


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Foolish Lego

Very good photography this episode! The dark vs light, the claustrophobia… to me it feels like you wanted it to come across!

I’m not a religious man, and an ZA won’t make me religious or rethink my beliefs in a God or something. It would make me rethink my beliefs in the laws of nature though… and I’ll wonder what we missed right up until the end. It would also make me rethink my beliefs in love, materialism, comfort, etc… but not in religion.

Finally I don’t believe in any God and I don’t believe in a greater plan. Sometimes I’m pretty jealous of the people that do have these believes, for one thing because I feel that these believes can be very comforting in times of need.


Thank you, sir!

Some great thoughts here, FL. I too occasionally get jealous of the people who have faith in the big plan. It seems very comforting.


I like the setup and the photography is spot on! The tunnel is a little too “clean” perhaps but that’s the downside of using shiny new LEGO. Maybe you could add some browny bits here and there?


It is a bit clean, isn’t it? I should have tossed in some more textured pieces.

A little behind the scenes here: my four year-old was “helping” me build this set, and we didn’t have a lot of patience.


Have you read apocalypse no toride? It is manga and the arc starts at long tall daisy. I don’t want to spoil, but there will be either extremist, hopefully none like Daisy!

The other thing to think about is that hope/ positive thinking may become the new religion IE: “I hope I don’t run into _, I get _ to_, then make it back.”

As for set up, try brown mark on a transparent plastic sheet, don’t wipe off too much & then put it 1/2 way between camera & shot, should “age” the shot, thus making it dirty looking.


Ps this is usually the part where the flash light is dropped downed (even if they never had one) and it breaks in the fall, because the main guy is about to get creamed/ have Extreme trouble.


As to the religious beliefs question, I honestly don’t go to church at all these days, except when there’s a relative who died. I do, however, believe that there is a possibility that God does exist. There are a few things I can’t explain that have happened in my life, so yes there’s likely an entity attributable to whom most people refer to as God.

I’m okay with other people believing in their religion, if they keep it to themselves, don’t get overly aggressive when they learn I’m not very religious, and don’t push it on me, or argue excessively with me. Discussion of religion is something I’m okay with, if you don’t get nitpicky about it. I also don’t like “bible bangers”, a.k.a. people who go around pushing religion down other people’s throats – sorry for the bias there, but that’s just the way things are.


I am a religious man. I do attend services regularly, and work with my local congregation as an emergency preparation specialist. An EOTW event would try my faith, but not shake it. Since our religion is part of our lives, and not a Sunday only thing, we won’t have to make drastic adjustments spiritually. We’ll just roll with it. In fact, I have very small scriptures in my primary BoB (you can get small ones from the Gideons).

When it comes to events like this, I often say, “You better find religion before religion finds you.”


It would probably not effect my current belief system. I’m an nonreligious person and I’ve kind of figured out my own way of dealing with the evils and the downfalls of the world. Admittedly it doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but it just kinda… Works for me.

Nom Zoms

Although I created the question, I never truly answered the question. I would say I am very spiritual at points. I attend a church group and go on mini mission trips a few times a year. On top of this, a near death experience really opened my eyes, showing me that there is a God, and that he must exist because I am still alive. This adds another question, this being “How would being shaken up or having a near death experience affect how you operate in an apocalypse?” Thanks for reading my rant, if you did 😛

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