Episode 432: Well See Ya Later

Zombie Cliche Lookout: A Tentative Goodbye

Zombie stories are full of loss and pain. And I’m talking psychological and emotional pain here, not just the pain of getting eviscerated by an army of the walking dead. That’s tough enough, certainly, but what makes matters worse is that the loved one you just lost could very well turn into a zombie and try to eat your face. Your delicious, delicious face.

All kidding aside, one of the most horrific things about a zombie story is the likelihood of losing loved ones and then having to destroy them to survive. This is often mocked by fans of the genre. They’ll yell things at characters like “That’s not your wife, it’s a zombie!”. This is, of course, completely true. However, it’s also pretty short-sighted to ignore the incredible psychological effect it would have on a person. After all, they’ve only begun mourning this awful loss when that person suddenly gets up and starts walking around again. That’s going to mess with your brain a bit.

About this Episode:

I really tried to position Sam well on the ladder. I was going for some slight over-confidence on his part, which was meant to make Sarah feel a little better about the whole thing. I don’t know if I pulled it off or not, but I think it looks pretty decent.

Discussion Question: Can You Jinx Yourself?

Here’s one that’s straight out of left field. A lot of people believe that you can jinx yourself by bringing up or even thinking about something bad. Let’s say you’re stuck outside in the rain. That’s no fun, and being naturally snarky, you say something along the lines of “Well this couldn’t get any worse.” Most of us would think that was just harmless complaining, but someone who believes in jinxing would consider it an open invitation for more bad luck.

How does this play into zombie trope? As Sam is going down the ladder, he tells his wife that he loves her. That’s a natural enough thing to say, but a lot of people might read into it a bit. Is Sam afraid he’s going to die, and wants to make sure the last thing he said to his was was “I love you”? Is he, then, inviting disaster onto himself?

So what do you think, do thoughts and statements like this bring about bad luck, like some sort of cosmic self-fulfilling prophecy?


Foolish Lego

No, I don’t believe in jinxing. I say these sorts of lines a lot and I never get jinxed. What I do believe is that these sentences in fiction have a meaning… in fiction it looks like jinxing is a natural law.

But again, I myself in the world we live in don’t believe in jinxing. If I say here: “of course i can type this comment without getting killed” It doesn’t mean I will be kin l;eflceowp AAARGH,,’&^%


One typo, and not much of one at that: About This Episode: Should start out as “I really”. 😀


I really like your setup Dave… and I must say you’ve done a pretty good job at building some tension here, what a cliffhanger before the w-e!
As for jinkxing… I don’t do that, it’s bad luck.


I believe that a persons state of mind, either negative or positive, can have a huge effect on their performance in a given situation, but not on the situation itself. In Sams case, having self-doubts about his plan of action and his possibilities for success could lead him to make bad decisions, hesitate, or even physically perform poorly when it comes time to fight or flee. But no amount of “jinxing” if going to put zombies in that tunnel if they weren’t there already. As far as telling his wife he loves her, I have a slightly different take. I’m always taken aback when I learn of fatal traffic accidents that occur during morning rush hour. Some poor schlub just got out of bed that morning, got dressed, and left for work like they have done 5 days a week for the last 20years or so. The BAM! its over. Did they tell their spouse they loved them before the left for work, did they even see their kids before they left? Not to sound all old and macabre here, but you never know what goodbye might be your last in everyday life, and ZA not withstanding, I would rather have my loved ones memory of the last time they saw me alive be me telling them I loved them. It might sound cheesy, but it helps me sleep at night.


I’m with you here Damage. Life is short, we are only but fragile beings and you never know what’s around the corner. This isn’t a reason to overdo it but it sure doesn’t hurt to enjoy the little things – like telling a loved one you care.
Ok, now I need to call my wife, lol!


Do I believe in jinxes, hexes, or spooks? Ah, I want to say “No”. I want to say, “That’s impossible”; but the fact is, I have seen some really bad luck. I’ve seen people that we affectionately call “shit magnets”. They attract the worst as a matter of course. Me, I go by the Fifty/Fifty/Ninety Rule. It states that if there is a fifty/fifty chance I’ll get something right, there is a ninety percent chance I got it wrong. Lost? Fork in the road? I’ll go left, or right, doesn’t matter, and yep. I got it wrong.

Negative thinking and negative self-talk will DEFINITELY affect your outcome. Will and mindset are imperative to success, I think. Cal it luck. Call it fortune, or karma, good vibrations, or whatever. Cal it GIGO, if you like. The point is that I agree with you, Dave, that even THINKING a bad thought, at the right time, can bring the situation down on your ears like a ton of bricks.


(fingers crossed Sam’s missus replies ‘I know’ in the next ep) 😀

Nope don’t believe in jinxing yourself, if shit’s gonna happen then shit’s gonna happen no matter what you say before hand.


Is there a possibility that Sarah will turn into zombie while they’re in the tunnel?
If I’m in the position of Sam that would be the sum of all my fears…
Comfined Space with limited escape route
Zombies near you

Nom Zoms

I don’t believe in jinxes or things like that. I think the only thing existent is destiney. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. If not, it’s not. It’s my thinking that our lives have already been planned into a bigger picture, once again bringing up the question “How you would posiblly incorporate or practice religion in the apocalypse?” as this is a fairly religious point, and I apologize if I sound too Jesus-Freekish. We have touched this in my diversity question, but can you make this a discussion question, Dave?


Like in the Matrix Movie

Morpheus: Do you believe in fate?
Neo: No
Morpheus: Why?
Neo: Because I don’t believe the idea that I’m not in control of Life.


In the Walking Dead
A scene were Herschel and Rick talked about religion and apocalypse.

Herschel: is it God’s will that He brought you here and you survived. Not only you but also your family.
Rick: All I can say that God has a bad taste of joke

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