Episode 416: Thanks, Buddy

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Thank God I Saved You!

We all love a dramatic rescue scene, and if that rescue involves indiscriminately killing a bunch of zombies – perhaps with a luxury SUV – then all the better. Okay, maybe “all” is a bit of an overstatement. Anyone who has watched HBO’s incredible Band of Brothers knows that the 101st didn’t need to be rescued by Patton, right? But I digress. Anytime you get a big damn rescue, you’re risking or sacrificing other things.

In this example, Inez can probably save Brent and Murphy, but she’s risking not only herself, but also their getaway vehicle in the process. Is it worth it? Well, it definitely is when it works, but when it doesn’t… oh boy. On the other hand, not risking it leaves a wounded Murphy and a mostly useless Brent to their own devices. Can they get out on their own? Probably not.

About this Episode:

Poor Murphy. First his buddy gets paralyzed, then he has to go rescue Brent, then he gets shot in the leg, and now he’s left behind. The guy just can’t catch a break.

Discussion Question: All Star Zombie Killer

Since we’ve had a few deeper thinking kind of questions lately, I figured we should do a fun one. What single movie character would you pick to have the best chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse, and why? Ash? Snake Plissken? Ripley?

Let’s only pick characters here, not actors, not real historical figures (I’ll probably use those in another question at some point). So not Teddy Roosevelts, unless you mean Robin Williams’ version of him from A Night At the Museum, and why would you? Let’s also stick with human characters without any special powers. No T1000, no Wolverine, just hardass dudes and ladies.



Are we talking pure fantasy; or are we constrained by reality? If you really want to stack the zombies like cord wood, my two offhand pics are Blain from Predator (“Come on in. Ol’ Painless is waitin'”), or Judge Dredd (except the Stallone version).

Legoman 400

It’s always nice to know that there are like minded people who love lego and zombies.

Answer: I would take my 2 friends ’cause they know how to fight zombies and do not overlook small problems like food, water and medicine.
By the way, there is a steel pipe almost 15 inches long in my guest room’s cupboard. (Don’t ask me why it is there, but it is gonna be a DAMN good weapon and there are also cricket bats in my room.)

I got this idea as I was writing this: Would you want to improvise your weapon? It should be homemade, like machetes taped to a pipe, or… just tell your ideas, okay?


No need for me to use improvised weapons. Unless things get really desperate, there are plenty of purpose-built weapons around here, including firearms and dedicated fighting knives (not kitchen knives or machetes).


Leon S. Kennedy From the resident evil series, not the movies just the games lol


Inez is freakin badass tho lol, Brents like “Inez I’ll save you” *opens door* Inez surrounded by ownd zombies!!!


Indiana Jones, because he really seemed to know how to deal with the undead brought back to life in the tombs! 😀

I have to say, though, if it were to be a character with special powers, my big three would be The Incredible Hulk, T1000, or Wolverine! 😀


Oh man, with super powers, the choices could get really interesting. I’ll likely resurrect this question in the future.


Im still raging though that he can kill zombie Dark Phoenix with one punch! I mean she eats galaxies!!!


Probably Tifa Lockhart from the FF games, everything you’d want to see in a ZA survivor and more. It’d be terrible being in a group with her though. If one person had to give up and get thrown outside as a distraction, who would rather send out?
A character from a fight-game that can decimate ememies in one hit?
<—-This chump who survived for no reason?

I think you can see the problem here. Having awesome friends isn't always good during the ZA, sometimes it can be a problem. If you weren't up to snuff with the rest of the group, you'd be thrown out.


Hah, that’s not something I’d considered. Maybe I’d want to pick some useless people from movies instead.

Sir Marius

Indiana Jones.

I don’t think I really need to explain myself here.


So long as there are no zombie snakes. Also, Salla might come along and Salla rocks.


If you consider yourself enough of a badass that the other guy doesn’t need to be a killing machine, it has to be MacGyver, right? He can make anything.

If you need a fighter, Booker from Expendables 2. I know he always works alone, but he changed his tune at the end, and as a bonus he’s Chuck Norris.


Mac’s and interesting choice. I can’t stand Norris though. How about Terry Crews?


Sarah Connor. Especially from T2

Driven, resourceful, adaptable in combat situations, already has a glimpse of how bad it’s gonna get, protective maternal instincts on overdrive. Does the research, get’s training, incredible shape and endurance. And is riding the edge of sanity.


Oh, so, she just saves there lives, and doesn’t even say “Thank god you’re alive!”? She just says “where’s Murphy?”? Really?


No time to think in a situation like that. She’s task oriented. She came to get Brent and Murphy. She sees Brent, and asks for Murphy. It makes perfect sense to me.


Schmidt from 21 Jump Street. It would be good to have some humor in those dark days, and I could outrun him when the zombies get to us.


How about Rick, from the Walking Dead? Let’s see, a one-handed psycho that talks to his dead wife on an old telephone, and who is such a shit magnet that pretty much everyone he meets gets eaten by zombies?


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