Episode 376: Let’s Split Up

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Instant Regret

We’ve all had that feeling before. The one where, mere second after committing to a decision we discover that we’ve made the wrong call. Sometimes, these are pretty minor errors, and sometimes they alter the course of our lives. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, I really don’t think I’d want to find myself in this situation. Odds are that, when you make a bad call, either you’re getting yourself killed, or someone else. Neither is a terribly appealing prospect.

And if you mess up badly enough, you end up putting your whole survival colony on the all-you-can-eat zombie buffet, and that’s never a good feeling. Except, of course, in Land of the Dead, one of George A Romero’s many missteps in his late-period zombie filmography.

About this Episode:

I’m not sure if this came through clearly or not, but a small period of time has passed between the third and forth panel. Not a lot, mind you, just enough for Inez to walk out of sight and for Brent to relax against the building, completely off-guard despite his explanation of “following orders”.

I’d also like to point out what a big fan I am over using a shallow depth-of-field in conversations like this, keeping only the speaker in focus. Of course I’m probably overdoing it a bit at this point.

Discussion Question: What Junk Food Would You Miss?

And once again I’m tapping into my strategic reserve of discussion questions. This time it’s a great one: what’s the number one junk food item you’d miss in a zombie apocalypse scenario? Is it Funyuns? It’s probably Funyuns.

As much as I like Funyuns, I’d have to go for ice cream. It’s always my number-one choice for a snack. As a result, I try not to keep it in the house, because lord knows I don’t need any snacks.

58 thoughts on “Episode 376: Let’s Split Up”

  1. m&ms and those little swiss rolls

    • The Little Debbie brand Swiss Rolls?
      Yea, in the zombie apocalypse, L.D. Swiss Rolls are going to be my “Tallahassee’s Twinkie” from Zombieland.

      • I know a ton of people who love those things. The wife made them homemade a while back. Mighty tasty.

    • Oh, M&Ms are definitely a good call.

  2. missed junk food? Probibly Taki’s from 7-11 they are all of the lords (Good) food rolled up into one, oh shit, now i’m getting a craving, be right back.

    • never swallow a Taki whole… my throught burns, but also Dave, i did some reasearch on call of the dead, also that very same map on black ops zombies, now i understand a little bit more about the map, the movie was about zombies invading a movie, but the game has the same thing happen, thats pretty awesome if you ask me.

      • Huh, I’m not familiar with that one, AC.

    • Are Takis those little biscuits with chocolate on them?

  3. Me? Probably some Mountain Dew will be missed from my part. Now that I mention it, I’ll go grab some. Give me a minute…

    Okay, I’ve got one now, if that doesn’t classify as a junk food and more of a drink then the really spicy Cheetohs will be definitely missed. If its spicy, seem like chips, and comes in a bag that sells you 90% air, then I like it.

    • I’m not a big soda drinker, but those hot cheetohs are pretty damn good. I’m a big fan of spicy food in general. One of my biggest gripes about moving from Detroit to Lansing is that I lost my favorite Thai restaurant (wipes away single tear)

    • i LOVE Icees!!! especially the coke flavor

      • Oh yeah, that would disappear quickly.

  4. Anything and everything that’s bad for people who want to limit their calorie intake for their diet is definitely not going to be missed! 😀

    • Absolutely right, sir.

  5. Caramel!
    It’s in everything that’s good!

    • Remember those little caramel cubes old people used to give you trick-or-treating? Those things were great.

  6. ‘Eh nothing really. I think the thing i’ll miss most is Chocolate milk, and i don’t get that too often anyways.

    All I really need is a hot meal and I’m good to go.

    • No food vices, Calicade? I’m jealous.

      • Nah, I mostly eat left overs & other things as snacks or meals. I enjoy a few things from time but haven’t come to rely on them.

        • Good on you, sir.

  7. I have never heart of ‘funyuns’?!?

    It would be all sorts of cheese for me… and chips… I love chips 🙂

    • Oh my, you’ve never had Funyuns? They’re awesome. They’re a fake onion ring chip.

  8. In a zombie apocalypse, junk food would be pretty common in the first year or so, it’s the only food almost every store has. Anyway, I would miss diet root beer. I’m not sure why…

    • Almost every home brewer I know has made homemade root beer a time or two. It’s not diet, but it sure is good.

  9. I’m going to miss eggnog. Its bad enough I can only get my hands on it during the christmas season, but during the apocalypse, I hope it all goes down just before christmas so I can stock up on my eggnog. Oh yeah snack I’m going to miss, tottally going to miss ice cream floats. I love those.

    • You’re welcome to all my eggnog. I’m not a fan.

  10. Hey dave I got a little confused from the comic. Last comic it seemed like brent just wanted to stay put, but then it looked like he was going to walk away. Now he is just going to stay put again? I think I’m just looking at it the wrong way

    • He wasn’t really walking away, he was doing that thing people do in arguments where to put their back to the person they’re talking to. I was going for a little non-verbal communication, which is tough to pull off with LEGO.

  11. I would definitely miss Dr. Pepper and pizza. It would probably be pretty hard to get both after an apocalypse.

    • Indeed. You could probably get some Dr. Pepper, but it’d get gross fast. Pizza? No way.

      • Pizza? Flour, water, oil, tomatoes and cheese. I’ve never been able to get mine coming out exactly like the ones pizza places make, and would probably miss that a bit, but pizza in general is pretty easy.

        • It’s easy enough to make now, but those ingredients would likely get hard to come by after a while.

  12. In every single zombie movie I have ever seen splitting up = painful death lol!

    • Yeah, it’s not exactly a best practice.

      • In the movie Resident Evil Apocalypse Jill literally sends this poor reporter girl to her doom who even tells her she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun and next 3 minutes she is zombie food!

  13. 1. Coneys (2 with chilli, cheese and onions and an order of chilli
    cheese fries) Possibly the greatest contribution my people have
    made to civilization in the last 2000years

    2. White Castle

    • I think we need to go to lunch together Damage, that’s my kind of menu right there.

  14. Good grief. No one has yet mentioned chocolate? I would miss all things chocolate. Well, except white chocolate which isn’t really chocolate. I could hoard it for awhile but not forever. And, making your own is just not an option in my part of the world.

    • Seconded, as an authentic Belgian I am deeply addicted to chocolate. My favorite is the classic Milk “Côte d’or”. I took a small stash of it with me before moving to the US but my supplies are running low already…

      • Chocolate is definitely a good one, I’d be game for some fancy stuff but just as happy with the cheap stuff.

  15. I just want a damn Twinkie!!!! No, not a Twinkie, Oreos! I love those things. Now about cookies or cream….

    • They’re pretty good, especially with milk.

      • Agreed!!!

  16. I would miss peanut butter cups.

    • Good call here, Fox.

    • Mmmm, yes. If I hoarded my chocolate AND peanut butter AND confectioner’s sugar then I could have my very own…. 🙂

  17. I agree with starfox. Peanut butter cups are my favorite candy. But I would miss doctor pepper a lot more. I also like the technique you used ( to show two scenes at different times, but then reveal that they were at the same time). 😀

    • Thank you, Don’t.

  18. My junk food wood be Donuts!

    • That’s a classic right there.

  19. Sunkist…Oh dear Lord how I would miss it. The sweet, tangy taste, the beautiful feeling of the fizz…Ahhh…

    Also PayDay bars. Best. Idea. Ever. And they’re a junk food that also doubles as a protein bar, what with all the peanuts. Tasty, and keeps you going!

    • I don’t get a craving for Paydays very often, but they sure are great when you want one.

  20. Coke and/or Hot Cheetos

    • Seems like we’ve got a lot of hot cheeto fans around here.

      On a related note, have you seen all the graffiti on the freeway, “Eatin’ hot Cheetos”? What’s that all about?

      • On 75 I see them every time I head downriver. I have no idea if its metaphor for something or if its just because they are delicious.

        • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I couldn’t find anything online about it (other than some passive-aggressive Detroit bashing, but that’s not hard to come by).

  21. I am just wondering: what is an estimated total of the cost of every lego thing in the main comic (not the short stories). I’m gonna guess well over 500 dollars

    • I couldn’t even hazard a guess. It’d be quite a lot. This is years and years worth of collecting.