Episode 375: Following Orders

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Stay Put or Check It Out?

This one applies to a lot of genres beyond just zombie and horror. Characters will be tasked to stay put for one reason or another, but before too long something weird will happen that seemingly demands their attention. Sometimes this is as simple as not getting an expected check-in, or the character getting bored. Other times it’s a little more exciting, like a mysterious noise in the distance, or something someone sees out of the corner of their eye.

It’s only a matter of time before the question is raised: should we stay here like we’re supposed to, or go check things out? There doesn’t really seem to be a clear choice. Sometimes the characters who stay are mercilessly slaughtered for not paying more attention and proactively dealing with potential problems, other times they go to check things out and end up letting a bunch of zombies into the secured camp. A lot of times, they’re screwed either way.

About this Episode:

When I originally came up with Brent, it’s because I wanted to cover some tropes that I find irritating, specifically the camera-man in “found-footage” style horror films. I tried to make him completely insufferable; someone I’d loathe spending any time around. Then a funny thing happened: the more I wrote the character, the more I liked him. Brent’s a complete pain in the ass, and in the real would I wouldn’t be able to stand him. But in the comic, he’s turning into one of my favorites.

Discussion Question: Do You Like the Pain in the Ass Characters?

Sticking with my “About this Episode” theme, I’m curious to see how many of you are like me and end up falling in love with the pain in the ass character. It doesn’t have to be Brent, of course, any character will do. My absolutely favorite, go-to example for this would be Hudson from Aliens. Hudson is one of my all time favorite characters, and he’s one of the all time biggest pains in the ass too.



I’m wondering how hard it is for Dave to find the right angles for the expression on his face. It always looks the same and it must be hard not having alternate poses that fit well with him. 😀


I’m saying “What alternate minifig heads do you have available for that face?” 😀


Hudson rules! How can you not love those ya hate? Think Steve in the Dawn of the Dead remake, I still think of that character whenever I see the actor. What a Pr!ck.


Steve is another great example. I cannot disassociate the actor with that role either.

Foolish Lego

Mostly I like the pain-in-the-ass-characters, as long as I feel a connection to some part of them. Mostly I need to get the feeling that part of me could be like that, or I have to feel that I would never do it like that BUT I understand why he/she would do that.

Other times I just don’t want to think and just like to get really, really annoyed with evil characters and just swear and course in front of the T.V. (for example Joffrey on Game of thrones…. such a nice actor, but I want to rip the head of Joffrey haha) 😛


Agreed. Rich snob kids make me punch wall yell not good….Sorry. I agree


My favorite characters like that are Daryl from The Walking Dead (Although I’m not really sure if he counts. But don’t give me any season 3 spoilers please, still haven’t seen it.) , Sawyer from LOST, and Pope from Falling Skies. I had another one but I just forgot it so I’ll have to get back to you. These are the only ones that I like. Everyone else playing that role is just annoying and, as Foolish Lego said, makes me want to rip their head off.

I actually haven’t even found Brent all that annoying yet. I mean, right here he is just following orders. Because what if what was happening inside changed and Murphy was about to make a deal with his “buddy” for some supplies, and then Inez and Brent bust down the door weapons ready? That’s why this is always a tough situation.

just a guy

i am the smart ass/pain in the ass character, my big mouth always gets me into trouble.


I feel that maybe the pain in the ass character, if he causes a lot of problems, could potentially get a lotta people harmed or killed in the zombie apocalypse, because in such a volatile situation you need every person working together and you need to work together “fast” in order to survive.


i like stewart, he reminds me of me. Only i make a good joke in the worst of situation.


And as far as hatable characters go, I don’t have a current one, but a potential one would be like the actor, Maculay Culkin who played Kevin MCCallister, in Home Alone. Watching a type like him invent stuff to knock down and destroy zeds would be funny and a little repetitive after a while! 😀

He’d be annoying if they implemented him in the same way they scripted the Home Alone kid, because you’d just know zombies everywhere would be lining up to be hit by his traps! 😉

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