30 thoughts on “Episode 354: Closing In”

  1. it looks like the zombies are going to crash this reunion

    • Damn zombies. So inconsiderate.

  2. Well, hope you feel better soon, boss.

    Yeah, let’s hope that door is locked.

    • Thank you, sir. I’m feeling pretty good today.

    • maybe they should barricade it with something.

  3. awesome, always love snake guts :3

    • exactly what I thought! best episode yet.

      • I too am a big fan of snakes as entrails. I have to keep myself from over-using it.

  4. I’m worried about Dave, with words like ‘Blerg’ maybe he is finally turning into a zombie….

    • Although a zombies ability to type is questionable!

    • Look like we’ll have to kill him

    • …How about a quarantine instead?

      • NOPE! We guttah kill ’em.

        • Damn, you guys are cold.

        • But what if it turns out he’s not a zombie?! Then we’d get no more comics. D:

        • Hah

  5. Feeling a bit better this morning, but still no where near on my game.

    On the plus side, I’m fairly certain I’m not turning into a zombie, but you never can tell with these things.

    • Just to be sure

    • im guessing that your playing the walking dead. but which one are you talking about?

      • Sounds more like Aliens to me.

        “…nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  6. Simplicity says it all though… it’s a good cliff hanger, build up and all that.

    • Thanks Fox!

  7. oh and dave, i think that your getting sick a lot more often because a lot of what you is this comic. maybe you need a break, go take a trip to your parents house for the weekend, take your family, and we’ll wait paitently for until you get back

    • I appreciate the concern.

      I’ve really only gotten sick the one time, it just so happened that I got really, really sick. It sucked.

      The migraines? I get them sometimes. They’re awful.

      • I don’t suffer from migraines, but I went to college with a guy that did. It was awful, he would just disappear into his room for about 3 days and like there with all the shades drawn and towels stuffed under the door to keep the noise down. His roommate would actually leave food and water outside his door and he would come out at night when it was quiet to get them, if he could stand to eat at all. I always thought that migraines were just a bad headache in a person with a low pain threshold until I met that guy. As far as his getting sick a lot goes, just wait until Dave’s kids start school.

        • Yeah, they’re definitely not just headaches. It actually bugs the shit out of my when people say they have migraines when all they have is headaches.

          I don’t get sensitive to noise as much as light and smell. It’s brutal.

  8. Not a whole lot going on here, but you can’t have lots of things happening all the time I guess. One thing that’s never too clear is exactly how many zombies there are here. This place seems suburban, which should mean somewhat lower population density than the middle of town. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing them take a minute to regroup before dispatching the few zombies that have wandered over rather than a full-blown NotLD type siege. (Which was kind of weird when you think about it; wasn’t that house way out in the sticks?)

    • The NotLD house was indeed out in the sticks.

      As far as how many zombies there are, we see three, but something spooked Barb a couple of episodes back. We can only guess at what that was (more zombies).

      • Oh, I’m sure there’s more than just three; the zombie is one of the least threatening monsters out there, and to pit them against humans in equal numbers isn’t at all fair even if the humans don’t have firearms.

        • Hmm, looks like I forgot to finish that post; What I was going to say is that there might be another half dozen, or another three dozen, and we dont know how much ammo the convicts had left.