Episode 332: Wait and See

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Contingencies

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have Plans B, C, and D all mapped out before you even think about trying Plan A. Other times, even contemplating the failure of Plan A can set you up for disaster. In those cases, it just might be appropriate to go ahead, and figure out what to do next if/when things go sideways. And when the plan involvew keeping someone’s family safe, you can bet that they’re not super interested in hearing about contingencies and backup plans. They really want things to get sorted out correctly the first time rather than having everyone turned into Grade A zombie chow while you and the other survivors execute your brilliant escape plan. And can you blame them?

About this Episode:

Poor Ted is having a really rough time here. All he wants to do is make sure his family is safe, but he’s getting nothing but stalling and cryptic talk from his friends. I feel bad for the guy. Heck, he’s not even in focus in the last panel (that’s on purpose by the way, I assure you).

Other News:

I will likely not be able to respond to comments on Monday’s episode until Tuesday or so, since I’ll be on the road. I’m headed to Chicago, since the wife has a court case there and I decided to tag along because Chicago is cool. Apologies in advance.

Discussion Question: Favorite Non-Zombie Genre

Other than zombies, what is everyone favorite genre (movies, books, games, etc.), and is there any sort of cross-over potential there? For instance, I’m a big fan of both gangster flicks and westerns. There’s a lot of cross-over potential for both of these, but specifically westerns. Look no further than the add on to Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare. Cowboys versus zombies (and chupacapras, and bigfeet, etc), it’s a thing of beauty.

21 thoughts on “Episode 332: Wait and See”

  1. Might get some flack here, FPS specifically ones that start the title of “Call” and “Duty” with the word “of” between them. Throw in the equation a bit of Minecraft and we are set. For movies I’m a big Star Wars fan as well of Indiana Jones. For the books I lean for anything that has to do with history. Mostly Cold War era history.

    • No flack from me. I used to play the hell out of CoD I & II.

  2. They are talking to much… and in plain sight of who-ever / whatever is in the house (!) Why don’t they take some kind of cover? Ted’s right haha; Let’s get to the action… 😉

    For the discussion-question: Science fiction and fantasy… in the latter the undead mostly already play an important role. Although these undead mostly have some sense of what they are doing as opposed to zombies.

    • I’ve been waiting for someone to bring that up.

  3. Are Undead and Zombies considered the same?
    My wife is a huge supernatural fan. I like the Demon possession side of it. But I’d have to say that Super Heroes are my number 1

    • As far as undead/zombies. My take is that all zombies are undead, but not all undead are zombies.

      • I agree with you Dave. Vampire for an example.

        • Right you are, Zander.

  4. For me besides zombies is Minecraft. And occasionally CoD.

    • Aren’t there zombies in Minecraft?

      • Yes but only in the night and zombies catch on fire in the sunlight in Minecraft.

        • Plus zombies aren’t the most important thing in the game zombies in Minecraft are just a little add on to the game.

        • So just some extra flavor?

  5. Hey. In a much earlier comic, like from a couple of years ago, the comic had a flashlight effect. How did you do that? Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do. I love Bricks of The Dead.

    • I added a layer of black and set the opacity to something like 75%. Then I cut a hole in it for the flashlight beam, added some feather, and some inner and outer glow to simulate the flashlight effect. Just some simply Photoshop.

  6. I have some pretty broad tastes, but what might surprise you (or not, since I believe I mentioned it before) is that I am not all that into zombies. Sure, I like watching them, talking about them, following a certain web comic featuring them (you may have heard of it) but I have yet to actually go out and buy anything zombish on my own. Most of my contact with zombies was when I was living with my aunt, the big zombie fan. She would put on a movie and I would watch with her.

    As for what I like enough to pursue on my own dime, I have gone through a number of different themes, and frequently bounce back to old favorites. For example, I have been on a big WW2 kick recently, going through WW2 video games, buying WW2 movies, etc, but now I’m moving back into a Star Trek thing and have read three books in the last day and a half.

    So, as a general rule: I enjoy sci-fi, action, fantasy, and war themes. I generally am not big on drama unless it is something like the last version of Battlestar Galactica, with enough sci-fi to keep me entertained, I am not particularly into horror or gory fests, I find romance movies boring, sometimes go into a comedy mode for a short time (think Leslie Nelson, not Austin Powers), etc, etc.

    • I tend to do the same thing with bouncing around between a few interested. World War II is one of mine as well.

  7. re discussion question, I wouldn’t say I was a fan of any particular genre. I can watch films, play games, read books covering a variety of topics….as there are good and bad in every field.
    For example, if you are a 100% zombie fan does that mean you crave everything that fits the genre regardless of how bad it is. I only used zombie as an example as it’s the common ground here.

    With regards the comic….still got it running smoothly in my mind Dave. It’s difficult to know when to switch story arcs, using only four frames to get the current action across that would really only equate to a few minutes of screen time. I personally have not had a problem with the ‘pacing’ of the story arcs. Keep up the great work.

    • Good point. I’m a pretty big zombie fan, but that only goes so far.

  8. For games, I like ones that are action and rpgs best.

    In regards to movies, that’s a mixed bag. I alternate between werewolves, fantasy, sci-fi and martial arts.

    • That’d be quite a combination.