Episode 331: Snooping

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Checking Things Out

Before rushing into danger, it’s generally a good idea to get a rough idea of what, exactly, that danger is all about. And what’s the best way to assess the danger? By sneaking around and peaking around corners and into windows, of course. Obviously, this trope isn’t tied specifically to zombie movies, but it certainly won’t seem out of place in one either.

This one always makes me think of Animal House, which always makes me smile.

About this Episode:

The bad thing about not having pocket or belts is that the minifigures have to hold whatever they’re carrying around. I usually have them hold things down by their waist to suggest that their gun is in a holster, or that their knife is attached to their belt. The problem crops up when you need them to use both of their hands to gesture, or something like that. It generally looks weird and threatening when people do that with a knife, as in Clark’s case here.

Other News:

After more back and forth with my hosting company, I believe I may have finally figured out the issue with commenting and posting in the forum. I’m not going to bet my life on it or anything, but I’m seeing some very positive evidence in CPU usage about now. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Discussion Question: Zombieland TV

So did everyone watch the Zombieland TV show from Amazon? If not, check it out. It’s free. At any rate, what did everyone think of the show? I have to imagine that recasting all the characters was a big issue for a lot of people. I wouldn’t have minded it so much, had the original actors not been so strong in the roles. Also, the new Tallahassee is like a sitcom husband, which is just awful.

I did really enjoy the show’s cold open though. I was thinking it would be about completely different characters. Probably it should have.

16 thoughts on “Episode 331: Snooping”

  1. I saw it, I wasn’t overly impressed. Mostly the characters are okay, but I’m not sure they got the right actor for Tallahassee. He tried too hard I think and failed. I agree they should pick another set of unknown characters so this way they can model them how they want.

    • Yeah, trying to hard and failing sounds 100% right to me. The actor is just way off.

  2. This is streaming on Amazon right?

    • Yes sir. I’d love to see what you think of it.

      • I’ll give this a go tonight.

        So far Hemlock Grove on Netflix is incredibly underwhelming.

        • Is that their new series?

  3. -Sigh- They.. Oh my goodness.. Gah.. Just. Why? Why recast the same characters and the personalities don’t even fit, the faces feel too far off. Son’ova’bitch.

    • Hah! Well said Calicade.

    • Money/contracts is all I can think of.

      • It seems to me that most of them were cast because they fit the look. The new Tallahassee was probably cast because “he’s hilarious”.

        • Most of the people in the series are dying because they want to die, see the horrible recasting of the characters make them hard to be around so suicide by zombie is the way out.

          This new guy playing Tallahassee IS a joke, but then again it could possibly be just script writing.

  4. Is Clark about to be shot as he looks through the window? Right through the eye? Shocking everyone?

  5. I watched it, not bad, but not great either. Strangely, the guy cast as Tallahassee is the guy the directors designed the character for when they were originally trying to pitch “Zombieland” as a TV show. When it was changed to a movie instead they of course went for more well known actors.

    • That’s really interesting about the actor. I didn’t realize that at all.

      I think the producers were really lucky this was turned into a movie; I don’t know that the concept really works on TV. It’s much to sit-com like for my taste. I kept waiting for a laugh track.

      • Yeah, it definitely worked better as a film. I have a huge tendency to dislike most TV Pilots, as I always feel that the characters are a bit “off” compared to the rest of the season.. I guess you need time to get into the character. So it may still be watchable, I’ll at least give it another go. Also, some elements of the original TV idea were still in the movie.. such as the “Zombie Kill of the Week”.

        • Yeah, pilots are often very awkward, and things get better. If this stays free, I’ll give it another chance. I’m not very optimistic though. This was way too broad for my taste.