Episode 329: Slow Down

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Time Out

There’s something to be said about making an immediate decision in the midst of an emergency. After all, conventional wisdom tells us that “He who hesitates is lost”, right? Well, that depends. For instance, let’s put yourself in Ted’s shoes. You’re panicked and emotionally compromised. Your family is potentially in trouble, and your natural reaction is just to rush in and try to help. But without know exactly what’s going on, that could be suicide, or it could make the situation worse for your family (or they may be no danger at all).

So sometimes it makes sense to take a second and actually evaluate a situation. You still can’t sit around all day making a decision, but you can at least assess what’s going on and briefly compile some options for how to handle it.

About this Episode:

It seems like Gene is the producer on the news for a pretty good reason: he’s smart and able to make rational choices when the chips are down. Also, he has a gun. News producers like to pack heat, right?

I’ve never actually been in a news room (but I know at least one Bricks of the Dead reader works for TV news).

Discussion Question: Are Zombie Movies Scary?

Around these parts, we’re all fans of zombie movies. most of us anyway; you guys are usually not shy about telling me where I’m wrong, so I’m trying to head you off at the pass here.

At any rate we (mostly) like zombie movies, but do we like them because they’re scary? Furthermore, are they actually scary?

I think some are, certainly, but I think the vast majority of zombie movies offer fans something different. Gorehounds like the blood and guts, armchair survivalists like to think about how they’d do in the zombie apocalypse, etc.



So I’ve been playing around a lot lately with my camera, and that had some unintended consequences in the last episode. I usually shoot Bricks of the Dead with an ISO of 100 or 200, but I accidentally shot the previous episode at 800. The result was a less clear picture once I cropped in. Apologies for this.


Speak for yourself you lazy shmock! Be advised that no later than this morning I used the stairs to climb up the four floors separating my car from my desk, ha!


I used to take the stairs at work. But we had a bunch of break-ins, so now they’re one-way one. You can get in, but not out until you hit the ground floor.


Funny you say that, since I just spent a half hour running and jumping up and down the ten stairs I’ve got.


I was expecting a Rick Roll or Simon & Garfunkel. Well played, sir.


For the discussion question there have been several zombie movies that I actually found pretty scary such as the dawn of the dead remake very terrifying and also 28 days later at several points

Foolish Lego

Makes me wonder… what would eventually be more scary after a Zombie-apocalypse: The zombies or other survivors…. I’ll bet you it’ll eventually be the latter…

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