Episode 328: Something Completely Different

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Home Again

Zombies are pretty scary. They can eat you. They can eat your family. They don’t get tired. They don’t stop. The thing with zombies, though, is that they have very basic motivation, and have zero strategy. To put a sharper point on it, zombies can’t be sadistic or evil, but people certainly can. That’s why other people tend to be the bigger threat in most zombie stories.

Look no further than perennial favorite The Walking Dead for an example of this. After two seasons of survival, our heroes have gotten pretty adapt at killing zombies, so how does the show keep things fresh? Be introducing a human villain who poses a much bigger threat than any zombie.

About this Episode:

One piece of feedback I’ve received from a few of you is that I tend to stay on a single storyline for too long, so I’m making an effort to bounce around a little bit more. We haven’t seen out intrepid new crew (and nurse, and crazy survivalist) for a while, so I thought we should probably check in with them. The fact that this is another storyline I’ve been sitting on for ages is just a nice bonus.

Another quick note here: I generally try to keep the background entirely LEGO®, especially for scenes shot during the day. Here, I tried to mix it up a bit and let the blue sky poke through a bit. The sky in this case, however, is made out of fabric.

Discussion Question: Commenting

I’ve been struggling a lot with the site’s speed lately, especially when it comes to posting comments and forum replies (you did join the forum, right?). I’ve recently made a couple big changes, and I’ve seen an improvement, but what about you guys? Is commenting and forum participation working better now? Sometimes, but not always?



Oh crap is that the team of escaped convicts that we saw towards the beginning if it is there in REALLY deep water 4 heavily armed psychos vs a team of hopeless civis. . . .


I was worried no one would remember the van. Glad to see I was wrong about that.


Yeah, it’s certainly been a while since we’ve seen these guys. I do get the occasional question about them though.


Wading into a potentially dangerous situation with a hammer to protect what is yours.

You go Ted! 🙂


Lol Ted’s courage is funny first he didn’t even hesitate to have his co worker he knew for many years killed on the spot now hes running into danger to save his family 😀


It’s funny how family can push you into things, isn’t it? Because what’s scarier: something threatening you, or something threatening your kids?


I’m starting to like Ted’s character at first I thought he was kinda mean to that one guy can’t remember his name, but hes starting to grow on me 🙂


Dave on the forum bit – I can’t comment, start topics, nothing! Keeps saying I need to log in, which I’ve done, and when I try to log in again it says I’m already logged in so weird!!!


Sounds like caching. I cleared it out, can you try again?

You can also hit control + R to do a hard refresh.

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